I truly do believe United States government has been in a surplus of dumbasses in power for some time now.

War. Goble fucking war is proof positive about it.

Mother fuckers can say a lot shit about T-money one thing you can’t say is he wasn’t a man who had a idiotic love affair for war.

Dude never met a war he didn’t want to avoid at all cost like a fucking back buttom hoe with one tooth and no ass.

Real talk my dude. Pimp Cocain Obama was the perfect contrast. Billed as a noble peace winner and Lord truth and justice. This mother fucker couldn’t sit still if a fight broke out in the middle east he had to send in the drunes or millitary to get in the shit so he couldn’t get off that night.

The contrasts though. A pimp cocain low key Chicago gangster vs a big city liberal democrat with an R on his name tag and history for being alergic to war.

The fucking comedy my dude is perfect. I honestly never realized so many dumbasses loved war. That’s a top red flag for me. Ask a dude what he thinks about war. He’ll give you the shit speech about nobody likes it. It’s stupid. Then ask him would he vote for dude he didn’t like who is alergic to war.

Of course hands down they would vote for the dude they like who has a festish for war and keeping poor people poor or digging through the fucking garbage. The party of cocain democrats and GOP stable of hoes all agree one the shit.


Because they’re a confederacy of dunces that are the overlords of the enslaved 1st world.

I’m sorry. No. I’m not sorry. The shit is to damn funny to me. I’m not even one of the few smart boys alive today.

I’m right in the shit with my fellow dumbass.

I was born with weird fucked up vision. I always saw war as stupid and the thought of goble war as insane. The cost of lives was obvious but dumbass that I am I didn’t realize the cost of my fucking money was higher.

Warm Regards



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