Brainstorming let’s take tomorrow people 1990s Let’s add some action and magic bullshit.

There is no real action or combat with tomorrow people because they’re nonviolent pussies. I saw Jumper and read some shit on teleporters. But, that wouldn’t fit the world.

Tomorrow people evade and run. They’re not combative outright. But, they have the ability to teleport objects and people though. Wait. Fuck it. Let’s add some matrix shit. Mix..

Kevin Grey

End of book one or end of season 1


Kevin? I woke up beside Lisa. Where the fuck was Kevin. Peter was swimming in now. Lisa got up.

Kevin is in danger. He’s scared. Peter’s been shot I have to tend to him.

Lisa teleported away in a royal blue blaze of energy. I didn’t have time. I focused on Kevin and then felt for safe spot in his area. None. Shit. I was going in hot.

I ran at the wall and leaped into a kick. I kicked into dude that was choaking Kevin.

The asshole went flying but he wasn’t alone. Magic shit heads surrounded us. I grabbed Kevin and teleported.

A fucker grabbed me out of the jump but Kevin was already at the island. I was yanked into a desert.

A felt a gun to my head. His hand was on my throat. “Give me the location to the origin, freak.”

I came to my feet as he disappeared. I sent in echo out into the desert. A felt her. Betty. Shit. Not her. Not now.

She appeared behind me blocking my mind. “You took a chance in teleporting him away. You could have changed him. Like Kevin did Peter. Little brother.”

I smiled. “He had a gun to my head. It was the fasted solution to a problem but you would know better then me how easy is it to become what we are?”

“Are you asking to keep me from killing you?”

I turned as she shot out fire from her hand. We faced each other. She had a sword in her hand.

We circled each other. I stared at her. She smiled at me.

“Are you her…”

I frowned. “Brother? Yes. I’m her brother. You know it wasn’t easy learning our language on my own just to find out I wasn’t an alien from outer space.” I said and held up my hand when she draw her gun and the gun landed a mile a way.

“Nice. You would make a fine wizard lad once you lost your pussy mindset.”

I shrugged. “Your not my enemy. Can your partner swim?”

Betty stared at me and then laughed. “He isn’t my partner and he can’t swim at all. You’re different. If you bring my sister to me I’ll let you live.”

I held out my hand. I felt orgin fighting me. “Take my hand.”

Betty stared at me. “What is this?”

You belong to us not them. Ah! Shit. Come on dude. You got to be forgiving. We’re only human.

I felt orgin reprimanding me and pulling me home.

Betty snorted. “You really do love her. Damn. Na’aw. I don’t want to live on that stupid island and I like magic and the modern world to much. All I want is my sister.”

I dropped my hand. “You already have her. She’s in your mind and your in hers. No matter what bullshit they told. You still belong to us. Don’t forget that.” I said.

Betty nodded. “I hear you and I know. What is your name?”

“Adam. But, you already know that. I didn’t abandon you.” I said feeling Lisa and the Orgin calling me back.

Betty smiled. “I wasn’t talking about you. Your name isn’t Adam though. Orgins have names that reflect their position in the tribe. Yours is a very high position.”

“I know. But, I wasn’t among the first awoken. So I don’t accept the title.”

Betty shook her head. She studied me. “You are interesting. I killed your parents.” She told the lie with a straight face to hide an attack.

It still hurt but I learned something about her and Orgins.

I teleported into the Orgin as a wazard tried to stab me in the back. I stood before Kevin, Lisa and Pete was a short red haired girl. I estimated her height at full maturity at 5’7.

Pete frowned at me. I’m alien he-man warrior. I’m not a girl.

I glared at her. Stop distracting me.

Pete was a wild one now. Even after being shot in the chest.

Kevin folded his arms across his chest. “What did you learn from her that we can use?” He said having watched the whole thing through my mind and analyzed the lie and what I thought.

That was Kevin. That was what made him our current leader even at fifteen. I could feel his power growing.

She told me a lie in a truth. She can’t kill us.

Kevin nodded. We can’t kill her. What do we do now?

I shook my head sat on cross legged on the air. Lisa rolled her eyes at my show of power while Kevin and Pete grinned. Betty is a long term problem. We have to find Lisa’s mother and your parents and where they’re being held. But for right now it’s time to train.

Hot damn! I like it.

Warm Regards


I ain’t a Black Rambo. I’m a mother fucking Highlander. A prince of the mother fucking universe

Real talk my guy

I was born in the hills of east Baltimore. The son of a Black Rambo nomad badass. My mother a black power princess daughter of a cocain high Lord Democrat.

I grew up in between the highlands of Baltimore my father’s lands and the low lands of North Carolina my mother’s land. I spent the remainder of my first half of my life in the highlands studying to be a bard and picking up skills here and there.

Right around sixteen my dude I hit the quickening. No joke my dude. Fire and ice hit my body for a moment and I pasted out with a collection of Robert Frost poetry in my hand. I stopped fucking aging at sixteen years old. Same age my mother gave me my first sword.

I didn’t notice this shit because I had my head in a book and was trying to be a poet like my hero Robert Frost. My dream was to be a bard/scholar on his level at least. That’s my dude. I rock with his shit hard in my younger years.

Anyway, fast forward a couple of years. It finally hit me when I have fucking twenty year olds thinking I was around their age or younger added on to that I was at my gym (job) yesterday and I realized I had gotten fucking stronger from two years ago.

Holy shit. The quickening hit then and there. The power went out in the building and I had young dudes looking at me weird because lightening bolts were flashing out of my guns my dude. Holy shit! I can’t live in denial for fifty more years.

I’m a highlander my dude. A prince of the mother fucking universe.

My story continues….

Warm Regards,


my hero academia: A study in the pursuit of power and fame (anime) season 1 and some of season 2 part 1

Okay, this is going to be a bit different from what I usually write but I found the subject shocking, crazy and food for thought so I want to write about it.

My friends and fellow writers. I’ve got a secret to tell you. Once a long, long time a go, many moons ago I was a huge Anime and manga fan. Back in the late years of the 1990s into the early 2000s. I cut my teeth on Roin Warriors and G-Gundam.

Mind you I’m not a scholar in thousandths of stories and genres in the subject. What I am offering is a perspective about this anime that I don’t know is true or not. It’s just something I’m seeing in this children’s anime that I find weird.

I haven’t read the books but I’ve watched the anime season 1 and I’ve seen a bit of season two part 1. The concept is interesting. A world filled with Super powered people. The child main character (has no father but a single mother no mention of father in season 1) wants to be Super powered “hero” like his hero All Might. A blond haired tall dude with movie star good looks and super strength powers. Child protagonist is a loser born without powers. He meets his “hero” and finds out a secret about All Might. All Might sees a determination and craziness in child protagonist so All Might tells him secret about his powers. All Might is a phony. He got his powers from someone else (destroying a major element of the story’s world) he offers child protagonist a chance to become a hero like him and be given All Might’s powers but he has to train for a year to prove his determination and will to get to the top. The year is up so he achieves his goal and then All Might reveals how he can “transfer” his powers to child protagonist.

Spoiler alert: All might removes a hair from his head (DNA) and gives it to child to eat. Child freaks out and doesn’t want to eat All Might hair (DNA) (We don’t see this part we just hear it.) All Might forces child to eat DNA and the story of a child super hero’s rise to fame and glory begins.

Anyway, your probably wondering something. Where are the super villains? Oh! The audience is introduced to them at the last episodes. The villains want to kill All Might they only attack the children to draw him out.

Now. I saw this theme but then again I thought to myself the first time maybe I’m thinking to deeply about a stupid cartoon show from Japan. Though current Japanese anime is horrible like this excluding One Punch! Maybe I’m wrong about the hero academia. I watched the entire season and I found it okay and funny at times and I didn’t get that weird feeling much.

I picked up season two recently, Season two part 1 of the blue ray starts out with the children powered (heroes in training) entering a world wide competition to compete for the top position against other children for a grand prize. All Might explains to child protagonist the importance of winning the prize. Child protagonist asks why. He is assuming it will better him as a future hero. He is dead wrong.

All Might explains that being a “hero” has more to do with being popular to the general public and earning fame so he could be paid more in merchandising rights and have a big enough fame number in the business of being a paid “hero”. Oh. I forgot to mention that. Being a hero is this story world means, getting paid serious money, being famous all over and being worshiped by children and people all over the world.

Huh! That’s odd. That reminds me a little bit of Hollywood child and adult Actors. You know stories of people rising to the top by doing weird and some times depraved stuff to gain power and wealth.

Here’s a theme I’m getting from season two part 1: What are you willing to do to get that high number? Or who are you willing to use to be on the top?

I really can’t tell if this show is pure evil or if the creator and artist is obsessed with sex or the age old question of what will people do to gain power and position. I think this show is popular to a lot young children though online. The show conveys a lot of stupid humor to mask the weirdness and weird images and by weird I mean pedophile themes. The story concept was brilliant but was burned away in the dude’s obsession with sex.

L. M. Parker