four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 10 Heart

We sat down in comfortably after some of the men cleaned up the mess at the door. The elder Mr. Delta lit up a cigar offering one to Ace as they went over the business. Diamond was relaxed knowing that one of his pledge brothers from his college days would handling his case.

That was enough for me and everybody else. Ace blew out some smoke and regarded the Elder Mr. Delta.

“Alright. Can you get in contact with the fuckers behind this so we can end it.”

Andrew sat back. “First. We need to expose who they are. They’re hiding in groups right now. Once we expose them you’ll have to legally challenge them to a gentleman’s honor duel. It must be a matter of honor not a challenge for their domain. Otherwise the shit can be held up by negotiations or a war for years before it’s saddled. There can’t be any hint that this is could be a clan war against them or play on their domain otherwise you get their alliances fighting with them as well against you. It has to be calculated cold and all business. We get one strike. If need be I have to request something of your family.”

Ace held up a hand. “How does Miss Gannon fit in all this? You sent her to us on purpose. We could have killed her.”

Andrew shook his head. “First off no you wouldn’t have just killed her. Your the Lords of the 4 swords. You were breed from birth to a code and honor that dates back sense your people laid hold to your power centuries. Yes. I know your legend far better then you think. Our families have crossed paths before. But, to answer your question again my firm has an associate who advised us to send Miss Gannon. Miss Gannon wasn’t in any position to object inspite of the risk.”

“So you ordered her to come to us risking her life? For what to gain our interest? I think your a shit head.”

Andrew looked at me. “Her father enchanted me to hire, seduce and kill her on his birthday tomorrow. I don’t work for witches or kill the innocent for anyone’s pleasure.” He said bluntly. “I chose the best option for her that became available to me, Lord Holmes and having her in your ranks provides us a denial of blood clan war excuse.”

I frowned at him. “No father would pay a mercenary to kill his-“

Vince started to chuckle lightly as did his brother. Diamond didn’t laugh but he looked pissed at me.

“Bro. Your speaking from your youth. There are assholes in this fucking world that would do much worse to their own children and have. Mr. Delta and Vince are Horsemen. We ride with honor and protect our females and people. He wouldn’t lie to me or my family. He did the best he could do he didn’t have a choice.”

Ace nodded. “Alright what do you want to ask?”

Andrew sighed. “If you can’t beat their champion will you please allow us to handle the challenger?” He said carefully.

Damn. I knew there was going to be something. Ace stared at Andrew. “Who decides if I ain’t able to do it?”

“Me.” Andrew said. “It’s my job to keep you safe and ensure all parties involved in what was stolen from you be dealt with painfully. Two hundred cases. I only lost once but I never intend on it happening again. I need your word on it or the firm can’t take on your case.” He said solemnly.

“Alright. If by some chance I can do it then you handle who it will be.” Ace said.

“This is bullshit.” I couldn’t help saying now.

“Heart.” Ace began but Andrew touched his shoulder. He stared at me focused on me. “Yes. It is. These things should be handled the direct way but the situation is more complicated.”

“It’s not complicated at all. Just tell us who and where they are we’ll handle it then.”

Andrew stared at me. “You were there the night your mother died. Zadok told me. Did you see it happen?”

“I’-I didn’t see shit. I got there to late to stop them from killing her.”

“Them?” Andrew paused. “You got there to late to stop them. How many were there?”

I blinked. “What?”

“Two. Three. ten. Fifty. A hundred. A-“

“Five damn it. There were five of them.” I said losing patience by how slow he was talking. I didn’t want to talk about this. My head hurt from thinking about it. “Ace and the family will handle-“

“Five. What did they look like? I’m guessing all men. But something about their faces their bodies. You couldn’t forget how they looked.”

“It doesn’t matter. Killing the mother fuckers that-“

“It does matter. They were Warlocks that broke the protective seals on the shop. That took time. You had to see them as they ran away or drove away or-“

“They disappeared. They were like shadows. It’s like…It’s like. They weren’t real. Just like they said.. They weren’t real. They looked. They looked like-” I paused looking at Ace and shook my head. What the fuck was I talking about. I frowned. I couldn’t remember.

I looked at their faces. Andrew nodded. “I think your right, Lord Holmes. It is important your brothers have a hand in this matter.”

I blinked and nodded. “Thank you. That’s all I wanted. She was our mother. It’s only right we saddle it.”

Andrew nodded. “I agree. Lord Holmes. The Deltas are only here to act as your servents in you avenging the death of your mother.” He said and turned to Ace. “I think we should have a drink in celebration of our battle. Something special. Do you have any refined water?” He said.

Ace stared at him and then nodded. “Yeah. Yeah. Big Al always keeps that shit in secret stash for himself.” He said and glanced at me frowning. “Are you going to stand there looking at me all day sit down. You want a drink of the stuff? It’s pretty good.”

“Yeah. sure. What’s this refined water stuff? Is it like Jin and Tonic or something?”

Diamond patted my shoulder. “It’s the hard stuff. Like straight up Vodka. Maybe you should stay clear of it.”

I flipped him off. “Fuck you. I can drink you under the table any day. Bring it on.”

Diamond rubbed my head joking with me. I turned to Joe to see him staring off until he felt my eyes on him. He looked at me and forced a smile on his face. “Get ready to shit faced.” He said.

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Thoughts on four swords…it’s extending into a heavy story and plot is weird…

I’m purposely extending out the story and world. I realized four swords are all strong dominant dudes and can handle conflict like eating a five stack pandcake breakfast morning.

So now I have to throw a flaming curve ball at them. The Deltas are all that and more. This is the Tango & Cash legends universe of urban fantasy stories.

So it’s up in the air what will happen or what legendary fantasy characters will appear.

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The more I learn about the Ukrain/Russia situation the more I realize it’s complicated and it has nothing to do with me or democracy….

My learning process is still ongoing but I’m pretty positive that the Ukraine/Russia situation has nothing to do with me. Sure some NWO leaders of America have a stake in Ukraine for their own reasons.


Oh. I’m going to start calling them the New World Order. Yes. It’s stupid but it’s what they call themselves behind closed doors during political wrestling matches while they dream of new bullshit laws to make dicks small again.


Ukraine is in part a silent but not so Silent NWO member. So this is really a match between The Russian Bear vs the NWO silent pimp cocain democrat.

I’m not a big brain on political bullshit and the reasons of war. The key to all this is one man…..

Joe Biden.

Without him being “elected” none of this bullshit would be going on at the speed it’s going. Am I making an argument that T-Money would have stopped this? No. I’m saying Joe Biden being a factor helped to speed this shit along. This shit was always going to happen. Why? It’s the one thing both the hellmouth and everyone else is saying.

Is the Ukrainian government innocent lambs in this whole scenario?

Is mother Russia the great evil of the east? See Hellmouth news for more information.

I have no idea how this situation is going to play out but keep in mind just because hellmouth news isn’t talking about Covid as much doesn’t mean the propaganda has stopped. It’s war porn season baby. WW3 will be good for ratings.

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Styx Shade chronicles of a Spy Lord: Part 1

The Chroniclers notes

The story

June 8th, 1865
The 2nd Age, Edo’s Dawn

I am Calvin Skylark senior estate manager and family lawyer of the house of Shade. My story is a minor footnote in the events I am about to transcribe for the benefit of future generations of the house of Shade. The life, times, successes and failures of the patrach of the house of Shade.

The first words are the hardest to describe such a one as Lord Styx S. Shade. He is a man of different shades…..

A short introduction but a powerful one. I like this and it’s my first true attempt at Urban Fantasy.

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I’m working on my fantasy story for next month…

I’m putting it on Wettpad and digging into filling out the lore and type of elves, Orcs and magic system I’m doing for it. It’s an Urban fantasy but I’m going to try to pull away from doing anything like traditional elves and more like my version of what an elve would be like in my story.

It’s going good and I’m digging the direction it’s going experimental wise though it is a bit tough figuring it out as I go along flushing it out..

I’m building the plot one step at a time though it is a long for sure.

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I really am digging the Wettpad service and functionality…

It’s the weirdest thing. I hadn’t been on the website for years but It’s doing everything I need it to do. I’m going to invest some money into the site when I get my money right.

I just love writing on a platform that works. The app isn’t trash and the interface is wondful. I’m going to do some dig diving into the fiction on the site again but A+ totally satisfied. Again I love the options and the feeling that the company gives a damn.

I don’t know what I’ll do about Blue Jumper. It’s a great short story. But it won’t go anywhere on the site. I will have to convert it to a book or move it over to Wettpad somehow.

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Experimenting on Wettpad…I don’t know but I really am beginning to hate Amazon book publishing

My experiment.

I’ve had a wettpad for a couple years and I decided to try it out and put a story on the fly.

I’m pretty sure now after a few minutes of trying it. I still need to work it a bit more and analyze a week of productive work for days but I think. I might stop fucking with Amazon vella entirely.

Amazon….holy shit. I can’t even pretend now that Amazon gives a damn about Vella. Wettpad is going to curb stomp them. I’ll finish what I got with Blue Jumper and then fuck Amazon.

It’s not even money. Amazon just doesn’t give a piss about the system or doing the shit half way right. I can’t stand it.. I don’t see a point of Vella now. It’s shit. Not the writers or readers. The fucking system is shit. I’m pulling out.

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When your doing something that is of substance and value there is never enough time to do it in a day.

I’m always in my element when I am writing or doing something that is of substance and value.

I hate. I absolutely hate doing nothing. I can’t stand it. Be people used to fuck it. Dumb fucks still say that video games is a waste of time.


Being paid a shit ton of money to do something that isn’t valuable to your time of breathing and your personal worth is a waste of time and hard fucking work to me. You can’t pay a dime or 100k to do and to be nothing.

My mind is always busy even when the work is slow I find myself thinking of something to write about or analyzing female bullshiters lingo trying to ponder the question….

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Why can’t you answer the mother fucking question with a yes or a go fuck yourself.

Real talk.

I used to think I was a lazy person. Then I started blogging seriously and recording how many projects I’m doing in a single month and day. I put in a lot of effort, energy and attention for a post to be funny enough for a “like” I’m not bragging It’s the thing I have to do. What I’m writing is always new every day or in some way it’s a different challenge I can take on. I’m always writing. That’s why it seems easy to me though I know a lot of decades has gone into mastering it. I never have enough time.

But, it’s really the day job when I came to grips with the fact…

People kept saying I was a hard worker. I frowned and wondered. The fuck?! Me? I just work. I give it my all. I go full force in no break and no cap.

So I’ve been thinking about it. I really do value my time. I really do value what I do spend it on. I don’t think it as hard work. Hard work sounds well…like hard work. I see it like in part like a game. I got to get this shit done and the time starts.

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Strange dreams 12.0

Bill. Wake up honey. Wake up!

I growned and woke to the sight of Scott and Air staring down at me in concern. I felt comfortable laying in a nice bed. I felt right but I also felt her trying to track me.

I waved them away as I rolled out of bed to the side and looked around. We were in the tower. I shook my head.

“She’s still out there. Tracking me I can’t stay here. I have to-“

“We aren’t in Cyberpunk’s dream world.” Air spoke quickly. “We’re in my tower. “

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I nodded. “Your tower is in Cyberpunk’s dream realm. That’s why-“

“‘-Oh no. We’re no longer in my brother’s realm. I can move my tower around. I have no realm of my own. So I move around as does my tower.”

I stared at her. “What’s the beef between you and my mother.” I asked.

Air pursed her lips tightly. “We were friends once. We came into being on a world called Mars, in a city named Gods play land. Once I learned how to travel the realms I taught her but she was comfort in her position there at the time. I left her on Mars while traveled the realms.”

I nodded. “She thinks you and the elders as she calls them are Gods. She must have enjoyed being worshipped by my kind. Is she mother though?”

Air nodded stiffly. “Bill. We’re not gods. We were all made from the same elements as mortals but we’re different and came to be differently. Mara can’t accept that fully she can die just as any mortal man or woman. My brother and his consort are doing battle with them as we speak. I do not how it will-“

“-She’ll worm her way out. She survived my home world being destroyed she’ll escape the battle in some way. How many humans have you changed?”

Air frowned shaking her head. “I didn’t change you.”

“You created me though, how?”

Air frowned again shaking her head. “Mara is limited because she does not embrace the truth of what she is and can never be. She believes a lie. I embraced that truth centuries ago. I can create and bring things into being. Mara is a creator of death. She can give birth but not life. You were her last attempt at that.”

I frowned getting a strange feeling I knew what she was dancing around saying. “Was I born still born?”

Air grimanced. “You would have been but sense I created you before your birth by breathing my element into you then you are what I created you to be. I am not the only dragon knowledgeable enough to do so.”

I shook my head. “I don’t understand why she would attempt something so stupid. For what reason?”

Air stared at me. “To raise an army of mortal slaves to worship her as their goddess mother.”

“Holy shit. The bitch is nuts.” Scott voicing my own thoughts.

Air nodded. “Yes. She is quite a sad creature. But, she also has still a few miss guided children out in the realms I have yet to reach.”

I got up and looked out the window into the endless portals to realms.

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“Is there another reason beyond being a nice lady that you breath life into her dead children?’

“Bill.” Scott said. “Whst are you-“

“It’s fine.” Air interrupted. Yes there is a reason. A very big reason. Her children the ones I don’t save. Sometimes are saved or created into beings of dangerous problems that start galactic wars or burn whole planets they become annoyances for the elders. When that happens or if there are signs of it happening in those worlds a judgement is made and a world is sentenced to death.”

I nodded to turning to face Air. “Your an elder, right?”

Air shrugged. “In part. I am, the youngest and lowest in power and I rival no one in power or wisdom. I speak with the head elder over us all. I offer advice and try to make plans to rescue those I can. I try. I don’t always succeed but for you. I tried really hard this time.”


“I like you and in a strange twisted way. Mara likes you a lot though it may not seem that way.” Air said gentle.

“Where we headed?” I asked.

Air smiled. “To another another rescue mission.” She said.

“Can we help?” Scott spoke up for the both of us.

Air looked between the two of us. “That isn’t necessary. This is your home now or I can take you to any-“

I held up a hand. “I think you do need a little help. Unless you think it beneath you to ask for help from mortals.”

Air smiled her lips shaking. “I would be honored to have your help and sense you two are inclined to be so helpful. I want to give you both with something.”

“Two. What about Wolf.” I asked

Scott made a face. “He met a girl so he opted out of the fun.” She said.

I shrugged. “That’s alright. I understand. What’s this gift?!”

Air giggled. “Follow me.” She said whimsically dancing out of the room.

Scott laughed and quickly took my hand and led me after Air. I smiled liking the feel of her. We walked out into another large spacious room. We stopped short and stared at the purple and black beautiful crusier.

Air smiled . “What do you think? I ordered it from my little brother. He makes such nice realm flyers.”

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Power dynamics: Those who rule minds and the environment of men. Politicians & men in lab jackets.

I feel introspective at the moment about the current mind control games being run on us the people of the west. The casting of the net so to speak of the minds eye for attention on what’s going on and what I and you are supposed to think.

There are the freedom fighters rallying the battle cry for the people on their team to not trust what the other team is saying. To cry out, don’t be a simp like last time and believe the cascade of lies.

Then there’s me thinking. Damn. I got to put in more time at the job just to get through this shit with my money going to shit. I have a passing interest in the shit (Russia vs Ukraine) from a historical account of a interesting real story unfolding but it’s not my story. It’s not lane.

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I think about that recently a lot lately. The power to influence your environment and the power to control how people think. Personally, I have no interest in the later. Simple to control how I think and move is enough and I hate hypnotism and systemic televised programing. The former holds my interest at present.

The power to change my environment or not be effected by the cash in my bank account but the resources I can pull from to give me more time and more freedom to write and find some place in this city for a RPG gathering.

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I haven’t played D&D in four years. I miss it. My mind is busy enough inventing worlds and stories. Yet, I don’t have the time to write them all down or have a sit down game with a group imagination guided friends.

Somethings got to give.

Warm regards


The season for War porn has begun again….

Here we are at this dance again.

I’ve been doing damn hard to ignore it this go round. Day 1.

I spent four years on news coverage about T-money taking a piss or saying something nutty. .

I stopped giving a damn what the hellmouth news channels say about anything anymore. I have to spend to much time trying to translate the bullshit in sane speech.. I’m seeing the bullshit is already infecting YouTube front page. Even dailymotion is running the shit. The fuckers rolled Biden’s ancient ass out on a struggle streaming video. Biden is trying hard not to fall flat on his flat ass on a video I have no intention on watching.


He ain’t doing shit so anything he had to say would be mute. It’s already over. What’s happening now is a nice distraction for those still hooked on to American dreams Biden being a legitimate President and a quiet recession/depression nobody is talking about because …. look war with tits!!

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It’s only sad for the people that got to go through the shit.

I am reflective now. Still thinking stuff through. Why? Why?

How many jackasses will jerk off to hellmouth news coverage of war and pictures of Putin frowning.

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