I’ve been thinking about doing IG Odes to thee videos. I have no problem though….

It’s not my backyard and I don’t own the deed to the house. So cursing might not be allowed. Let me refresh my statement.

I’m trying to think of an Ode were I can’t use the word FUCK and I’m having a hard go of it…..

In my beta bitch days of my youth I used to be a Sunday morning clean writer dude….

What happened? 2019 into being fucked over into 2021.

I’m thinking about it still though. Why?

Well. I love poetry. Getting back into it this year has lite a fire in my ass about it. I have a secret dream not to make poetry great again but to blow the back end of a beta bitch simps retrorical ass wide open with some

Hard punching words. Some blunt well spoken magnum wordplay shots from a….

Conflict vaping

Ass kicking,

Iron chewing.

Bullet spiting

Bard of the interwebs. Guardiandogg style poetry.

Warm Regards,



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