My legacy….

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I am an artist to my core. Always have been always will be. Creating and crafting art gives me life. It adds joy and energy to me. But this isn’t the legacy entirely I want to leave behind.

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I don’t fear death. I never have. I have my beliefs about it and an after life but in all honesty I really didn’t fear death even before I came to my own beliefs about it. I didn’t fully understand why that is until I started reading philosophy and really examining the weirdness of why I don’t fear dying.

Death isn’t something to fear at all. It’s like fearing the sun rising and setting and the end of this universe whinning down to nothing.

It is what it is. As the saying goes.

I fear. No. I HATE wasting time. I hate having to figure out to late I wasted a day on some bullshit I could have not done and I could have spent a day finishing writing a book, playing on my keyboard or shooting the shit with my brother or doing another shift at my day job.

I hate wasting time. I have a purpose. I know who I am and I know where I have been and I know my death is scheduled in my Callander in the mid to late century so I want to leave something behind before I go the way of my ancestors. Yes. I am an old fuck.

I like maps. I like knowing where I am going and having a reference point to go by to get where I need to be. That’s what I want my legacy to be. I want to be a map maker. A guy that gives advice, encouragement and wisdom to people that are where I was in life or help them avoid the traps I had to dig my way out of. I’m not about bring more bullshit into this fucking world.

I’m NOT an altruistic guy either. (Altruism is some bullshit too but I’ll save that for another post) I just know what it’s like having to figure my way out of shit and nobody giving a damn to teach me or knowing how to tell me where the fucking traps where ahead in life. Some people will take my advice or encouragement. Some people can tell me to go fuck myself. I’m cool either way.

Warm Regards


A older man encouraging a younger man to let go of the blackpill ideology….#mindset

This is but one more example of the reason that blackpill ideology is shit and a poison to the mind of any young man. It feeds into stagnation of the mind and despair in achieving anything of one’s self in this world.

I thought to put this in the previous argument but this video alone should speak for itself.

This is not an attack on the younger man. This is an attack on the ideology trying to poison his progress in the world. For the young man to be saved the posion must treated and cured.

Warm regards


an argument for #Blackpill to end. #Excellence

Part 2

Truth and lies.

There are things in this life I like many young boys and young men were taught to follow the path of go to school, go to college maybe university and above all else get a degree.

Because knowledge is power.

It’s only as you age and hopefully gain wisdom you realize this a lie. In short people with power or in positions of power very few times have or gained their power by being knowledgeable or as discerning. In fact the world is not run by rulers of superior knowledge.

It’s run by people with the understanding that power is power.

How does this relate to Blackpills or excellence? A positive point toward Blackpillers is that some of it’s propopoants declare that a man should not live his life on lies or a fictional view of how the world works. A man should embrace the harsher element of the truth of life.

Where then the Blackpill ideology falls apart is that it stops there or it does go the extra mile. What is the purpose then of gaining knowledge for a proticular craft your interested in or have a natural talent in?

I push forth my own answer in blunt fashion as so:

To shine with excellence and to be the man people look to get shit done.

Excellence and application of what you do and how you do it are the gifts that come with achieving high levels of knowledge in a chosen field, profession, trade or craft. The time taken to sparken your skills to learn new skills and better perform over the other guy is what a man strives for in gaining respect,.position and an elevation of power.

Yes. There is a harshness to this world. A unforgivingness to this world but men were created in this world and for ages men have conquered and dominated in this world. Currently in the first world it doesn’t seem so much true but

Men achieve high levels of excellence in the heart of conflict difficulties and pain. Life comes with pain and trouble but this is not new. This is the reality our ancestors dealt with managed and in some cases mastered by embracing the truth and excelling in to high levels of excellence and self-esteem.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Warm regards


An argument for the end #Blackpill philosophy. Ambition.

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Opening remarks….

First off I will start with diffintions



a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

“He was born dirt poor and grew up in a small apartment. So he worked hard to get the house, car and life he wanted as a kid and give it to his own kids.”

“Nobody gave Luke anything. He had to get his wealth out of the mud.”

Now blackpill?

The notion or philosophy or ideology has to many diffintions and interpretations. I will have to make one myself but be honest about it and hopefully fair to the otherside.



Life is dark at times, hostle and tough. I accept it and the realities about life not being easy. I can even embrace that harshness and darkness.

“Life was hard for Danny. He accepted it.”

The realities of life can be harsh to deal with especially sense young man are raised to believe lies about the nature of life being tough and real. However, this isn’t the full reality of life because isn’t simple or binary as we as men were taught as young boys.

There is beauty and truth and joy to life inspite of the weird and dark moments. But, sometimes you’ll only see those moments at the end of pushing through your darkest moments. Ambition or having a strong desire to accomplish objectives in life that you can invest in is what being a man is about.

I’m speaking in general to young men and men of my generation that I see and listen to this philosophy coming from. The blackpill ideology leads nowhere toward embracing a full experience of life from it’s joys and sorrows to the thrill of achieving minor and major leaps of success. A man must not embrace this ideology i.e. poison into his life. He must as is his duty as a man reject it and become the builder of his world and produce a legazy for his people, tribe and nation.

It will be my attempt in these posts to nail home the point until the eradication of blackpill ideology from modern society social forms is complete.

Warm regards


Thinking about the black culture….and my own tribe.

It’s a complicated question that I find interesting about the Black American culture as it is self named currently and how think of myself.

What is Black Culture? How do you define it? How do you label as such as it should or as it is?

I don’t like the name Black culture. Though it rings true to many of the nation. I don’t like the music current or the weird fucked up relationships with baby Mommas and baby Daddy’s. The tattoos of advertisements from other cultures that people stamp on their bodies and the lack of fuck all or give a damn about language and body modifications to what is naturally you.

I say this now though. I was of an opinion to such at one time but for how I was raised and I am a admit to be so an anamony. I am not the norm I am of a different tribe mindset and personality.

Hmm. I still think on the question. What is a uniting aspect of people with Black Culture. It’s only recently I found a source to it by way of a patriarch apart of the Black American culture but seperate. Identify with his philosophy and I rock with mindset and pursuit of excellence in his chosen vacation.

“To sum up what mamba mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself,” Kobe Bryant

I see this mindset play out in generations of people striving to do live this way both intentionally and those that striving for something better. A better situation in life. Better relationships, better modes of making money, etc.

It goes on and on. It is a common tract. The Mamba philosophy.

My mind goes back to images and of 1960s and early 1900s Black cultures rose and the way the operated. The mindset of the culture in that time. Again I think of the movie Malcom X and the scene of power.

Was this a mask?

Was it all just a front the people in the day put up as their means of survival and trying to look white in a white dominanted society? Honestly the people back then had it worse then my generation with far less then I have. They had act in a certain way. They had to move in a certain way and again not every single member of the nation agreed to do so. But, more then a few did so. Was all just a mask for the times.

No. It was simple a mindset. The people knew they were viewed as innocent children, violent animals or peasant race. Some accepted these theories and acted accordingly others knew it was in….


Some not all. But, enough people were of a tribal mindset that they would strive to be the best versions of themselves and be controlled by the images other people put on them. They wanted to be their own people that decided what their views of themselves would be. They weren’t perfect or all together good. But, they had a version for something not to be independent of what the messages were of them.

Those people were my ancestors. My tribesmen of a kind. The tradesmen I could I dentify. Trufully we never were African-Americans. That was just always a place holder term.

What changed?

More freedom for black people to be who they are? Yes and no.

It’s complicated but personally I just think the programming methods got better advanced. For a time there was programming geared toward positive images of my tribe during the 1990s with shows like Family Matters and A different world and the shows of the 1980s.

In conclusion….

I go back to this quote ..

“To sum up what mamba mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself,” Kobe Bryant

Kobe didn’t live his life striving to be better the Michael Jordan or a better Larry Bird. He lived striving to be the best Kobe he could be. I rock with that. That is independent of being like anything else. It is striving to improve on what is original.

Now. How do I really think of myself. I think of myself as I am an Aboriginal. I’m not trying to be like anyone else. I’m not trying to mask lingo or hustle & flow to my speech and lyrical bard harold of my message….

This me striving everyday to be a better version of myself. I fail. I try again. I write everyday. I put in the work. I go full steam and strive to be the best me I can be then I was two days ago.

Warm regards


You must trust a person of authority because reasons?!

Real talk. I’m pondering this shit. It don’t make not a damn bit a sense.

The four dumbasses of atheism accomplished a monterous undertaking. They did they’re damn hardest to move the subject of a god as an authority out of the public sphere….well not really but for the sake of this weird post let’s say they did…

Instead of God/religious authorities and politicians and smart dumbasses with degrees….we have…

People blindly trusting politicians and  a fucking dude/alien/them/! in a lab jacket all telling you to trust them as the authority over your life and believe not only what they show you on TV but that they are so noble and real about protecting the world from the orange man because reasons?!

How the fuck? What the fuck?

How the fuck did we get here? I mean. I thought the whole goal was to get people to think for themselves and be individuals that weigh shit by logic and facts…

We don’t have that. Real talk. People went from believing God to believing a dude in a lab jacket they don’t know if he is a murder, thief, con man or whatever. They just believe him because the overlords in charge put him front of a camera and he sounds like a smart dumbass.

I’m down for thinking and not doing something simply because the group does it.

Example alot of people with assumed authority say some shit about Stefan Molyneux. A lot of negative shit you can google and first page of information you get is a lie because to really find out about a dude you have to objectively listen to his thoughts and opinions to understand him and not imprint your understanding on him.

Stefan Molyneux was truly puzzled by this shit in one video I watched a couple weeks back.

He was deeply troubled that his ten years of trying to put logic and reason as an authority people would look to instead of religion, The Bible or religious authorities. He realized shockingly he failed.

He failed in a big way. People are now looking to political forces like pimp cocain democrats and stable of hoe conservatives and little gods in black and white robes as authorities in their lives.

People don’t use logic or reason as an authority. They repeat back the logical or so called thoughts they’re told and repeated back in talking points. It never comes to their mind that dude in a lab jacket with medical degree might be paid by some dude with money to fuck with the numbers or his rich daddy might have paid the school to gift his son a degree.

I’m saying believe me. I’m just regular man. I’m question the reason your being told something when…you didn’t even ask a fucking question yet

Now….why did this happen? The fuck I know. I got guesses that we’re in a surplus of dumbass that logic and reason can’t beat that cocain Democrat magic and conservative hoe snow jobs on Americans.

One thing is clear…Fahrenheit 451….

Predicted all this shit.

Warm Regards


An example in exegesis and eisegesis…

Exegesis – noun. A critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture. The text. “I wake up every morning with 2 thoughts. #1 how can I make my bosses more money? #2 how do I get some of it?” – Stephen A Smith Is this a negative statement on it’s face value. No. The interpretation can be up to debate but on face value you can’t say it’s bad. The writer is intending to convey that his highest ambitions are to make his bosses the most money from what he does for them. Secondly his intention is to also to gain capital from the transaction of his business relationship with them. That is what employment is. It’s a business relationship between two parties or more for mutual benefit. Eisegesis – noun. The interpretation of a text (as the bible) by reading into it one’s own ideas. The text: “I wake up every morning with 2 thoughts. #1 how can I make my bosses more money? #2 how do I get some of it?” – Stephen A Smith In a previous post I performed eisegesis on his words. By thinking of the representation he has garnered for himself. The opinions of other people on him and his own words. I thought of the character of the man. I read into his words that he was a slave for the machine. His first thoughts every morning is not his wife. Not, his family his duties or taking a piss. It’s how can he make his bosses more money and get a little money for himself as well. Now was my interpretation true or false? I would say it’s first false and maybe true. False. Because the statement of the text is so stupidly put together the best way to read it honestly is as advice given from a professional. He should have worded it like this: As a industry professional I want to give the best value in my business relationships so that the collective brand value that of my company and myself will grow in wealth. Now my eisegesis maybe right because again the text is worded stupidly. There is to much interpretation up for grabs based on the negative and positive effects of the writer’s brand. I can interprete it wrongly or rightly such as: I wake up every morning in bed with my wife with two thoughts. 1# how can I fill my bosses pockets with money 2# how can I get some of that pocket money for myself. I don’t know the dude. So I could be wrong. One thing is correct. Instead of deleting the tweet he should have edited it into a clear statement about the importance on becoming a professional asset to a company and growing your brand by respect, professionalism and hard work. Warm Regards Guardiandogg

To a female that has had eight blood Ritual Sacrifices. Why do you need validation.

If your new here this is the link to what a Blood Ritual Sacrifice is.

Now some well meaning people call for understanding and encouragement for female cult worshipers that engage in Blood Ritual Sacrifices to be handled with care and love. I’ve seen pussies that don’t like blood ritual sacrifices that advise modern thinking non pegans to be encouraging and not make fun of female cult worshipers or be mean to them. So they can convince people that engage in pegan cult rituals are weird.

Fuck that pussy shit. The minute you become an adult or have the option to choose who lives and dies you don’t deserve kid gloves. I got questions and thoughts about it from a non cult perspective.

I mean it’s legal and on demand in the post rational and truth 1st world shit holes. So you can have it your way big mac style but why the fuck does a female cult worshipper need validation for sacrificing a human life on a pagen chair of the worship of ego and hubris?

Come on my dude. The fucking balls on a female cult worshipper that says she has a right to sacrifice a human being because she forgot how humans are created is laughable. The excuse that it was a slip up and her plans for college or she can’t afford to take care of “it”.

Holy shit. The cult like thinking of turning babies into monsters in their woams in their fucking minds. The fucking brain washing.

Hey, I was a victim of the shit myself until I started thinking about it and saw the shit. It’s the old game of dehumanizing for the reason of personal gain or to terminate for the glorification of female cult hubris.

There is a comedy in this shit. Think about it. A female cult worshipper has to have a reason to terminate a human so that she can gain something from her god…

Now who is her god? Herself or more to the point the female gender.

Have you ever heard a beta bitch male worshipper defend this shit? It’s always from the view point that the female has the superior right, knowledge and will over the males in the production of humans.

Holy shit. The production of humans?

They think this way. Listen to them. I heard a dude named Nick Cannon speaking this cult talk shit once and it always sounds weird. Off.

Warm Regards


P. S.

My solution for females that think humans are “its” is for them to have sex with dudes that can’t have children. Problem solved. Though that would be the end to cult worship.

What’s wrong with admiting differences in human tribes?

I’m flicking through YouTube videos and I’ve noticed a Video on a Christian on the topic of race.

Video title is What does the bible say about race?

I click on the video. I’m interested if the subject will be addressed or will the dude avoid subject to say we’re all apart of the human race. It usually goes the later. This video went the easy boring PC route with statements and assumptions in the first half of the video and name dropping MLK.

It’s avoidance and assumptions that race is just about skin color and hair. The times being what they are I see the caution of why some American Europeans Christians have about talking race without some dumbass thinking their being racists when their talking about race.

I get it. Race is scary to talk about for some Christian males that don’t want to talk about race. Still though. If you can’t talk about race then don’t gloss over the subject in an abridged pretty narrative about what the bible says about race.

I don’t find race talk scary at all. Different tribes have different talents and notable weaknesses within the family group that gets pasted down from parents to children. It is the way it is. Nothing weird about it.

That’s how I see race as tribe or family groups because that’s what it is at least to me.

Where is the conflict? Well it comes down to the old assumption that one race is better then another when people talk about Race or tribal groups differences.

Better question. Does the Christian bible promote the idea that one race is better then another?

The answer is abvious if you’ve read the bible or the books. God called his own chosen people stiff necked and hard hearted people more then once. Jesus in the new testament died for the same people that were yelling for him to be killed on a tree because the tribal leaders were jealous of him and the Roman Empire wanted to make a sport of killing a dude who didn’t do a damn thing to anybody but speak the truth.

The God of Christianity said he was the standard for goodness and truth. People hung him on cross for the shit and mucked the dude while he bleed to death on a tree for human entertainment and self righteous joy of saying, see I’m better then him. He got killed because he was wrong and I’m right. I’m better then him.

An innocent man hung on a cross because people thought it was the best thing to do at the time for reasons??


You know the weird part about it? If you remove Jesus from the situation and religious background the same shit happens every damn day in 2021. There are people in this world killing, raping, abusing other people that look like them or look like people they hate because they think it’s the best thing to do at the time for reasons??


Now. Of course the answer to the question is no human tribe is better then any other human tribe. Because, why the fuck would the Christian God hold any human tribe better then any other human tribe when every human tribe has a history for doing fucked up shit to their own people before Christ and after Christ.

Being less violent then one tribe or more loving then one tribe or more smarter then one tribe isn’t the standard for better. Christ is the standard from the Christian Bible view point at least. You have to be better then Truth/the Christian God.

What’s my opinion? The racism is funny as hell. Only a dumbass blind to history or has no shame about what your people have done to themselves and others would think his or her own race is better then another human race.

Get the fuck on my dude.

Warm Regards


What does it in mean to be a free thinker? Who? Why? What? When? Where?

There is nothing that unnerves a enslaved minded person then for you to question why they think you should automatically agree with their hypothesis. Because they have glasses on and degrees on their wall.

Look. I’m not saying I’m a smart boy. I’m your average dumbass walking. I just like to question somethings or I’m generally interested in why I’m being told something with the assumption it is fact before I’ve been provided a reason to assume the assumption.

Example. I know addiction and multiplication work effectively in real life because I’ve had to use both in real world settings to figure out solutions in managing resources.

If a person tells you they’re a liar by saying they are or by telling you they agreed to lie publicly to something that cost the lives of millions of people. Should you trust that person when they tell you NOW they’re telling you the truth about Covid 19 and the effects of wearing masks?

I start out with the assumption all mankind are liars. Until, a person proves himself to be a truth teller or a fearless person not afraid to tell the truth. I can’t simple believe a person at face value because even in history books people bullshit about what happened in their perception of the events.

Why should I believe you?

What are you assuming about me?

When did you discover this knowledge?

Where is the proof behind what your saying?

Who the fuck are you to tell me what to believe and what is the truth?

Oh you don’t need to explain anything to me? You’re saying I don’t need to think about what your saying? Your saying I should trust you as the superior high Lord and King in this matter?

Go fuck yourself. I don’t believe what somebody tells me simple because they say it.

Warm Regards


If you don’t believe in anything then you’ll be somebody’s bitch.

I know the original saying but fuck that noise. That’s what it boils down to.

If you don’t have a standard. A compass or a way you follow that is solid enough to fucking stand on then you’ll be somebody’s bitch.

To many times in my own life I had beliefs or ideals that just weren’t strong enough to stand on to defend and to go on the attack for to matter much for someone to treat me like a wash cloth.

I see the shit as well in the lives of other dudes. A fucker will degrade himself, humiliate himself and willingly be pussfied for a female to give um some attention or pussy.

Add money into the equation and well shit. You have the modern day pussfied western male. A dude will gladly dress up as a clown dance around like a fool and say it’s all in the name of comedy and the all mighty dollar.

Holy shit. The excuse is everybody has to eat. Fucking hell. No. It’s a fucking damn lie. Cleaning shit out of a toilet or washing dishes for a restaurant has more value then selling your dignity as a man and giving up Big Dick Energy.

Patrick Swayze, Westley Snipes and John Leguizamo fucking dressed up like clowns and danced around in a trash movie that nobody remembers and nobody cares about now. For what? Progress? LGTQ awareness?

Don’t be a fucking beta bitch simp. They did that shit for money and they were having their inner dumbass moment.

Don’t look the shit up. It deserves to be forgotten. I sat in a movie theater watching the shit. I wondered what the fuck is this shit? How the fuck did I get here? What the fuck am I doing with my life?

I can’t remember why I went there but I damn sure didn’t pay for the ticket. I had a better time in the bathroom shitting on the toilet reading a collection of poetry by Robert Frost my dude.

I can’t tell you if it hurt their careers but I can tell you thank God nobody remembers the shit. Pussfying yourself doesn’t do shit but prove even men like Patrick Swayze can sometimes can be Grade A class D dumbasses for money my dude.

Warm Regards


P.S. Do not look that movie up. I’m being serious. PS is my dude inspite of that bullshit moment in his life. May he rest in shit kicking glory.