an argument for #Blackpill to end. #Excellence

Part 2

Truth and lies.

There are things in this life I like many young boys and young men were taught to follow the path of go to school, go to college maybe university and above all else get a degree.

Because knowledge is power.

It’s only as you age and hopefully gain wisdom you realize this a lie. In short people with power or in positions of power very few times have or gained their power by being knowledgeable or as discerning. In fact the world is not run by rulers of superior knowledge.

It’s run by people with the understanding that power is power.

How does this relate to Blackpills or excellence? A positive point toward Blackpillers is that some of it’s propopoants declare that a man should not live his life on lies or a fictional view of how the world works. A man should embrace the harsher element of the truth of life.

Where then the Blackpill ideology falls apart is that it stops there or it does go the extra mile. What is the purpose then of gaining knowledge for a proticular craft your interested in or have a natural talent in?

I push forth my own answer in blunt fashion as so:

To shine with excellence and to be the man people look to get shit done.

Excellence and application of what you do and how you do it are the gifts that come with achieving high levels of knowledge in a chosen field, profession, trade or craft. The time taken to sparken your skills to learn new skills and better perform over the other guy is what a man strives for in gaining respect,.position and an elevation of power.

Yes. There is a harshness to this world. A unforgivingness to this world but men were created in this world and for ages men have conquered and dominated in this world. Currently in the first world it doesn’t seem so much true but

Men achieve high levels of excellence in the heart of conflict difficulties and pain. Life comes with pain and trouble but this is not new. This is the reality our ancestors dealt with managed and in some cases mastered by embracing the truth and excelling in to high levels of excellence and self-esteem.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Warm regards


Holy shit. If you can’t take a different opinion on your philosophy then your belief is shit or your a pussy. The former or later. Choose.

Holy shit. The MGTOW shit is funny to me. Men that go their own way.

What way is that?

The fuck I know. I just listen to what dudes say and most of it amounts to buying a motorcycle and banging hockers. That is hilarious to me.

There are men of the west who call for men to take up the battle to reclaim the west and masculine energy. Their voices are drawned out however by a sea of dude’s that just want to get laid or live life in the pursuit of power and don’t give a fuck about the fall of the west.

Selfish living. Living in pursuit of power and getting off on pink haired sea beasts whining that dudes don’t want to fuck him/she/it/alien/them/Q/X?

We are in times that have gone to the dogs. The average MGTOW dude is jerking off waiting for it all to burn down so he can feel right about it all.

Me? I’m laughing my ass off because I’m the hopeful one. The times are getting tougher and I’m getting a six pack and vaping conflict that tastes like cookies n’ creame milk shake dreams.

Warm Regards


A MGTOW responses to Guardiandogg

Alright I been waiting for this shit. Here is a reply from my post on men bragging about nothing.

Wow That has got to be one of thickest, dumbest opinions I’ve seen on MGTOW

The fact that you can’t grasp that a man can be a happy bachelor is your problem not mine

Yes, I’m single, yes I make my own money I do what I want and go where I want and spend

Don’t have to worry about
Corrupt Family Courts ,False Accusations etc

Yeah moron you bet your ass I’m going to brag about that and here I am doing it right to your face

And if you’re so THICK that you think MGTOW is about sex then you’re not really deserving of respect

Now if you don’t mind I think I’ll go brag a little and there’s not a fucking thing you can do to stop me

By Neroke

Okay here is my reply….

Holy Shit. I had to thank The Lord for this one ya’aw. Is this mother fucker serious???

Holy shit.

This mother fucker is bragging about not having a legazy to pass on to preserve the traditions and honor of the west and the stories of his people..

Holy shit…

This mother fucker is not bragging about what his father did for him or any men in his life that gave him wisdom and pasted on to him a tradition or self value.

He is not bragging on the greatness of men of the west have done to pave roads and provide the examples for us as men to follow.

This mother fucker is complaining about the bullshit the fucking Baby Boomers handed down to us and not giving a word of action that the men of the west need to raise up and reclaim our BIG DICK Energy from a society that wants to pussfy us.

Holy shit. Holy mother fucking shit. The fucking balls. If you want to be a bachelor and have no legazy. Guess what….

I don’t give a shit. I could not care less. But let me brag a bit…

My father died in his battle against cancer when I was young but did not fail to pass on to me hard work, loyalty to family and friends. That man I will brag about. Vox Day taught me that conflict is in the air we breath and the water we swim in. I needed to embrace it and enjoy. Martin Lawrence taught me life isn’t a joke. I need to fucking ride this mother fucker until the wheels come off.

Let me reintroduce myself….

I am an American Highlander. I cew on Iron and spit out bullets son. I am the legazy of Black Rambos and the pride of my ancesters. I was raised on stories of Cobra and Tango & Cash and the poetry of Robert Frost and rhythms of Tupac Shakur and gospel melodies. I am a man of the west. Get your balls up and join in the struggle..ya heard me.

Warm Regards,


You know a dude raised a good son when his son calls his father a great man.

Mothers got their day and by and large the west is in a state of pussfied madness but still my dude acknowledge a father when you see his legacy is a decent young man. The real ones don’t brag. That’s our job to brag on their accomplishments.

Real talk. Fuck even a dude that bitches about marriage and the legacy of good men. Fuck em if they don’t even acknowledge a good father just doing his fucking job. Seriously fatherhood ain’t easy in a fucking world that’s out to kill you and cut the fucking dick off your legacy before he can fucking read or buy his first car.

These are dangerous fucking times for men. Get your balls up my dude because the war on men is for your fucking mind and legacy of the future. This ain’t a time for bitching it’s time for embracing masculine energy and celbrating fatherhood.

I got this Puerto rican dude I respect at work. One of the many. He’s humble a good worker and walks with limp and confidence. He got a young son that’s happy, kind, good worker and isn’t an asshole.

Holy shit.

You got to understand. Seeing a young dude who knows who he is and where he comes from and has confidence in himself. Hot damn.

I mentioned one time in passing how I regarded his father as a good man. He corrected me wisely and said his father was a great man.

That’s some real shit. I remember seeing the young dude standing next to father while he was doing something and even the way he stood next to his father was respectful to his position as his father.

Listen my dude. You know it when you see it.

Example. Two dudes together walking on the street. If something is about to pop off a dude covers angle to his partner’s blind spot or watches his friend’s back when he’s distracted on the phone. They walk in time with each other to move at the same speed. Unity. Brotherhood. Fatherhood and son. That’s what the fuck I’m talking about my dude.

Warm Regards


A strange case of the modern west. Tale of two atheists…

My mind goes back a bit to the scariest intellectual shit that left me thinking holy shit this is what a true secular person looks like.

A few years ago, I saw this interview with Tim Pool and sargon of akkad. They were outside and talking about politics, religion and just hanging out talking his projects he had going.

A short word on Sargon. He’s man of the west and an educated atheist and he’s a fighter. Without question…BIG DICK ENERGY!!


Sargon mentions in passing a fraze from the bible or really a saying that westerners use in relation to someone putting blame on another person. A scapegoat. Tim gets this blank expression and asks Sargon what he means by scapegoat. He had never in his fucking life heard that saying.

Sargon blinks and looks at Tim and then calmly explains that from the Christian old testment a scapegoat was a goat Hebrew prist symbotically put the people’s sins on and sent out into the forest along with their sins. Basically someone you put your guilt, crimes on.

Why did it matter? Most westerns today don’t know a damn thing about Christianity but from jukes by atheist who don’t know shit about Christianity let alone traditions of honor or the value of justice in the system of belief.

Tim Pool is an uneducated atheist. He’s of the same generation as me but I grew up having ideals, traditions and beliefs handed down to me and then having my beliefs challenged by reading books by arthors of the west and different time periods and formed my own beliefs by established virtues primarily of the noble western virtues.

Tim Pool? Who is this man? What is his beliefs? What is free speech? Does he even know the history or intellectual bullshit behind it?

This is not a dig on Tim. I had questions. What does a person born and raised in a non tradition non knowledge of history of western morality willing to do to preserve the 1st world environment he grew up in.

The answer came to me years later. Nothing.

Tim Pool at that moment and probably even now is a talker. Why the fuck would he wish to preserve the west if he had never been charged with the duty and given the traditions of the west. He believes in free speech but does he know who coined the words together. Maybe, the writer was just bullshiting. Has he even thought about the cons of free speech and the fucking fact we have liable laws? Some times you are liable to the law for what you say. There is always an expection to free speech.

Food for thought….personally I believe there is a certain level of bullshit to free speech. Do I consider it a western virtue? At the moment no. Why? There is no virtue in bullshit.

Warm Regards


I believe in the west…

I’m feel poetical for a moment please indulge me…

The west…

Not the dirt. Not it’s people entirely. The ideals and the virtues handed down through generations of men and schools of thoughts and families. That is what I believe in. The Way, The True, The Life. Yes. I do hold myself apart of the tribe.

The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. I’ve tasted of that wisdom. I value it like a tree values rain after long hot days of scorching heat.

I am…I am thrusty for wisdom in this age of dumbasses and violent skin folk and hypnotizing videos that a culture uses to fuel it’s rage and self pity.

Translation….the George Flody shit. I can’t find the comedy in it yet other then to say…one jury member confessed that they voted a man guilty not because of evidence or confidence of their decision. They voted out of fear that the Black Rambos where going to riot and set a city on fire to get their way. Was the fear unjustified? Not really. The Blacks already did it once the assumption is they’ll do it again.

My thoughts on hearing the jury member’s fears and decision. What a fucking pussy. A American Highlander isn’t a pussy and no Black Rambo can respect pussy behavior. Though they wouldn’t give a damn either way.

I am a man of the west. My thoughts do not line up with the Black Thought of the day. It is not my own decision. It is a strange evolution of upbringing and stimulus of being born in the west and raised on archetypes of Tango & Cash and Escape from LA.

I am an American Highlander. I cew on Iron and I spit out bullets. I am nobody’s slave.

Warm Regards


An Ode to Count Dankula

Rich in worth and comedy.

Human. To his very bone. Brave and enduring in a time of pussies and asshole globle asshole diggers.

Faced with the threat of imprisonment and bullshiting because of a dog and some little dick assholes burned in the memory modern day blue haired dumbasses.

He took to court and he was pronounced guilty. The fucking comedy of modern day first world problems. Now he spends his days busting his blog and making videos about the legendary evil bastards and other weird shit.

Now….in English.

Some fucking Scottish YouTube comedian did a joke involving a dog and some asshole named Hitler. Fuck I care. The shit wasn’t that funny and I lost interest. The comedy was seeing a dude go to court for a joke and be found guilty and then him making a failed bid as a politician to change the shit only to create the best comedy/weird shit about evil bastards of the past video series named mad lads.

I don’t care about his politics. Real talk. I love the dude for making me laugh and having an amazing sense of humor about the weird shit he went with the law. He’s a fighter and family man. I rock with both and I respect both.

Warm Regards


The fight for the West…

I was born in the west raised in the west educated in the west.

I know no other no other culture but this one that prides itself on concepts of freedom and indoor plumbing. But we do.

You always know a true western minded individual by these two tracts. How much freedom are they willing to give up for safety? How willing are they to live in city streets mired in human and bird shit.

In the current state of my native culture some are losing their ability to care to much. Their ancesters would have shot a man for pissing on his wife and put a fucker in jail for shiting on his lawn.

These are strange and ridiculous times we men of the west live in. Yet, when times get tough it has an effect on some people of unlocking that side of us that is not so willing to be comfortably any longer.

I’ve spent most of my life in comfortable poverty now I’m of a mind to spend the later half in a state of combat ready and conflict embracing. I’m looking for swords. I’m looking to earning more. I’m looking for land. I’m looking to buy a saber and a 1911.

We men of the west had it easy for a bit. Now it’s time to fight for the things handed down to us by our ancesters. Not the comforts entirely but the grit, the gusto and the balls to pave a fucking road to nowhere and build a fucking city out of a lonely wild wasteland or island mass.

Hot damn! What a time to alive.

These years will be stuff of herotic stories of how we men of the west fought back from our failures and stupidy and won back the inheritance given to us. Battles will be lost but the war is far from done.

We men of the west. We defenders of the good, the beautiful and true. We will win the fight for the west.

Warm Regards


The good, the beauty and the true having is a warcrey against the comfortable life

It should go without passing that I mean or news media, fake news and real news.

I was born in the west. Raised in the west. Taught western civility and the noble virtues. But it wasn’t until these boiling frog times of sysmulation breaking events that I came to know and connect with the old saying of the west.

The good, the beautiful and the true.

I am like any other child of menkind. I am easily fooled by the spells of hypnotizing comforting words. That is why I don’t trust in general a story brought to me by any news media. I know myself enough that the only way such spells work is if you listen and don’t think about the reason your told what your told and accept the narrative of the story.

Fuck. I sound like a liberal asshole out to sell a book or a GOP street walker out to find a John but I’m speaking this way in defense of the good, the beautiful and the true.

The good can not replace a lie. Children are not a baggage or burden. Feminine beauty is not something to bought with surgery or designed by photoShop witchcraft. Beauty in the classical sense is one of a kind and our senses know it for what it is. What is true is not something to be used for currency of obtaining boner pills or peddling blackpill woes of despair to young men so they don’t fight for masculine identity.

The truth is something to be defended. The true. The true is something to valued. Though it is not as comforting as comfortable lies.

What is it to be?

I offer you no easy gift to hold and bare. There is a conflict. The mordern west gives us a free supple of the comforts of porn and addiction to idle living.

I offer you a simple saying. The good, beautiful and the true. The treasures of the west and our heritage that is all but forgotten in these strange modern times.

Warm Regards