The weakness of conservatives of today. All talk and giggles.

I’m watching this podcast with with Saragon on it and some other conservative asshole shooting the shit about some punk-ass fact-ass bitch U.S. general talking about high crimes of treason against T-money when he was sitting as the President of U.S.

Mind you. I’m already pissed off today because my bus didn’t arrive because reasons being…the fuck I know it happens often in Texas.

Anyway, the shit sounds like old news and I’m getting pissed because it ain’t a movie. The shit did happen and nobody gives fuck and nobody is going to jail….yet. You never know with T-Money he believes is payback is one bullet in chamber a way all you to be is patient.

This is the problem I have with conservatives on the internet and maybe in general. All talk and giggles.

At least with pimp cocain liberals they’re out right criminals willing to cut their own fucking mother’s throat to get the bag and power.

No shine or jade from me. They’re honest and at least by their actions don’t pretend that words will cut it entirely. You have fearless wanton wicked self righteous lust to take actions to back up your convictions.

Still their day is coming and they know it. There is a name day for that day it’s called Party Time. I’m talking standing ten toes down and stop pretending it isn’t a war of ideals and whether you want to shit in toilet or die a hole outside in the wild.

I don’t watch or acknowledge assholes that hate me or try to tell to hate the fact I have a dick and my enheirtence of BIG DICK Energy.

Fuck em and the modern shit movies, weak ass sauce they call art and intellectual progressive bullshiting.

Warm Regards,



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