It’s raining my dude and work is kicking my ass but I’m laughing in the rain

I feel like a tired allergy bitten sixteen year old fuck. I woke up straighted took a shower, got dressed now I’m on my way to work.

Fucking shit. My dude.

I’m waiting for the fucking bus and watching this weird video by Redlettermedia that should have been titled fucking with Jay about star trek shit.

The video is okay funny wise but I start laughing my ass off with tears coming down my face the moment Jay stops trying to give a shit and starts answering the questions quickly with curve ball wrong answers or one word answer..


The shit is funny to me because it’s like watching friends just taking turns fucking with each other about shit that don’t matter but it’s just an opportunity to have a good laugh and good time with each.

It’s the comedy of ordinary bullshiting among friends.

I had some coffee today but this shit just jump started my day.

Warm Regards



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