The mystery of the Ethnic  code of secrets….

I was watching a video on YouTube in which a black power princess express her love of her nation and it’s virtues and goodness.

The first half of the video is a video response to two other videoes of her attempt of explaining her position of trying to get explanations from another ethic female reasonings on her culture.

In English. A black power princess thought some Muslim female was racist against her nation. She being a matriarch and soldier within the nation it made her mad and she went on the attack. A whole lot of talking and female feelings.

Black power princess realized she was wrong for not controling her emotions and being in control after the fact. She didn’t get answers and she was just an emotional female talking none stop.

The rest of the video has to do with her saying that ALL black folks must understand the ethnic code of honor.

The black code is never talk about anything negative about black culture as a whole or in part in public around other ethnic people groups.

She loves, adores the black culture. If there is anything negative in her opinion it’s so small black people don’t need to think about it because it’s part of the package of being black.

She happens to be Christian. No let me correct myself. She’s a BLACK christian. She’s a single mother ain’t never been married and now wants to be feminine conservative female after the fact. Oh and she want a big dick alpha black man. Did I mention she’s in her 30s?!

Holy shit.

The whole video my dude. The whole fucking video then is a mary-go-round of feelings and black pride shit against a few people trying to say or hint at the fact that “Industry baby” exists and so does a whole lot of other shit created and produced by black folks.

The code?!

The same type of code in North Korea is that you don’t say anything negative even if it’s the truth and somebody is dying in a fucking prison for being in the wrong country with wrong opinion and possibly wrong color.


Maybe I’m being unfair. Let’s call it the Fight Club rule. 1. You don’t talk about the whole truth. 2. You don’t talk about the whole truth.

I don’t rock with the code of secrets bullshit. If you don’t want to accept the shit in your culture or talk about it just admit your fine with it or even better you swim in that shit. It’s honest and more acceptable to me.

It is what it is. Meaning. Don’t play yourself jack. Shit is shit.

We can agree to disagree but I ain’t eating your shit sandwich.

Warm Regards,



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