Hmm. I might have to separate four swords of Katie Holmes into three acts…updates.

…or three books.

I like how the story is progressing though this is the slowest moving plot for me on the blog. It’s like a deep well. I keep drawing from and I find far to interesting. The main characters all get their moment. The story is a mystery of politics and magical deals. But I still got other stories to write and I have a host of stories to finish.

The plan.

I can finish out Blue Jumper this weekend. The other stories will take time. Plus, They aren’t as interesting to me right now as Four swords.

Four swords of Katie Holmes….

Act 1 “the hunt”

Act 2 “The trials”

Act 3 “The duel”

I have to push the audio story videoes into April.

Summer months June, July and August…audio video stories.

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October…I will continue RE action horror stories

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November’s kiss will be big book project time. Plus I’ll drop a ebook special edition.

December laid back stories. Finish off all stories.

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Warm regards



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