What a week to remember….

The days began at 4 a.m. or 1 if I couldn’t get any sleep the night before. I live with a night owl. His name is Redservent.

I go from bed to less then an hour and on the road to work early morning. I’m half awake and half wondering to myself how the fuck am I doing this?

I don’t ask why? I know the why? The why is the reason I’m happy to be up and going. I’m learning something worth the wild experience of being paid more to earn a bigger skill set.

I yawn a lot during the week but I smile a lot and when someone asks me if I enjoy what I’m doing the answer is a smile and a true statement I love every minute, every second and every breath of it.

It’s like being at college again and being amazed I was really taking a fencing class.

Zorro was my shit back in the day and being a shit kicking, truck driving, cowboy was another favorite of mean.

I’m happy and wish the same for you.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

All roads lead back to Smokey and The Bandit and and the 1950s black and white Zorro show. I told you I was an old fuck.


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