Hmm. What the hell is going on with JDMO?

Okay this is act two of the story. We have a new charecter. Nobody.

Who is nobody? A fucking alien. The end.

Seriously though. You only know these types of folk by their actions and evolutionary powers.

Again…she’s not a god. The slap on the ass had our girl hot and stung a bit. It’s going to be interesting seeing these two go at it and seeing how they effect Bran & Goldy’s story.

Warm Regards,


JDMO…hot damn son. This shit is good and I have no idea where it’s going….updates as well.

I thought this was going to be the end for sure but…na’aw son. This shit is still cooking. I still need to reveal the biggest battle to date. Plus act 2 needs to be kick ass intense.

I’m…holy balls. I love this story. I’m getting vibes of the 80s and 90s action movie quality. I’m going to publish this shit later in a more book like from with possible the completed stories of year one cyberpunk mornings.

Updates for next year. I still have act two for Resident Evil for October 2022 and my cyberpunk mornings for April to expand the lore.

I have an idea for a new series to write next year in another genre but for now I might just stick to what I like.

I really do hope your enjoying the process and entertainment of it all.

To brainstorm

To brainstorm is activate the allowance of the creative flow

From a ten year process of

Trial and error

Practice and study.

I love to write and I enjoy traveling

And roaming in the unknown to grasp onto what could be a great shit kicking time of writing.

Happy November’s 💋

Warm Regards,


New month a whole bunch of stories to tell and poetry to write…

Damn. I’m tired. Yesterday or more like a few hours ago was kicking my ass at the day job.

I got to go four days of this shit. Still though it’s November’s Kiss finally so what’s the plan?

Finish big book project. I’m shooting for a full novel. 50,000+ words. I’ll be making notes when I can throughout the week and ejecting into the story everything I’ve learned writing wise and just throwing things at my characters to see how they react.

Side projects?

I’ll pump out some cyberpunk stories hopefully two this month and complete them and finish side one off stories.

Blog wise?

Poetry and Conundrums.

Warm Regards,


DAY 8 to DAY 9 NNWM Notebooking and plot discovery.


I’ve been notebook writing a chapter about

The first plot in

Act one of

Section one of

November’ Kiss.

Coming soon


September 21st

Of 2019.


I’m just kidding on the date. The first is all true and factorial.

Yep, this book’s creation is going to go slow but I’m getting somewhere. I have a strong suspicion that I’ll finish the Anthology first though before the month is done. I’ll keep you posted.

L M. Parker

P. S.

I couldn’t think of anything to write the other because I didn’t have anything to confer back to you of great import.

DAY 6 NNWM I’m making progress. I think?

I apologize for the late post but my head has been hurting all day and I can’t think of another excuse other then honestly I was doing some writing on the anthology again because I got stuck on one chapter of November’s Kiss.

The started with pain in my back and headache. I pushed through it though I wasn’t evening planning on writing on NK but I’m starting to get into the new book rhythm. You know that rhythm. Wake fire up the computer boot up the document write on it add a sentence here and there and then throughout the day and then it’s time to go back to bed.

Anyway, I worked on section two dealing with the relationship of one character’s relationship with their sibling and the close and trust both share and then I had to stop and do something else.

Boy oh Boy.

I’m trying to figure out how to explain this.

TruthThis book is taking places as writer. I’m really pushing telling the truth about people and relationships even when I want to hold back. Family. Yeah. Family is complicated and simple. How much can you accept from your love ones and the make up of who they are. What does real love look like when it’s accepting of the person and not always what their choices are? In the book, I’m trying to figure out that answer.

Loyalty and trust are big themes I’m trying to convey strongly in the first draft. It’s a trial on my mind and confidence that’s why I think it’s slow going because I’m writing situations that are very dramatic but I’m trying to show brotherhood at it’s heart and manhood at it’s height.

Sorry for a bit of the mystery and round about talk but I’m trying to share more my writing thought process without giving you to much details about NK that don’t matter right now. It’s still just a first draft.  Maybe I’ll fail in the attempt but I’m trying to push myself because I love the message and characters that drive the story themes I care very much about.

L. M. Parker


I really do love the characters in November’s Kiss.


DAY 5 NNWM Another day another few chapters and I took a break

Day 5

I’m still writing at a snails pace but I’m still writing. I woke up feeling good and refreshed. I got into finishing up a chapter in section three and that’s about it.

Honestly, I couldn’t get anywhere with the book because I had a couple of story ideas swimming in my head when I woke in the morning for the anthology I started working on in October. I couldn’t let those ideas go without writing them down. But, the ideas turned into chapters and missing pieces I added into story lines I had to add.

I know. I know.

I’m trying to stay focused one the one project for November but I’m getting old and I had to write those ideas down or I would forget them by the end of the day. I’m thirty-four and my mind and attention gets captured by other pursuits and annoyances easily now a days.


Note: I really need to notebook write more. You might be asking why. It’s not that I use everything I have written down in my notebook and just put it on the computer. I use the notebook as a means of data mining for what sounds good and what is not worth putting adding to the document.

I’ll keep you posted and I’ll try to stay focused on the book.

L. M. Parker

P. S.

I think that I really need to give this book a name for the blogs. I’ll it for now. November Kiss or NK for short.

DAY 4 NNWM…I got no sleep and the day sucked but I got some work down on the book. The saga continues…

Today sucked I got no sleep and I have a headache and had distractions without end throughout the day but on the lighter side of life I got some writing done so I’m happy.

I couldn’t get any morning writing done and afternoon writing was no where in sight because I had to be distracted by life’s demands on me. So must of my evening writing was where did as much work as I could do on the book.

I’ve worked on section one finishing the first chapter and it’s a interesting foreshadowing for sections two and three I then moved on to section two. In section two I worked on adding a few chapters adding in details and a new chapter in part.

Note: I’ve finally set my mind on a city for the story. I was choosing between Boston or Baltimore. I chose Baltimore because I know the city well and I would have to do more research about Boston.

I ended the day working in section three. Boy o boy this is looking good. A bit emotional but strong in the message of the book in general. I completed two chapters and I might only need one or three chapters to make a fun ending.  I’ll keep you posted.

L M. Parker


I might not need to write a murder scene but I will have to write so

type of scene to explain the where they got the dead body.


I have to plan.

Day 3 NNWM working on section two and one of book

I didn’t get my much sleep and I had to work so I didn’t much work done but I’m still going to push myself to stay on the ball.

I’m moving at micro speeds at this present time.

Side note: It’s a weird feeling having a story complete in your head but then when you physically write it down it changes sometimes depending on the flow of a conversation or one moment happening that needs to be set up properly.

I couldn’t write anything worthwhile on section 1 but I added a few sentences and the beginning sentences for chapter two.

Section two is another story. I’ve put in a few chapters in part. One chapter complete. Three chapters incomplete.

Section three is weird. It’s building up to the end and the ride seems to be coming to a final battle. I still might have to add a forth section because Section three is setting up to be a long one.

I know what the ending is I Just don’t know if the main characters will all make it. Either way it’s going to be a born burner or murder in the end. I’ll have to take my time with it.

I’ll keep you posted.

L. M. Parker

P. S

Writing tired sucks but at least I can do.

DAY 2 NNWM Comedy that sparks but it was slow going today.

Not much to say about today in the realm of novel work. I got a chapter going by hand for section one of the book. I wrote it by freehand in my paper notebook at lunch at my day gig.

I’m just in the process of writing the book as it comes to me. The real fun part is still weeks away when I make the adjustments to connecting all the book sections together.

I can already see I’m going to enjoy reading the book when it’s finally done. Oh yeah the comedy. I don’t know if I mentioned this but I’m big fan of having some type of comedy in what I write. That wasn’t always the case.

Writing comedy or what I think of as funny situations and jokes wasn’t intentional at all on my part. It kind of happened because of the makeup of characters and a bit of my own sense of dark humor coming into the mixture. Though in this book there is a bit of dark moments in it with a few twists I hope not to telegraph to early. When the shocking moments happen I want them to punch the reader in the face as much as it did me when I discovered that was going to happen in the story.

There will be a lot of rewrites in the future.

The book is still in the planning mode. That is strange to say for me as I am writing the first draft but it’s really like that. I don’t know what changes I’m going to input along the way and I’m trying to be real about these characters and not down play them. There is a mixture of romance, drama and maybe a murder in the novel.

The book is still in that experimental stage where the elements are mixing in my head as I’m writing.

I’m discovering what type of creature it’s going to be.

I’m keeping the chapters short and compact but I’m hoping to refine the pace on the second draft. I’ll keep you posted on my process.

L. M. Parker

P. S.

Everything I’m doing is organized for the way I write to save time. This would be a lot more harder to do without an outline I wrote along with the character sheet and notes.

Happy November or NNWM…DAY 1 Morning, Afternoon and Evening

Happy National Novel Wring Month.

I’m on day one and I don’t know if I’ll go all the way but this was a great idea. Morning was great. I started out hesitating for whatever reason but I kept with it.


That’s the weird part. Starting out. Not knowing how your going to get going or questioning yourself about the words you want to put down and the order of those words.

Fear.  Freezes me up. I can’t move.

Bravery. I push on. One step at a time.

I’m breaking the book in sections working on each section.

Beginning –  a little work – interesting

Middle – a little work – Time to punch back

Ending – A little work – body blow okay recover and get ready to fight.

In short, I’m going to be jumping back and forth between books until I sow it all together hopefully by the end of this month. I’ll keep you posted.

L. M. Parker

P. S.

I think I’m writing a dark comedy.


Writing space..for the month of November

November writer’s month is almost upon us and I’m excited as ever and I’m weirded out by how busy the month is going to be for me. I plan to write not only a book but publish another and finish formatting on my up and coming Life Of A Prince part 2. Truth be told this year has been challenging for me in staying focused enough to keep in that writing zone.

  • Writing Zone: That mode of being in a complete focus on writing with no breaks on. You’re just enjoying the free flow of ideas as they come.

Writing in and of itself has been a breeze. Stress and murning only seems to produce  mental energy and reason to dive down in to my own worlds in my mind. But, the environment where I’ve written dozens of stories before is not as condussive as it once was. I find myself lost In either daily chores, daily work and time eating hobbies.

In a word, I find to many distractions at home so I need a writing space. Now you might be asking “So what’s the big deal? You need a writing space. Why write a blog post about it?”

Well, I’ve never needed one before. I find it a strange enigma. I’ve always found it very much so I’m the past. Times change. I guess I have to many western modern day distractions.

In any event, I’ve found it of the utter most importance to find a space to myself away from modern day comfortable addictions.  I enjoy being a writer because I enjoy writing but also I want to continue to be a writer and I’ve found it all to easy to let comfort or sorrow get in the way of writing.

For my personal taste Libraries are fun places to write and even among a crowd of people I find the steady hum of computers and low conversations a white noisy I find lovely to the ears.

L. M. Parker