Great Papo’s birthday gift…

Great grand father sits at the head of the table depressed about his birthday. His grandson and great grandson decide to cheer him up.

“Come on man. You should be happy to live as long as you have.” I said to great Papo.

Great Papo flipped me off. My Dad laughed.

“You still got that Spirit. Hell you may be old as dirt but at least your not as hated as the Boomer will be.”

Ah shit. I avoided looking at my grandfather who sat in the back of the room.

Great Papo started chuckling. “You got that right. I’ll be forgotten. The fucking Boomer will be shit on from now to forever. What you think, youngster?”

My dad gave me a wink and nod. I sighed.

“I think people will remember you for being the silent type and the Boomer for the shut the fuck up type.”

Great Papo started laughing loud now.

Warm Regards,



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