Doc Savage said it first….The mindset of a man matters

What is the goal?

What is the aim we should strive for as men?

Is it not to be people who overcome. Is it not to be at the top of our game. Is it not to be tested and refined in the troubling waters of life.

To dominant. To push ourselves to be better versions of ourselves. To reach the highest peek of who we can be. To not sit in mediocrity. To improve this world. To further ourselves along. To do honor to our ancesters and strive for self mastery.

To be courageous is the aim. To fight and beat back against fear is the goal of men.

Hmm. Don’t be a beta bitch be a dominant bad ass mother fucker-ah. For sure. Ya heard me.

Warm regards


GOP hoe theories: Mike Pence is a dumbass hoe


I’ve been thinking on this shit a lot lately. Now for those not in the know. A GOP hoe is a mother fucker that will say he’s defending the rights of the people on his team. But what this bitch will do when the time comes to act will do contray to they said they will do.

Call a spade a spade my dude. You got a dude at work you work with. You need a ride to work one morning because the car don’t work. You ask him for a ride. He says sure. But his ass don’t show up.

You make it to work some how and ask him about it. He gives you an excuse sounds solid but the bullshit radar is up now.

You get into another jam. Same thing and the bitch don’t show up even after he gave you his word. You find out later he’s friends with some asshole you don’t rock with at work and the asshole told your “friend” to fuck with you. Do you get me?

Mike Pence is a bitch ass hoe for big Daddy Pimp DNC. It’s the hoeing business you see. Those in the business and those getting the business the suckers and johns and those watching the shit for what it is my dude. I mean come on would you trust a dude that turned on a dime against his own supposed “boss”?

Get the fuck out of here my dude.

Us vs them. The elites vs the peasant class. You on my team if your getting fucked in taxes or your son and my son are sent to another fucking war for someone’s sexual addiction. The more things change….well you know the rest.

Mike Pence isn’t a turn coat shit bag. He’s dumbass hoe working in the hoeing business.

Hot damn. The first funny dumbass shit of the year. More will be coming.

It was something to see. You need to know what a dude will do if you get jammed up in a corner. Will he be in the shit with you or will he turn and stab you in side my dude for favor or some silver. Real talk.

Traitors are bitches. You know it. I know it. Jesus knew it when the fucker dipped his bread in his cup my dude. That bitch looked the Lord in the eye and ran like bitch in the night to get that silver my dude.

Warm Regards,


Idiots racing for a dead end job and the over lords of America

“Hey, did you catch the Democratic debates?”

“Yeah! It was-” 

 “-Pointless!? Yeah. I know. The principal reason why I skipped them entirely it’s a ship of fools my friends or a modern day cartoon show with horrible art work and zero funny action to laugh about because the joke is on us.

Let’s see what idiot will try to get us into the next goble conflict. Who is going to vote for one of these people.

Do you (ordinary hard working American) care? 

We’re headed for a epic dumpster fire. War hawking Benny Short pants Shapiro is going to be crying a storm of tears. The over Lords of the giant state will still never see the reckoning when it rains on us as they fly away to land to dominate. 

Am being a Debbie downer? Not in the least. We’ve had dry spells of insanity for decades it’s been time for this ride to end. Let’s get a rainy down pour of truth and sanity or at least some reality.

L. M. Parker