Robinhood cucked to Wall Street gangsters faster then a whore on Bill Clinton’s dick

Holy shit

Holy mother fucking shit.

This bitch ass company. This mother fucking bitch ass company got it’s first shit test and cucked like a mother fucking simp when a shorty smiles at them asks for a ride to her boyfriend’s house.

Holy shit.

A company named robinhood took the fucking ticket and gave up the panties too.

Holy shit.

I’m riding the line between pissed off to laughing my ass off this shit. I got fucking money in this bitch ass company. They just failed their first shit test. Damn. Hot damn.

How do you betray the fucking brand that’s in your fucking name. Robinhood didn’t bend over for elites and muscle the poor to let the elites change the fucking rules on us in a hot damn minute.

Holy shit!

Look this shit up my dude. I’m to busy ranting. It can’t be no other way around it. This is the dumbest fuck shit I’ve heard all year and bitch we still in January.

Hot damn! Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

Did you feel that?

I think the ride this year my friends is going to be the shit.

I can smell conflict and trouble. Ah shit. It tastes like fruity pebbles and and ice cold almond milk.

Holy shit! I’m getting excited ya’aw I knew this year was to quiet.

Warm Regards,