Reading advice from RC Walden

RC is a writer/video essayist that I follow his videos and content avidly.

His form of content and diction hit me head on as engaging and talented. Anyway, he’s done a recent video on the subject on making time to read that I found to be up my lane at the moment…

Though trufully the advice was somewhat old news it reminded me of the importance of making time to keep the enjoyment of reading alive.

My advice on the subject would be on a shorter list of two items.

1. Get kindle on you phone. Buy audio and digital books.

2. Carry one book with you that is your go too book. That book that just provides enjoyment for you or helps you pause.

3. Start a blog where you write articles that are fun bit size material that you can’t find anywhere.

The first two are solid. The third you can take it or leave it.

I don’t know if it is a form of vanity or not but I write posts that I want to read later not just simple for the joy of entertaining my readers.

Warm Regards


Audio book project is in the works…phase one mic

I’ve tried to make an attempt at the shit once in the past but now I’m really motivated to do the shit now.

Thanks in part to another author’s recent YouTube audio narrative video. The video just brought back that feeling from when I was a kid listening to audio books on the regular and reading. Just reading and enjoying stories and being lost in a new world and new discovery.

It’s time and I want to listen to how my stories sound in bardic old school fashion.

I’m thinking starting out small with a shure sm57 and getting a decent interface going. I’ll probably put my stuff on YouTube or Bitchut. Though I have stuff on soundcloud. I could up my subscription and add on books and stories on there. Still thinking about but it’s down the road.

Warm Regards


Stephen King is a crazy son of bitch but knows his shit about writing. (Book nerd shit) On writing a memoir of the craft

Holy shit.

Now for starters I didn’t really read his books before I read his on writing book. I saw his movies and knew of him but I didn’t know him or at least an idea of how crazy this fucker is.

I read his book long long long time ago. One of the few books I had on writing at the time that my mother gave me and I had asked for.

Holy shit.

Anyway, just getting the book and reading was an experience. I had never read anything like it before. The book is mostly Flashpoint memories of his childhood into the moments he became a writer onward to his first stories. The second half being when he gets around to explaining the on writing stuff or the tool box of writing.

Holy shit. That shit was a shocker. It was a fun house theater for the mind. The weirdest shit my dude. It did teach me a lesson I had buried in the back of my head.

You got to have thick skin as a writer and it’s always good to have a side gig on side to pay the bills while your working on your craft.

That son of a bitch laid it all out. His drunkenness and his idiotic moments and the moments when brilliance meets you on the street when your out wandering and flashes you her tits.

The tool box section from the edition I read was basicly a short list of books to read and minor advice. I read the books. One of them I found was the real book on writing every writer should read.

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr.

Just get that book and you can skip his book entirely if you wish. Elements of Style is the shit. It’s straightforward and a easy how to guide if you don’t already know the dos and what the fuck?

My advice. For whatever the hell it’s worth to you.

There is nothing new. But your voice is unique to you. You have to have a personality. You have to have an edge and drive to push on past rejection and find some enemy to fight against and believe in yourself but be realistic at the same time. You got to eat.

True geniuses of writing are few. For the rest of us it takes time and consent practice and reading.

But you really have to enjoy writing. Enjoy reading. Enjoy words. Enjoy the learning of the craft and respect the ones that have come before you.

I got respect for King for teaching me that bit and leading me to books that deleveloped me as a writer.

One last note. Cut the bullshit out of your shit. Be honest and edit the shit down or cut out shit you’ve said more then once in your piece.

Warm Regards,


The charecter that is the story…(on writing shit) and (book nerd shit)

One of my favorite new generation of writers dropped this quote to me from some old G.

“Create a strong character and a story will build itself around the character.”

I thought on that shit more then a minute and then gave up the pursuit. Then one evening or some time in between work and daylight dreaming I saw a man wake up in a open grave on witching hour. I heard his thoughts as I wrote them down.

– Fucking hell. Images of two dark harpies standing over me flashed in my mind. To that moment to that hour. My life ended under the full glow of mother moon’s smile.

This was it. My death. My own blood and shame pooled around me in the dirt. In the shit. On a night of my wedding anniversary when mother moons tears covered my face. Power drained from me. The call of the moon did not lend itself to my soul. I felt real rain hit my face and I realized with shock and dismay. I was still alive. I opened my eyes to hell. –

The story? No my dude. The story doesn’t matter. I didn’t create a story. I wondered into the life moments of a character that was telling me a moment or time in his current story. The world? Fuck all I know. I learn about that shit as he teaches me through his encounters with the locals.

It’s his world. The mystery is who he is. The mystery is why is he telling me this shit. The mystery is what kind of man is he. What lessons can he teach.

Think about that. Those kind of stories fuck with me but I find myself drawn into the world deeply with a real character whose thoughts and actions aren’t so simple or motives so easy to understand even to himself at times. That’s what I love about books and writing.

Warm Regards,


Hot damn! What a time to be alive is the shit. (Book nerd shit)

Holy shit.

I’m getting up and getting ready for work my dude. Checking my email and looking through the fucking adds on my email account box.


I got a love and fucking hate for adds in general on websites and email boxes. It fucking messes up the flow of the box and distracts you from looking up your shit.

However, I am book nerd as I say in the title and occasionally an add telling you about a sale on your favorite website can be helpful. I think of adds as helping you in a direction to buy what you want and when you want to buy it at best.

Case and point. I get a email from fucking amazon about some books I might be interested in.


Amazon. Holy shit. I got a love and fucking take this bitch to the back of the barn and put this bitch down feeling about it. For a book nerd it’s a fucking gold mine of finding books and for a book nerd it’s a fucking bitch asshole with the rediculas unreasonable prices. A hundred dollars for a paperback that came out in 2013. Get the fuck out of here my dude.

In a post literally era that shit better be premium leather with a signature from Robert Frost on the back of it my dude. I’d pay top mother fucking dollar then. A paperback, not now or ever is worth a hundred dollars baring Robert Frost’s spit on it.

I come back to my point. I was in my email looking at an email from amazon for an author I was peeping at a few weeks ago. He had some titles that looked interesting. I clicked on and found one title that read like a fun ride. A noir action and adventure fantasy in a nineteen 30s new york type feel my dude. I like it. I rock that shit.

But it was a trilogy. I’m half and half on trilogies. The first better be the shit. I don’t like to get invested in a bullshit story from the jump with a bullshiting ending. Still I’m interested enough so I clicked on to the remaining books in the series. I stared at the prices.

Holy shit! A hundred dollars a piece!? Fuck out of here. I copy and past the author’s name unto

I find all that shit for under a hundred dollars. That’s what’s up my dude. I rock with that shit. I found this site a year ago and I’m going to buying from it more now my dude. Prices are decent. Collection of books is modest but great titles.

Warm Regards,


fahrenheit 451 scared the shit out of me as a kid (book nerd shit)

Back in the late 90s early 2000s (yeah I know I’m old as fuck) and the hey day of the internet when that asshole finally started walking and shitting himself

I was a young writer still learning the craft from the classics I borrowed from the library. I was mostly a snack reader at the time. Nibbling on mysteries and Urban raw dog fiction.

I was still on my quest to read the top 100 list of great books. I had finished five books on the list and nibbled on ten. I finally made the mistake of reading fahrenheit 451.

I knew fuck all about the story, movies and prophetic quality of the story. It was on the list so I went for it.

I was I think seventeen at the time on my first reading. I got to the half way point of the book and sent that shit back to the library and spent the next three years thinking on that shit and looking at my Television as a secret enemy out to fuck me over.

I’m being deadass [when in the fucking hell did people stop adding serious to dead-ass serious. This shit is news to me. Now I know I’m an old fuck] with you. I put that shit down and thought on it for a couple of years. That shit fucked with me.

Never in my life had anybody told me or hinted at the purpose of entertainment could go beyond making people happy. Television = mind fucking you into submission.

I eventually got back to the book and finished it. It was weird shit though. I remembered the fucking page I stopped on and everything previous to that moment.

Fast foreward today. That book was tame. Ray Bradbury was correct on the shit but didn’t see the internet coming. Internet × Television = mind fucked squared.

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Holy mind fucking shit.

Yeah. I have no idea where I was going with this post. I just wanted to share a moment in life when a book fucked me out of the matrix or simulation we’re all in.

Fucking hell. God bless you for reading this far into the rabbit hole of my silly shit.

Warm Regards,


We’re living in an age of illiteracy my friends. You know what that means? Mother-fucking books cheap. Still winning!

You know growing up in the 90s (yeah I’m an old fart) I wanted to a author. A bestseller. A scholar in the modern age. I had dreams of making my way in the world.

Fast foreward to today. Video streaming is king and podcasts are how people absorb information. Reading books for pleasure is a by gone era in the post information age.

I’m not excluded from the degeneration. I like the occasional podcast and I view a Youtube video on the regular. Though in all honesty YouTube is going into the shitter. I’ll save my reasoning for another time.

The brilliance of living in a post literacy age is the opportunity of books being on the cheap.

As crappy is Amazon for the writer in making money for the reader it is a gold mine of richness for the wondering book nerd on a need for a fix for Sherlock Holmes collections and new writer’s with interesting takes on classic fiction and bondage fantasies. The choices aren’t limited they are endless….


Granted the gems are buried under a hill of elephant shit with fucked up ten thousand flavors of I dream of a big dick asshole with a heart of gold and wallet filled condoms.


What the hell was I talking about??

Oh! Yeah. Mother fucker, books are cheap. The normies are all watching seventeen commercials about dick pills and the crept keeper’s new world domination plans on one YouTube/TV channel with seven minutes of content.

The road is clear to build a giant library of books. Digital shit I consider pocket money physical books is cold hard gold bars.

I have my little stores and my thrift bookstores online.  So many bargins. So many choices. Supplies are limited demand isn’t high and the prize is just around my wallet range. I pickup my pre-orders occasionally and a graphic novel when I’m feeling dirty.

Hot damn! What a time to alive!

That’s it.

Yeah. I wanted to be a big time author and scholar. Didn’t turn out so well but fuck that noise. I damn sure can build a scholar’s library because in case you haven’t heard me yet….


Warm Regards,


Systems of learning: Reverse engineering

I’ll give you a quick reference point for what I’m talking about and link from Merriam & Webster dictionary.

to disassemble and examine or analyze in detail (a product or device) to discover the concepts involved in manufacture usually in order to produce something similar 

In general, the principle is simple to input into any field of interest. It’s like the idea of a young child taking apart a bike or toy to figure out the moving parts and then if he or she gain an understanding they can put those parts back together again. It’s one method of learning about the essence of how a thing works and how to put that object back together again or modify it to function with new added abilities.

Case in point, in the 2003 movie titled PayCheck the main character is introduced in the opening prologue as a man who buys a television at a store and then proceeds to go to a secret futurist lab where he takes the device apart down to it’s bare parts and proceeds to reverse construct it back together but with a improved modification to the design.

I learned to write by braking a subject down by it’s elementary levels. I would in the beginning copy sentences down until I got the structing of them into my writing habits. I would then experiment with those same structures of sentences with my own ideas in poetry and later fiction.

Now, my parents taught me how to sound out words and my teacher’s tried to teach me sentence structures but those lessons didn’t hold.  I learned to read by hearing with my ears and memorizing the flow of sentences with my eyes. Reading became internalized for me as I listened to audiobooks with skilled narrators used inflictions and tones for the words meaning and the punctuations implemented into the text to carry emotion into the reader’s inner ear. I started to gain a internal knowledge for the song and rhyme quality of the English language.

I began to know when a sentence was correct not by a rule or text book I could turn to but by the sound of the sentence’s flow and whether or not it sounded correct or I found it off key by two beats or three notes.

I’m not being at all poetical when I say English is a very beautiful song bird language.


L. M. Parker