Blog update eight months in…

It has been a wild ride of blogging with all the weird to crazy shit that has happened this year.

I think the blog was at 50 readers at the time to now 200 + I believe. Again. I hate the term followers. It’s pure bullshit. If you’ve jumped onto this blog it ain’t because I’m a savior from a boring life of simping and predictable basic bitch media bullshit….


Anway, I’m thinking about November’s kiss a lot lately. I think that will be the month I’ll shoot to get my big book project done and push to do some brainstorming ideas.

I might publish my ebooks here if the blog hits a big mark at 500 readers. Either way I’m hoping to publish a book this year either on kindle or on the blog.

For now though I’m still working on my anthologies I need to decide if I want to bring them out when they’re done.

Warm Regards



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