Finding a plot to move the story….

I started out this year with a novel to finish and blog to grow. I got stagnant on the novel front because I had written the beginning and written the end but the middle part needed something to tie it all together. I didn’t know what so I had to leave it alone.

I’ve been hung up for a couple of months with bullshit and such and really putting in the work on blog and the novel has fallen to the side.

Massive success in the blog. I really went over the numbers and it’s doing good. Not where I want it to be end game wise but I’ll get there.

In any event, yesterday I finally thought of the key piece or string I needed to tie the whole book together. One person. One action. One event. Connect it together.

I just hadn’t thought of really exploring that person and the action being that important. I will have to put more emphasis on the person and lead the book along through the person.

I say person alot because I’m going to publish this book eventually and I don’t like spoilers for books.

Maybe reading the Luminaries made me finally see it how I really needed to think about the plot step by step.

Damn. I might have to change the title to something else. Hmm. It won’t be to much of a change but it has to be done.

I started the book with one charecter being the plot really and the main focus but when I had put in enough pages and really thought about the story I realized nope. The protagonist was someone else. All the plot and interest was focus around that one person. Now I have to do some back end and front in work to really emphasize that point.

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