The weirdest year and funnist year of my life. Texas bans abortions. Holy shit!

Here’s the link

I found out this shit about a few hours ago yesterday from yeah. I’m dipping back into social media.

I still hate Facebook and Twitter. So I’m keeping it to IG and gab. You can find my shit if your interested.

Anyway, my thoughts….

I laughed my ass off for a few minutes. Only fucking Texas or Alabama would have the shit kicking attitude to pull this shit off before the end of the weirdest year of my life.

So far I can remember being pissed for 2% and laughing my ass off 98% of the year.

The high little gods of the Supreme court of the land didn’t have shit to say because they’ve caused enough shit storms for the country enough so they declined to put their fingers into the boiling pot. (5-4) decision. Fuck em anyway and twice on Sunday in the ass.

Honestly. I’m for abortion. I’m for aborting every fucking Jackel and hyena still breathing. I’m for giving them the back of the barn treatment with a sawed off shotgun or a 1911.

Remember any time is a good time to talk about putting bitches to SLEEP.

Otherwise….you know yesterday was a really lovely day. The fucking birds weren’t singing sadly but for some reason I found myself whistling while at work.

Warm Regards,



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