Real talk. Stop simping. There is a 5’5 shorty out there that wants you to fuck her. You need to find this chicka

Man I’m an old fuck. I don’t understand this simping shit. Women don’t want to be worshipped they want to be fucked by a dude with big dick energy.

Real talk. Okay so your bad at the dating shit. Practice my dude or dude try this. Notice the chicka that looks at you for long moments when you talk and smiles at you and tries her best not to be a bitch but she is encouraging and is comfortable being close. If you take her by the hand and lead her to a place to sit down. Fuck do I need to go on.

My advice. Don’t get in her way my dude. She’s trying to figure out if you have a nice bed or a steady table to put her on.

I’m dead ass…

Serious. My dude. You don’t have to try hard or dress in a suit. She wants you. You just need to pay fucking attention.

This chicka wants you to fuck her. She wants to bare your fucking kids. I’ve had this shit happened to me in public around my chosen preference 5’5 shorties.

I love me a shorty. The first shorty I smiled down at froze a moment and then blinked up at me and then blushed.  I had on a T-shirt and blue jeans and run over sneakers. Fuck I don’t think Obama was in office.

Real talk. Don’t worship. Find a chicka that wants you to fuck her and please don’t say some dumbass line to get in her way. Laughter excites them. Bullshit little dick simp energy puts them off.

Warm, Regards