An Ode to Western Masculine legacy

That shit with the Walker CW horse shit kinda pulled out of me a bit of memories from the past. Memories about my own father.

What does it mean to be a man of the west? Our traditions seem but mist in the air in these strange and Peter Pan fantasy days.

I can wish to be a man. I conceive of it if I dream and look up at the north star and cast my childest hopes there to never never land. But it would be bullshit really.

A man has duties and sense of honor. A man has a name that name is his word. It is his pledge of responsibility to his ancestors before him. Who did hope and work to achieve a modest means of a future they handed down and down to him to carry on and to uphold a legacy of honor and pride in the stories of courage buried deep in blood and Iron.

A man is not a pussy. A man faces the realities of life with grit and gusto. A man is born in conflict. Self doubt comes but a father’s words and stories push a man on. To fight and war against fear and pirates of destiny.

Some men fought and died defending the truth. Some men gave in to riches and traded their future for sex and selfish living.

What will you do? What will we do? We men of the west?

Warm Regards,



Ownership 2.0 Intellectual property The gift that keeps on giving

Property of intellect

What’s the one form of property that you can own out right and you don’t have to pay a dime to get.

The answer: The property that can be made and credited to yourself because you made it or paid someone to make it for you.

I’m not a greedy person.


Intellectual property is the best investment that keeps on giving. Imagine working months with no end on something to finish it and then to able to instantly create value. It’s amazing.

I’ve sold one item for $8.00 several times to different people for one bit of effort.

L. M. Parker

Systems of Learning: Observation

Okay, I’m going to go with a definition hopefully we all can Identify with:

“Come here, kid. Let me show you how to do something useful.” said someone older person in your life.

Learning by observation is all about you making the concise effort to learn by observing on someone performing the action you wish to master. Think about it. How did you learn to walk as a kid was it due to the effort of someone giving you a task book and sitting down in front of teacher in class room. You learned, we all learned to walk by watching and observing someone doing an action.

Yes, there was someone there to catch us and hold us up if we should fall but ultimately, our observation and attention is what sparked our minds take in that information and conduct experiments with the knowledge that came from your observations.

This is a form of visual learning. We all gifts and abilities for learning in certain ways. Take the scientist who conducts careful observations on a hurricane patterns for decades to find out if there is rise, fall, or average on the rate of them striking in one state or country. If you want to know yourself and how best you learn something you need to observe yourself and take careful observation of when you learn something new, maintain that knowledge and grow to master it. If you want to write more observe your patterns of effectiveness and times of day you are at your high or low performance and for what reasons.

L. M. Parker


I have often experienced times of depression throughout my life.  There have been times when I would find myself in moments staring off into space my mind either lost in sorrow or caught up in a problem I couldn’t solve having to deal with talking family or a person. Some times I would be frozen for a few minutes in the internal world of my mind.

Life can be hard to deal with taking on the problems of being human and facing deaths of love ones have been a normal for me sense I was eleven when my father died. Though, my case is manageable compared to others that can’t escape from their minds with out professional help I grew up poor so I had to find other means of channeling myself out of my mind. Writing became my friend to help encourage me in times of storms both in my life and my thoughts and the means of confessing my deepest fears and means of seeing into the mirror world of my own mind and how it works.

Writing is a strange bit of magic.

One part: communication of thoughts and meaning.

Second part: tool for creating your own poetic worlds of fantasy and escape.

I love writing for simple fact that with a few words I can be just as encouraging to my fellow human beings as I can encourage myself when no one else will.

L. M. Parker

The Comfort of independence

When I was eleven years old and first started on my journey to being a writer I was a far cry from being anything of the like and I was a poor reader as well. However, I had a way with sewing words together and creating feeling and impact for the reader. I enjoyed creating that stream of one for one consciousness between the reader and the writer. I wanted to get better at the art. I found a means of directing my thoughts and energy toward something in the positive I could achieve a level of success in. I thought maybe just maybe I could find a career I could be independent in.

Fast forward twenty plus years I haven’t achieved that climb to the summit of highest ambition in the regard to writing but I have grasped the mountain and kept up my pace toward grasping small goals along the way. I have had a taste of independence as a professional freelancer for most of my life off and on.  It has for the most part been my normal and most comfortable way of receiving nourishment for my male pride to grow in self worth.

I have learned and accepted this factor about myself.  I’ve never had a nine to five job. I doubt in fact if I ever will or If I would desire such. I’m very much an independent to my very bones.  Though it is not easy being an independent minded fellow some times. I enjoy change and find boredom in the mundane and factory like settings of restrictive lights, boring rules. Freedom isn’t free however and humans must play the game of services and goods at one level or another. So I do play the short game until I can get this writing game going properly.

L. M. Parker.



When I first published Life of A Prince: The Engagement the whole process was stressful and taught me a lot about editing, scheduling, team work and ownership. I worked with a company that I bought a package with that included editing help, publishing help and a assistant that helped me with getting the work done on a timely matter.

The money spent for this assistance numbered in the thousandths rang and the lessons I learned from the process were worth every penny. I learned several things in the process that taught me a lot about myself and the value of having a team in the production of a book you choose and you direct personally and not through intermediate assistants.

The experience wasn’t at all what I expected there were several surprising and un-pleasant moments in the period that worked with this company that revealed several things about whose team I was going with what loyalties that team held to. I also realized my own needs for having control over my own rights and the need in me to have complete control and ownership over the process. I don’t fault the company for the package they offered or the business we did together. I bought the package and so I surrendered over a bit of control over to this business but the end result of the finished product is my responsibility as are all the faults and all the rewards because I paid the company for their input and control in the project. I take ownership for my decisions and I take ownership of my mistakes.

The evolution of the Life Of A Prince The Engagement was a wonderful surprise as was the joy of rewriting, editing and editing. I enjoyed, every bit of it but I learned an important lesson about myself. I like to be in control over what belongs to me and any person I bring onto my team will answer and work for me and my interests. Never trade, sell or loan away ownership to something that is yours.

L. M. Parker.