Sleeping beauty awakened by medical examiner pt 8

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I felt someone enter my private apartment. I eased out of Amber’s arms toward the edge of the bed. Amber made the sound of a moan reaching for me to pull me back into her arms.

“Where are you going?” She said in a husky half awake voice.

The covers slipped away from her body lovely full ample breasts. I leaned over kissing her head. “I won’t be long dear. I have to go check on something. Stay here until my return.” I told her calmly.

Amber leaned up kissing my chin and yawned. “Come back to me.” She said and laid back down falling asleep instantly.

I slipped on my trousers at same reaching for service revolver. I headed for the door slipping out of my bedroom and into the hallway. I locked the door.. I heard nothing but I felt someone or something here.

I listened intently. I heard it breathing. Something wet dripped down onto to my revolver causing it to burn. I fired a shoot off missing the body.

I heard a scream.

IT fell onto me making a snarling and biting at my neck. I grabbed IT’s neck and squeezed. IT screamed.

“My Lord. MY LORD!!” Amber yelled trying to break out of my bedroom.

“Damn it! Stay in the room. Do not leave.” I ordered her and kneed IT in the dick.

IT screamed louder. I wrestled on top of the creature’s body and started pounding IT in the face while holding onto IT’s neck.

The creature’s body clawed at my trousers and legs. IT was struggling and didn’t last long until I finished it off.

I got to my feet slowly bleeding from my legs and chest. Damnation. I had more scars. Slowly I realized Amber was sobbing.

I quickly unlocked the door and it was flung inward. Amber was naked and crying and ran into my arms. I sighed and tried to lift her out of my arms.

“I’m bleeding and have open wounds. I need to take a bath.” I said.

“I don’t care.” Amber softly. “I’m immune to most posions anyway.” She said and then came out of my arms and led me to the bathroom.

Amber turned on the water in the tub and started filling the tub with water. She finally looked at me and held out her hand to me.

I sighed and rose up taking her in my arms and sat down in the tub. I picked up a wash rag and soap. I started washing myself first then her.

We sat in silence for several minutes. Amber grabbed my wrist. “Who summoned that thing that attacked you?”

“I don’t know. I expect it is a warlock from Fair Gale or a visitor from the devil’s eye.” I said.

“Why attack you? Are you associated with the new king of Drakeacape?”

“Yes.” I said plainly.

I leaned down inhaling her scent. I didn’t smell any magic on her still. I wondered if she was using me.

Amber leaned back against me. “You are a warrior of Drakescape.”

“Yes. I had my time in the service to my country. It also helped me to earn my way through university.” I paused as body began to glow. “What are you doing?”

“I told you I am immune to most poisons. My body can heal wounds. It is a useless power in the magical arts ranks but this is all I can give you. You had to earn your way in the world?”

I hugged her waist. “It is my people’s way. We grow stronger by pushing our minds and bodies to the limit and surviving in challenging situations to find our limits and far we can push past them. Foxx was the same way in his rise to power.”

Amber sighed as I laid kisses on her neck and cheek. “Why did he fall then?”

“Foxx got lazy and greedy for easy wins.” I said simple. “He was beaten because he never expected he could lose anymore.”

“How did you know?” Amber asked.

Hmm. “Like you said. I am a warrior. I am never at ease entirely.  I can’t be. I was taught to always be ready.”

“Your teacher most have been a great teacher.” She said.

I grunted. Foxx had been a great teacher but a piss poor leader and traitor in his final years alive before I killed him.

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Sleeping Beauty awakened by medical examiner pt 6

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Amber sat in a seat to my right with her note pad and pen ready in the business conference room I had rented out for the day at my bank. I checked my pocket watch in my vest pocket. 12 noon.

“Lord Blair. When are the Lords excepted to Arrive. It is getting rather late.” Amber asked in the voice of an angel but the tone of her words made me worried of what female fantasies were running in her head.

“I am not a Lord. I am Doctor Arnold Blair or if you need a personal name for me Master will do. The young professionals and tradesmen will be arriving shortly. It will be a short meeting and then we will go home to bed. The discussion matters regarding your wifely allowance and assistant pay will be on the morrow.”

“Yes, my Lord.” She said in a small voice.

“Remember, Amber. I did give you two choices in the matter.”

“Yes, my Lord. You were generous. My Lord I believe your first candidate for the counsel of lords has arrived.”

I got to my feet extending my hand toward a young tall handsome bald gentleman dressed in a crimson dark suit walked in the room frowning but he took my hand in a firm shake and nodded to me.

“I got your message Doctor Blair, I believe but I found it rather strange. A request for a leadership position in the city? I found it puzzling. I thought the current King wouldn’t share power here.” He said meaningfully glancing at Amber.

“There is no need to be wary of such, Mr. Beast. I have asked you here to represent the magical warrior tradesmen. The king is not interested in day to day politics as such.” I said.

Mr. Beast frowned at me and then flinched back blinking. He smiled slowly as he saw me. “I see. Your are…Doctor Blair.” He said meaningfully for some reason. He took out a cigar putting it to his lips.

I reached forward and snapped my fingers at the end of the cigar lighting it a blaze with my lite thumb. Mr. Beast smiled at me and nodded his thanks taking a puff and blew the smoke out the side of his mouth.

“Thank you. Doctor Blair, you refer to me as a tradesmen in magic warriors here. How in the ancients did you come up with that notion?”

“I know of your work in helping with the young male orphans in the city and civiling them into competent soldiers, guards and trash removers. I hope to extend you an invitation sense so many of those young men look up to you as the inspiration for getting rid of the Dracoian savages.” I said.

Mr. Beast’s eyes lite with understanding and he grimanced. “I get it. Youngsters have been talking about me behind my back. What political powers will be given to me if I accept and will it take up to much of time to bothered?”

I smiled. “You will have a vote on immigration issues and task in your estimation of getting rid of trouble makers hoping to invade and distrub the peace. Meetings will be few and short. How’s it sound?”

“That sounds wonderful to my ears. I’m in.” A female said.

I looked around to see my female cousin Mini and two male come forward.

Mini was dressed in a fashionable pink dress. “Cousin Mini. You are looking lovely as always.”

Mini did a lady like dip with her dress.

I held out my hand to one of the men. “Mr. Mohler. A pleasure to meet you.”

Mr. Mohler bowed to me and shook my hand. “It is an honor. Doctor Blair. I wish you long life. As guardian and manager of the Crossroads Bar. I can not accept a position of power however the Crossroads will act by your will as a second gate dealing out annoyances to your peace and being a sanctuary for all time. By your word as the administrator of the guardsmen of course.” He said nodding to Amber who was silently studying as she wrote down what was going on.

I nodded. “I accept your terms.” I said and then turned to catch

Adam Silverstone bowed to me. “We the academics and spellswords accept your offer my Lord. We will ensure the safety and guardianship of the state along side the guardsmen that follow you.” He said extending out his arm.

I clapsed his arm. “Excellent this is going far more-” I paused to turn my head toward my asistent.

Amber attempting to slip away. Moving silently out of her chair.
“Where are you going?”

Amber froze and then sat back down took up her pen and started writing.

“You will stay where you are until it is time for us to leave. You will not attempt to defy me. Am I understood?”

Amber paled at my tone but nodded. “I will do as you say my Lord.”

I turned back to Mini who walked over to stand and study Amber. “You’ve claimed a fairy. Are you sure about that?”

“I was there when I took her by the hips and sat her on my lap. So yes I am sure about that. What in tuss are you alluding to?”

“She’s a trickster. She might have used magic on you to make you want her. She looks like the type. Fat breasts, tiny waist and large ass. What the hell is appealing about her?” Mini said.

I literally couldn’t comprehend what in the tuss Mini was going on about. She couldn’t be serious but she looked and sounded like it.

Mr. Beast leaned close to my ear. “What in great Draco’s balls is your cousin going on about?”

I could see the other men had similar experiences of confusion. Amber was the only one looking she might cry.

“Lady Demar. I hold back my offer to you for the committee.”

Mini looked at me opened mouthed. “What for?! I didn’t say anything that was a lie. I was just asking a question. How could you like this-“

“-You are beginning to annoy me with your female nonsense. I chose Miss Clocks. That is final. I neither asked nor require your opinion. You are a female. You haven’t the first notion of how a male thinks or what pleases us so don’t attempt to make idle guesses about what we like and dislike in females.” I said softly.

Mini pursed her lips and stood straight. “I’m sorry for being foolish.”

“I suggest you concentrate on your flower business and becoming married lady. For right now you are acting very silly.” I said.

Mini bowed her head submissively to me. “My apologies Doctor Blair.”

“Apologize to my wife. Right this instance.” I said calmly.

Mini flinched at my tone but dipped a cursy to Amber and looked submissive though I knew there was a strong possibility she wasn’t anything of the kind.

“I apologize for my foolishness.”

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Sleeping Beauty awakened by medical examiner pt 5

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Chapter 4

I put out a advertisement for an assistant the following early morning in the daily Walker. Late afternoon, I had long line of female applicants outside my office door after I had finished my morning work prepared to head out for lunch. I sighed and brought in Solly to filter through my candidates and pick the best selection.

I waited for Solly to give me the go ahead and then the first applicant was shown into my office.

Miss Borrow was the first candidate. Solly held the door open for him to my office. Miss Burrow grimanced brushing by him. Solly noticed it said nothing just gave me a look and rolled eyes as he closed the door behind her.

I held out my hand to her. “Miss Burrow. Thank you for showing up on time. Please have a seat.

Miss Burrow set down in her seat flowing down into the seat naturally like water being poured in to a cup and I noticed it then. She was using some type of magic around her body. It was an illusion of some sort.

I sat down at the edge of my desk. I waved a hand at her face. “Would you mind removing that mask your wearing?” I asked.

She frowned and blinked her eyes showing an expression of fake ignorance of what I meant. “I am wearing no mask or makeup. As you see me now. This is what I am.” She said.

I shrugged the interview was over for me but I decided to play along for now. I picked up a ink pen and clipped a piece of paper on a tablet and passed it to her.

“I need you to write down everything I say beginning now. Subject is elusive for now. No motive or explanation for the series of strange murders of street whores. Captain Hawks will need to dig up clues for-” I paused and looked over at her writing. It was passable not good enough however and a good enough reason to end the interview.

“Hmm. I will contact further if I will accept you for this position.” I said.

“My Lord. I am a lady of my realm and more then qualified for this position and if not then your wife would be a better position.” Miss Borrow said smoothly.

“Indeed. However, I am not in the market for a wife at present and you would not be in my selection. It is no fault of your own simply a case of you do not fit my criteria. Stand up please.” I said. She did not. I smiled.

“My Lord. Could you please be more plain in what you require in a wife.”

I stared at her. “I require obedience if a female is to come into my protection. You seem to be of a higher social class then myself.. What did Mr. Silverstone tell you regarding myself?”

Miss Burrow came to her feet. “He calls you the administrator. He told me you are the last pure blood Dracoian in the city with the fall of Drakescape by the hands of the Drake-bloods. I think we would suit each other. I come from the main branch of the royal family of Fair Gale.”

I nodded. “I will consider your offer however I am much to busy to entertain it for the moment. I have an assistant to hire, meetings to have and case work to finish. Good day to you Lady Borrow.”

Miss Borrow didn’t move. I sighed and looked at her revealing the otherside of myself. “You can be dismissed with words or I can physically do so. The choice is yours.”

The door opened. “Ohya. It’s time for you to be leaving Miss Burrow before you kin to losing your chance.” Solly said.

Miss Borrow turned and walked Pass Solly shoving him aside easily. Solly turned up his lip at her retreating back and looked at me.

“Get one of the boys to watch the chit. She is becoming an unwanted guest here.”

“She’s trying to challenging you ya Doc.” Solly said pointly. “She’s a right idiot for doing so.”

I nodded. “I know. She had a pretty face but growing up with power in her realm has poisoned her mind into thinking such power can be thrown around in our realm.”

Solly shook his head. “Sorry sight. You seven candidates Doc. Nice pieces but I’ll save the best for last for ya Doc.” He said with a ridiculous grin before he closed the door….

The morning went by quickly. I had two by two possible candidates to choose from the six I had had. I wasn’t expecting much from the last one as Solly showed her inside.

Miss Amber Clocks was the seventh candidate to step into my office. She was dressed in a cream grey white dress that hugged her body in the right places. She had a large note pad in her arm and large purse in her other hand.

Her breasts were high and full. She wasn’t a beauty like Miss Burrow or any of the others. She had full lips, big eyes, long nose and her ass…hmm. everything about her was big in the important places. I heard a knock at the door.

I glanced up in time to see Solly give me the thumbs up quickly before. The lady noticed the exchange.

I smiled standing and holding out my hand. She smiled taking my hand and looking up at me.

“Hello, I’m Amber Clocks. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Her voice was light youthful and excited. She was a virgin. I noted no ring. She pulled back her hair a bit. I noticed how long her fairy folk ancestry. Damnation.

I helped her to her seat. She looked up at me smiling. “Your an fairy folk.” It wasn’t a question sitting down on the edge of my desk in front of her. My eyes drifted a moment to v-line of her clivage. Her breasts were full and high. I looked back at her face. She caught me staring and I smiled not at all apologetic.

Miss Clocks smiled and nodded. “Yes Sir. Will that be a problem?” She asked innocently and had the chit had the nerve to put her hand on my leg.

Luckily, I was all for it but I had a few questions.

“Depends? How old are you?” I asked. Fair folk were a weird bunch. They lived longer then most Drakes and you can never tell when your talking to an old spinster or a youngster.

Miss Clock glared at me coming to her feet and removing a glowing time piece from purse. “Never you mind my age you handsome Dracoian. You want me. I want you. You will desire to have me. You do not-“

I grabbed her waist silencing her and lifted her until I sat her down on my lap. She stared at me wide eyes.

“Miss Clocks. I need you to allow me to lead this affair between you and I. I do not require your instruction in seduction. Do you understand me?”

Miss Clocks nodded her head holding up her little time piece. I smiled. “How old are you?”

“I am a youth in by my people’s standard 16.” She said. I grimanced, her eyes went wide in alarm. “But in human years I am a hundred sixteen well enough a mature lady.”

Sixteen, was a bit young but at least she wasn’t the spinster harpie Draco had hated. “I will give you a choice. Do you wish to be my mistress or wife.”

“Wife.” She said immediately.

I sighed. “Think first. If you are my mistress I will keep you well kept and provided for but you will have your own life with more freedom to where you live. If you are my wife. I will own you. I will not abide any foolishness from you. You will be with me forever. I will give you a day to think on it.”

“Wish to be your wife.” Amber said.

My office door opened. I looked up to see Solly coming in and then he turned and walked right out without a word.

I looked at Miss Clocks she still held up the watch. I stared at her. “That watch isn’t going to save you from me having you right now if I was so inclined.”

Amber quickly put it away. She smiled nervously. “What now?”

“With personal matters aside. I need an assistant. Are you up for the task?”

Amber nodded. “Yes Sir. I meant though are when will we start mating?”

“I will get a special license on the way home and we will started then. That means you will not leave my company today if ever again. But, before all that I have a commitee meeting for us to attend.. Do you understand me?” I said.

“Yes.” She said the word in a whisper.

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The world map of Drakescape Tales…

Drakescape world map

Time period 1800s

This of course is a rough map of story realm of Drakescape Tales. I will probably add another page to my site explaining characters and possible languages.

Drakescape – North Western region and town. The birth place of the ancient race of Dracoians and modern law and order realm.

Were lands – Land of were changlings

Fair Gale – land of high magic and fairy folk.

Red Stone – desert lands. Home place of the magical Redstone. Home of the dark skinned Redstone people.

Van Tari – Land of the giants and strong Van Tari people.

Iron Born – Land of Iron magic, Flying boats and the modern city also named Iron Born.

Hellgate – prison island

Brill – pleasure island. The island is also the home of the short but friendly Brill people.

Scin mountains – home of the barbarian Scin people.

Devil’s eye – a interdemintional door to multi demininsionals and hell realms. A door way to other realms in and out of the realm.

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Mary Little

The full episode

“I have a name. Skylark. Inform this peasant mutant whom he is speaking with.” The lady said midly.

My father turned in his seat and facing young Styx. “Her name’s lady Mary Little. She is my elfin wife of a sort and also my book keeper and manager of my affairs.”

Styx shook his head. “Mary is a proper Edo lady’s name. She’s a dark elf pure blood.”

“Mary Little is her name… the public. I have no idea what her real name is because according to their beliefs Mary’s hold power over her people. It’s close enough to the truth though.”

“But she has power over you though. Is that it?”

Lord Skylark shrugged. “My child is in her. It is what it is. My child will not be an orphan or live as we did. Be respectful.” He said simple.

Styx frowned but said nothing more. He studied the beautiful elf on the other seat facing him. “My apologies Mum. I am Styx Shade. I meant no disrespect to you. It’s my street up bringing and such. Sense your married to my brother that would make you my elder sister in-law.”

Miss Little held up her hand. “Skylark has no family. You-” She paused looking between them and frowned. She fixed her gaze on Lord Skylark. “Skylark. Who is this boy to you?”

“He was raised for a time by Mother Fin.” He said.

“He will not be an heir to your holdings. No matter what legal agreements stand between you two or otherwise.” Miss Little said with a calm assurance.

“I am his teacher. Styx is going to be my disciple. Once inducted into the guild he will make his way on his own. He has a gift. I wish to nurture.”

Miss Little snorted and caught Styx staring at her in confusion. She looked at him pointedly. “What are you confused about boy? You are a boy in fact. How old are seventeen summers at the most?”

Styx shook his head. “Seventeen and a half fall days Mum. Again, I apologize for my low born behavior. It’s just a habit and experiences I have had.”

Documents a warobe change

“Damnnation. All this fucking paper work. I already gave my word I’d take the boy on.” Lord Skylark said heatedly as he sat down and signed the adoption papers of custody of Styx.

Brandon nodded. “I know. I know but you know the law and all. Are you married?”

Lord Styx sighed and nodded. “Yes. I am sadly. I am expecting my first child though in three months or sooner.”

Brandon and Styx shared a look at the six months or sooner comment. But, neither said anything to it.

Lord Skylark finished the signing and came to his feet waving Styx to follow him. “Let’s go little brother. We got to make a go of it. You know.” He said turning to the door.

Styx caught Brandon cover his mouth to keep from laughing. Styx frowned looking at Lord Skylark’s back. “Your hiding something.”

Both Lord Skylark and Brandon stared at him. My father looked at Brandon with suspicious intent.

“I thought you said he was a black.” Lord Skylark said.

“I would thank you, My Lord to speak to me if you’ve got a question to ask.” Styx said.

Lord Skylark shrugged. “Are you using magick on my mind or are you using magic to see into the near future? Either way the Blacks or Shades aren’t known for that kind of magic in your kind.”

Styx glowered at my father looking down his nose at him as if he was a high Lord of the first order. “You have a tell. You didn’t look at me directly when you spoke and your fake Lordly accent slipped a bit at the end. Also Brandon knows something is wrong with you.. What the hell are you afraid of outside that door?”

Brandon laughed his ass-off. “Snarking hell. Boy oh yo has a right quick mind. Reminds me of someone.”

Lord Skylark stared Styx. “Are you a half elf.”

“I’m not a black or elf. I’m a Shade.” Styx said.

Lord Skylark nodded. “Styx Shade. I get that part. But, be honest or I’ll leave you here. Your no more fully Elf or Shade as I am neither fully human or fully Elf.”

Styx shrugged and made a motion with his right hand over his heart. “It is like you said. I’m Styx Shade. Everything else doesn’t matter. I don’t answer to anything else but my own name. Lord Ethan Skylark.”

Lord Skylark saw the motion Styx had done and knew the reason for it. “Agreed.  But, no lies from here on out. We’re family now. As strange as that might be a contradiction-“

“You keep your end. I’ll keep mean. Momma Jinn taught the way of things.” Styx said.

Lord Skylark blinked and nodded his head. “Excellent. So let’s go.” He headed to the door and opened it walking out while Brandon led Styx out.

Styx hand a over his eyes and one hand on Brandon’s bulky forearm.

Lord Skylark frowned waiting outside on the steps for Styx and Brandon to come out with Styx sharing a few words between each other about Momma Finn, Lord Skylark and Mr. Carter. Styx did more listening then any talk.

“What are two doing?” Lord Skylark said stiffly.

Brandon stared at him. “Ethan. He’s day blind. Get your ass over here and help him down to your car.”

Lord Skylark frowned. “Bloody hell. How the-“

“I told you I have cursed eyes damn it. I just need a decent pair of nightshade goggles to see in the day. I’m good to work for you. I’m good. I’ll keep my part to you. I said I would. I will.” Styx said.

Lord Skylark sighed coming up the stairs and laid Styx hand on his forearm. “Let’s go. I’ll get you your goggles and a fresh new suit as well for your raising station in life.” He said opening the door to the limousine for Styx. Styx got inside sliding in as Lord Skylark joined him and closed the door.

“What the fuck is this? You were told to get an apprentice not a mutant elf.”

Styx opened his eyes in the dark limousine to stare at the ebony skinned beauty with long flowing platinum down the back of her Scarlett silk dress. Her eyes were dark and studying Styx in disgust. He looked at her pronounced  pointy ears and tried to get out of the car.

Lord Skylark grabbed his arms. “What the fuck is-“

Styx turned to him. “You knocked up her up didn’t you? Damn nation. Damn it to hell Ethan. You had to knock up a fucking dark heart. A fucking magick kind. She warned you against this. She fucking told what they do to us when we fuck with them.. We always end up dead. Are you mad? Are you crazy?!” He said.

“Excuse me. What the hell is he saying?” The female said in annoyed voice.

Lord Skylark grimanced. “Damn it. Momma Finn taught you everything and told you to many scary stories. She isn’t going to kill me or you. We have an agreement. She’s having my kid. Elfs are kin on their word and agreements. I’ll do right by you. You’ll keep your end up. Right?” He said

Styx stared at him. “Damn nation. You have gone mad.”

“What the hell is going on?”

The chronicler’s notes on Lord Shade’s rise

June 9th, 1865
The 2nd age, Edo’s dawn

What is the essence of the man? No. That sounds stupid. My father said it best in this fashion.

“If I had one fault regarding Styx is the man being to damn clingy with the few friends he has and to damn steam cycle mad.” – Lord Ethan Skylark, May 6th, 1863.

My father meant of course that Lord Shade didn’t engage in the sport of wrenching and gambling as a past time as my father had occasion to do.

Lord Shade has always been a man of proticular tastes. Sense his youth he prefers beer, horses and stream cycle racing. Most importantly he has always preferred the company of a select few chosen intimates of a small circle. The exclusion of whores being his chief concern. Not from a moralistic point of view but a more practical sense. Lord Shade has little trust for people outside his circle.

Lady Shade said it as follows..
“Styx has never encountered a whore that hasn’t tried to remove his natural endowment or been a chief element in him almost losing his life.”

Now…We come to a brief account from Lord Ethan Skylark on meeting, trainning and the first cases my father and Lord Shade went on. I will tell their tales leaving no detail out as I have seen it but for certain events of private information of clients still in Lord Shade’s books.

Now. Their meeting began some eighteen years ago in a private club of Lords at the tail end of a poker game my father was losing….on purpose.

To be continued…

Warm regards