I’m at a stand still with throne of bones..

Thank God for the Luminaries. Real talk. I can’t even be paid to give a fuck about this one chapter.

I got five fucking pages to go and I’m like holy fucking shit it feels like a mile a away to getting past this shit.

In a way I’m getting a feeling the evil old bastard that got shanked on the street was right the whole time in his schemes of world domination. But, the fuck I care. Still glad he’s dead and gone..ohhh.

Fuck em. Again. Fucker danced with the devil his bitch ass eventually got his shit kicked in. He was a fucking murder. Fuck him and his murderous mourning family.

His plan was shit anyway. He should have tried to shrink (the blank) and let people have their own shit and be left the fuck alone.

I don’t like spoilers for books I like. I highly recommend A Throne of Bones. Inspite of my current bullshit battle with this chapter.

Anyway, I have to speed read through the shit on a day I’ll get the nerve. Until then which might be next year at my pace I’ll read The Luminaries.

Warm Regards,



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