Finding your blogging style part 2…

I think of myself as a writer first, entertainer second and a blogger third. But, each of the three is in play as I write.

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As a writer I am intentional with my words. I seek to invoke a sense of my personality with my words that speaks again the kind of voice your hearing in your head is genuine and real. Writers have ticks. Words they use and words they express in a certain viable realistic way to convey their message. I want my voice as a writer to be direct, intentional and real.

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Hot damn! That’s a bad bitch right there ^

As a entertainer….come on my dude. You ain’t never read voice like me. I am all about tickling your inner parts and making you feel my emotions or your own emotions rise up by my lyrical fantastic uses of beta bitch simps and dumb mother fuck-ka! I ain’t writing just to laugh at my own shit…

Hmm. Well maybe?! No. I ain’t doing this just to laugh at my own shit. I’m trying to give the lovers of the song language a reason to piss themselves laughing at the joy of reading something that hits the soul and makes you fucking happy to be able to laugh in your worst moments. Fuck all that black pill, cry me a river, self pity, bullshitty, beta bitch shit complaining about big dick energy. Ultra Word Combo!!

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As a blogger… this is my letter to you. This is my story for today. This is all authentic. This is me being real. I don’t think of this as a hobby though it is one by default. I don’t make money from it. I.e. it is a hubby of convenience. Above all you can know about me I am a realist. So I have a day job to cover my expenses and probably will for the rest of my life. The average artist makes dick all at their art. I am not a genius at writing or blogging I just blog every day. Baring in mind life issues I will possibly reach 2 million readers in the next ten years. Will that convert into 2 million in funds? Probably not. That’s not why I do this…..I simple can’t stop and I’m always looking for ways to improve and experiment.

How to find your blogging finger print or style? To me you have to be a writer and a writer writes and a writer borrows. You have to be a entertainer. For me it’s using my ethnic lingo in combination with other lingo speech period styles. So that my voice will permeate in your mind and imagination and sparks a emotional or thought provoking response. Lastly, as a blogger it’s personal touch I care about. It’s also a borrowed style from old school way of letter writing and…

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I love Sherlock Holmes stories. I borrowed the style from that source to….

Warm regards


A tale of two blogs….holy shit.

Alright after yesterday’s post on R.C. Waldun getting his book reviewed and his ass being taken to the yard…

Metaphorically speaking of course all in good book nerd shit fun I had to read R. C. Waldun’s shit and study this dude’s writing to see if it’s all hype and bullshit about him being a writer’s writer and all that cap.

Note: I hate using cap or capping instead of bullshit or bullshiting but I’m going to keep trying it out to pretend I’m hip and youngster again

Okay, I’m looking on Waldun’s site checking out his writing and reading his blog…..

His writing is…..alright. It’s okay in the short form of blogging writing. Nice grammer. Nice flavor of words. I just had one fucking problem I couldn’t name and then I compared his blog writing to another writer I like.

Catxman’s blog is a different story entirely then Waldun’s site/blog.

Catxman has that shit kicking sense of humor I like and that blunt hammer to the head honesty and real talk that leaps off the screen and dances in your head when you hear his voice….

The voice….the finger print of a writer and at what level he is at is that voice. It’s not just the word choices. It’s the intention to those word choices and the ability to say fuck the rules and make up your rules for your voice and your style…..

R. C. Waldun’s writing voice is…weak sauce. It’s boring ass shit. He has a firm grasp on the rules and what they are but fuck…he’s to fucking boring. He’s still either taking it to easy or has no idea of the concept of bullshiting a little to make the shit entertaining for the reader.

I shit you not the dude has a post on the reason he writes. That is….fucking dispassionate boring bullshitting. The shit reads like the dude is still at tier one of writing.

In closing….

Holy shit. This dude. Needs about twenty more years before his shit gets done cooking because right now it’s weak sauce on a mayonnaise shit sandwich.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

Daydreaming is my profession gets it. Study this shit. This mother fuck-ahh is a fucking veteran of the craft.