Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 9

Mix in Hitchhiker’s guide to the Universe.

Chapter 8


Okay. Sorry for this bit but Ali who is the main character for this chapter isn’t the talking type or up for revealing himself let alone his direct thoughts……

So. I’ll have to talk about the events as they are happening while from the third man perspective of Ali’s scheming ass gets his chuckles.

I take my position and sit crossed legged on the grass as Ali waits for Cash to arrive. Ali’s fine ass lady Yasmine is beside him. She’s in communication with Ali’s agents setting up plans for their move to the next mission on her deta pad.

Pause. Why do these people call cellphones, detapads or hand computers? Cyberpunk that’s why. Anyway,

I wave to Ali, the asshole gives me the finger and ignores me. I sigh and wait for Ali’s plan to get going. I know dick all about what’s going to happen but I’m guessing it’s going to give Ali a good laugh before he gets his payment and runs off. That fucker is weird like that. Plans with in, with in plans.

The mist arrival means the show is about to begin. I hear movement in the shadows of trees around.

Cash arrives along with his people. I see a vague figure appear out of the mist.

“I want my woman.” Cash calls out of the mist.

Ali is frowning trying to hold back laughter. Everybody is playing into his hands.

“Show me the scroll.” Ali says.

“I wasn’t talking to you, Ali, Gannon or whatever the fuck name your going by. Bring your fucking client out here. Your not my enemy.” Cash said.

Ali chuckled. “So now you remember me? It’s only been 60 years. But, that-“

“Stop stalling Ali. Let’s get this shit show going. Come out you old bastard or I’m taking what’s mean and leaving you shit all.”

Ali looks to the shadows behind me. “If you want your scroll then you better come out. I handled my end to this point.” He says.

I frowned wondering if he’s talking about me then some Leo Tango comes out of the shadows behind me with a hyrule guard at his side rifle aimmed at the direction where Cash might be. Truth is I didn’t know.

I’m not surprised. If you’ve been reading along, you shouldn’t be surprised either. Anyway it’s show time.

Cash reveals himself in his full stealth suit with his green cap on. He lightly throws the scoll to Leo who catches and not more then a second later his guards come out of hidding and try to surround Cash.

Cash waited and then struck down five guards with his spear and stood in the same spot like he hadn’t moved.

“I want my woman. I worked for you for two years as payment. I want my female.” Cash said.

Leo rolled his eyes and then opened the scoll. “I wish to have my mercenary business survive the fall of hyrule and I wish for a private bank to store my gold from the sale of hyrule.” He said the scoll glowed and his deta pad beeped. He looked at it to see his account filled with A trillian in gold. He grinned and then looked at Cash. “My final wish. I wish Link Cash to die of a heart attack right now and his legend to end.”

Cash stood patiently. Ali chuckled a little. Leo frowned and repeated the wish. The scoll went black and turned to ash falling out of his hands.

Ali’s laughter was getting more louder. Leo noticed it glancing at him once but he was focused on Cash. “Your supposed to be dead.” He looked at his computer again he still had hia money the other wishes worked but the last one.

Cash stared at Leo. “That isn’t my name.” He said softly.


Ali’s laughter sounded crazy but it was kind a funny if you got the juke.

Cash didn’t laugh or smile. “I am Hero’s Ghost. I’m not Link Cash. I’m not mortal. That stupid scoll wouldn’t have worked on me anyway. Sense you don’t have a kingdom and you’ve sold away your legend. You won’t have any need to use your daughter against me. I’m taking my woman and you can go fuck yourself.”

Big dick energy. That’s my thoughts.

Leo finally turns to Ali to see him pointing at him laughing at him. At the juke he just played on him. Leo had finally figured it out. He was the juke the whole time.

“You pulled a double cross on me? While I still have your lamp? We had an agreement. Now you have nothing and I’ve got the gold.”

Ali stopped laughing and stared at Leo. “Magic lamp? You still believe that lamp was magical? Poor fool. How does it feel? To lose your kingdom of murders? To sell you homeland and legends for gold? To lose the heart and trust of your daughter. She’ll never forgive you for what you did and you tried to kill the father of you unborn child. All you have now is gold and the wind. The best part is that you sold your land to the people you stole and mudered for it. Now all you have is gold and the business of death. This is so perfect. The perfect vengeance. This is my payment. Thank you for paying on time.”

The glee and strange joy in Ali’s eyes was scary if you were an asshole like Leo Tango. But fuck that asshole.

Leo tried to draw his piece on Ali but Cash moved fast by throwing a ninja knife and stabbing him in the hand. Smooth.

Leo’s soldiers started firing on Hero’s Ghost but the dude disappeared in the mist. His people started attacking the guards in the mist using it as they’re means of attack.

Ali and his girl, Yasmine took that time to escape on a purple magic carpet raising up in the air. Ali’s people were already taking off with him on foot to their rides. Cash met Ali’s gaze once nodding to him before advancing toward the castle dungeons.

Ali smirked shaking his head. They always had a complicated relationship. Hero’s Ghost was a hero of legend. Ali? He wasn’t. He was something entirely different. Though it always bothered Ali that Hero’s Ghost never….

I have to stop here for Ali’s tale is still not yet told for now this is still a Tango & Cash tale.

Anyway, now I can get up out of this story and let the charecters tell the rest. I rather enjoy the story better when I can read it along with you.

Warm Regards,



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