Let the pigs enjoy rolling in shit. I accept the dream is over.

They’ve chosen their course. They’ve taken an oath to filth and the corruption of the good, the beautiful and the true.

Leave the pigs to their shit and merry ment. Let them roll in it. It is what they love. It is what they enjoy. The shit is what they love and shit is all they are.

In English….

Current day Star Trek is pure shit from the movies to the modern day bullshit shows. Anyone that loves the bullshit is a confirmation that we are at def con pigs rolling in their own shit.

Star Trek is dead. I accept it.

Warm Regards,



2 thoughts on “Let the pigs enjoy rolling in shit. I accept the dream is over.

  1. Total agreement. They moved more and more into Politically Correct land and less and less into good storytelling. The thing is, it’s harder to be PC and tell a good tale. You can have a mixed ass crew of badasses, but you can’t have them spouting bullshit every 2nd line.

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    • Yep. Totally agreement. Star trek was the shit back in the 90s when I grew up watching the shows. It was good storytelling, solid episodes and even when they were trying to convey a message it was written well and I didn’t feel like it was written for dumbasses.


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