What does it in mean to be a free thinker? Who? Why? What? When? Where?

There is nothing that unnerves a enslaved minded person then for you to question why they think you should automatically agree with their hypothesis. Because they have glasses on and degrees on their wall.

Look. I’m not saying I’m a smart boy. I’m your average dumbass walking. I just like to question somethings or I’m generally interested in why I’m being told something with the assumption it is fact before I’ve been provided a reason to assume the assumption.

Example. I know addiction and multiplication work effectively in real life because I’ve had to use both in real world settings to figure out solutions in managing resources.

If a person tells you they’re a liar by saying they are or by telling you they agreed to lie publicly to something that cost the lives of millions of people. Should you trust that person when they tell you NOW they’re telling you the truth about Covid 19 and the effects of wearing masks?

I start out with the assumption all mankind are liars. Until, a person proves himself to be a truth teller or a fearless person not afraid to tell the truth. I can’t simple believe a person at face value because even in history books people bullshit about what happened in their perception of the events.

Why should I believe you?

What are you assuming about me?

When did you discover this knowledge?

Where is the proof behind what your saying?

Who the fuck are you to tell me what to believe and what is the truth?

Oh you don’t need to explain anything to me? You’re saying I don’t need to think about what your saying? Your saying I should trust you as the superior high Lord and King in this matter?

Go fuck yourself. I don’t believe what somebody tells me simple because they say it.

Warm Regards



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