Site updates…..#wordpress #twitter.

The site is pretty fucked up right now. My hope is people are getting the content and enjoying it. But, I don’t know because it won’t show me my updates or analytics for the day so there you go.

If you wish to know when I’m dropping a post. It’s everyday however I will put up links on and on Twitter.

Yeah. I’m back on hellmouth Twitter because there’s one dude on there I like to read his writing and I’m waiting patiently for the asshole to finally drop the link on his second book this year hopefully. My handle is…GuardianD0gg

Yeah that is a zero not an oh in the Dogg part. Anyway here’s a poem….

This word is pressing on me. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

I’m hasn’t to say

That word

To that company

That is fucking with my readers seeing my shit. They have their reasons. But, then again maybe it truly is a mistake on my part. In error in judgement on me.

Na’aw fuck that shit. I know why your fucking with me and…

I will win in the end.

Warm regards


You know twitter is a lovely site (comedy)

It isn’t nice to go on a website and…

I can’t do it. I was planning on bullshiting all the way through this shit with a nut busting line at the end.

Fuck all that noise. I fucking hate twitter. I do. It ain’t the shit. It’s a mother fucking shit pool of everyone elses shit. It’s a wasteland of female bullshit and absolutely dick picks and hell. Pure hell.

The one fucking rule they had from the jump was you can say whatever you want and put up almost anything you want but that’s bullshit to. You can be a shit head as long as your not on the wrong end of the wrong political party.

Holy fucking shit.

I can’t stand it. I had to shut my shit down. I couldn’t stand hearing the stupid rambling thoughts of people that didn’t know shit talking about shit that don’t know about. It’s a fucking shithole.

The market place of ideas?!

Holy shit.

The digital townhall for hearing from celebrities and politicians??!

Holy shit!!

That’s some grade-A bullshit. Still you got smart people on the shit only because they want to be in garbage dump of shit fighting against assholes that don’t give a shit.

Holy shit! Wait? What the fuck is smart about fighting in shit against shit heads?

Fuck it. To each his own shit or whatever.

Warm Regards,


An Ode to the Mac a true King (comedy)

Alright. I don’t hate anybody BUT one mother-fucking dude rides the mother-fucking line for me.

Jack mother-fucking Dorsey. We’ll get to my mother-fucking opinion about the shithole that is twitter later.

Jack mother-fucking Dorsey. This Mother-fucker is a straight up gangster bitch my dude.

Whatever your feelings about big-T I don’t give a damn you’ve probably already expressed yourself so let me express my mother-fucking self.

Fucking mother-fucking pussy grabbing legend. Your fucking grandchildren will be at your fucking knees asking you if he really grabbed a shorty’s pussy and the mother-fucking shit will still be funny.

Anyway, back to Jack mother-fucking  Dorsey. This Mother-fucker can shut down a President’s voice to the mother fucking people and keep the normies from ever finding out that your mother-fucking government is fucking your mother-fucking unborn child’s future nice and tender.

Add on to that mother-fucking shit. This mother-fucker got mother-fucking kiddo porn shit on the back end along with legitimate adult porn star profiles and ugly nudist on his mother-fucking shit pool site.

This is the mother-fucking shit pool Jack mother-fucking Dorsey swims in and your mother-fucking teenagers will probably never see.

Newsflash: YouTube and Twitter are two old fucks one breath away from one last shit. What teenager will be on these two shits in the next ten years. I could be mother-fucking wrong. Yet the shit smell from Twitter’s adult doper is smelling.

Still Jack mother-fucking Dorsey will get away with his mother-fucking shit. The one mother-fucking joy I get is Jack mother-fucking Dorsey will see his shit business model die one day when Cocain Pimp Democrats and the stable of GOP hoes will get tired of the shit one day and say fuck it and nuke his fucking business in a day.

Now…if your wondering who the mother-fucking Mac Daddy King of comedy is your to short for this ride. I ain’t explaining shit to you. All you old heads give me a mother-fucking like and get your glasses up for the OG king of Comedy. The wordsmith and harold of comic gold to this day undefeated.

Warm Regards,