It took a while but I finally can accept there’s no saving pussified males from coming storm. Harry Styles?! Hmm?

That’s right. I can accept that the days have gone to the dogs and at last things will stop being easy for men of the west. The age of pussfied males is coming to end quick my dude right when the bitches were starting to call an end to masculine Pride day.

More on MP day later….

Harry Styles….holy shit.

Great singer. Has a nice shit kicking tang to his voice and carries himself well in weird ass music video. Granted this is the first day I gave a damn to really research him to realize that I’ve heard some of music in passing.

Now with all that pleasant bullshit said what grip do I have with him. None at all. He is from what I can decern a dick addicted dude with a side hustle in admiring a female’s ass.

Come on my dude. I fucking came out of the 80s son. This dude ain’t orginal he’s a throw back. Not shocking at all. But holy shit is a he funny daisy Ann mother fucker.

Holy shit. You seen this dude arrogently walking in skin tight dress trying damn hard to be a fucking bad bitch and a rocker boy at the same time.

Holy shit.

I peeked at his instagram shit and fucking hell. My dude. I get that knock off version of the Legendary Prince feeling from the dude. I’m like who is this fucker trying to fool.

Got this fucker on BBC shows fucking walking in with pimp coat and purse. The fucking purse ain’t even matching the choat and the fucker don’t got the hat with gangster lean.

Holy shit.

Fucker talking about real men can rock purses and see through dresses.

Holy shit.

Okay his music. Holy shit. I can’t. My dude. The shit? What the fuck?

Tame beta bitch shit. Fucker talking about doing some bullshit dick addicted “proformance” on some bullshit awards show. Holy shit.

Fucking dudes are angry at this fucker for just being a colorful blue bird with some ugly ass tattoos. Holy shit.

What. The. Fuck?

I can’t be mad at this fucker for coning beta bitch simps. Ain’t no bad bitch or 5’5 shorty is threatened by this dude. Fucker is the bait to lead away the beta bitch simps while the Chad and the shorty have a clear path to each other.

Holy shit. I can’t wait for when a not so friendly Chad starts fucking clowning his ass and reveals the Emperor is wearing panties and has no balls.

Warm Regards



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