A Enslaved mind doesn’t question a damn thing.

I’m guilty of this shit once in a while. Where I’m told something by someone who appears trustworthy I lean toward trusting them some times.

It’s a child like habit I’m growing out of but it’s there. It’s something I have to work on.

You got to understand. The minute you start thinking about who, what, when and where is the minute your mind is opened to the possibility that bullshit exists.

The enslaved mind is that herd mind shit. It’s following the crowd. Following the natural flow of how your tribe thinks. How your told to think on TV and in the culture. It is the turn your mind off and feel the room shit.

Group Feelings vs Critical Analysis.

These two are not the same. The easiest way to break from one to other or vice-versa is to question or to go along and get along with the flow of the times.

Enslaved thinking trusts first and does not question. You trust your teacher is telling the truth in class. You trust the police officer is being fair to you. You trust that Crept Keeper Joe is the president of the united States of America.

But do you know? No. You don’t know. Because you don’t question it. You believe it because you think you saw it happen. Because you don’t doubt that people in power or collectively would try to trick you.

Am I right? If you believe me automatically then you just proven my point. If you don’t question your own perception or what you are told then you’ve proven my point. If you think you should find out if your perception was wrong or if I am wrong then you are a free thinker.

If you are free thinker keep the shit to yourself because the world hates people that are free to think on things and not based on feelings.

Warm Regards



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