Why is it a necessity for the rich and celebrities to tell the poor what to do on social media?

I find myself asking this shit a lot. It’s not a dig or anything. Just why?

I mean I know in general some dumbasses worship the shit post these fuckers post. Living and breathing on the advice of the rich, powerful and degeneratate.

Still though. For everybody else. No. For me in general I fall in the camp of why do you think it is good to tell human beings how to live and what to do?

A command from someone that is a rich and powerful asshole telling me to trust the government. The fuck?

Advice. Is fine. Wisdom. Is valuable.

It’s a personal thing I guess. Power and money mean shit to me. I’ve been devalued by my own kin folk and skin folk because of a dollar and lack of hot chicka with of my own five kids.

The people I hold to have a say in my life I know are honorable and loyal. These virtues I see as noble. A courageous male I count as a friend. A loyal female I count as a sister or boo.

The question. “You need to take a vaccine. Don’t be afriad.”

My answer. “I ain’t afraid of shit. I don’t need it and I don’t give a fuck. Why do you think I need your command for me to do something?  I don’t worship you my dude. What is this psychological brain dead desire for you to command me or any free adult to do anything? Honestly I want to know.”

I just don’t get this desire of these few folk to be the moral compass of the masses or in some cases the little god among lesser mortals.

Warm Regards



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