Okay apparently I was wrong about MGTOW

No joke. I was wrong. I admit. It’s always helpful to let the otherside defend who they are then analyze what they say.

Why am I bringing up the fake drama. Well…I will admit when I’m wrong and I need something to write about.

This information comes from the MGTOW dude that got pissed at me for fucking with him about his philosophy maybe being funny to me. MGTOW is SERIOUS business for the dude. I was taking a piss at it and I stepped over some type of line of no return. I’m not apologizing for what I said. I meant it and it was funny to me but I was being a jackass on purpose. He didn’t catch on to that shit.

I hurt his feelings bad. I then over reacted and started spamming his last comments. I left one comment though it wasn’t addressed to me. The comment was informative. It is so weird he didn’t call me an asshole. Just a moron. Not even a jackass.


Now my mistake was thinking that MGTOW in it’s essence is about buying a motorcycle and getting laid. You know selfish living and pursuit of pleasure and power. Basic bitch shit. No no no. That’s just the first stage of red pil rage. The moment a man realizes a female can be mean and their not all angels.

Holy shit. My black power princess Momma taught me that shit.

So what is MGTOW from a MGTOW propective? It is a philosophy that seeks for men not to give validation to females as the primary goal in life.

Don’t be a white knight. Don’t put your neck out for random females in danger if they happen to be a bitch or good woman. Value yourself first and your own goals. Females have made a mess of society so fuck em and watch it all burn. All that bullshit.

A MGTOW does not owe a damn thing to a society that seeks to pussfy him and take away his money.

If a dude put it like that I couldn’t hate on him.

Go your own way is up to the individual but he must not seek to give validation to females. He must seek his own self value and validation. He is his own man. He does not need or should not need a female, family, children but if he so desires….hmm…

I don’t see how family would be a positive in MGTOW. Though I don’t see a reason why a MGTOW would want a family when if you look at the negative effects of modern feminism on society. A MGTOW should reject family, legacy, nation, law and live life as he sees fit with no shame or regret about anything he should do or who he would do it with.

I’m not saying MGTOW encourage breaking the law. Nope. They just encourage looking out for yourself first and last and not giving validation to females. I mean there is a benefit to situation for the MGTOW. He doesn’t have to spend his money on children, girlfriend or wife. He is free. A single man out on his own. Totally dependent on himself and he don’t need no female in his house. I mean he doesn’t have to deal with females at all on a personal level.

Hmmm. Fascinating. I’m not saying anything bad. It really is a fascinating philosophy.

Real talk. You do you boo boo.

Warm Regards



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