Song of the day BANG! by AJR it just feels good on a Friday

Real talk the song and lyrics are nutballs but the energy and creativity of the song just energizes me to well be creative and strangly happy…

Another thing. The melody and the rap flow just makes me feel fucking hope for rap songs as a whole returning in part to lost songs of partying.

I think of rappers delight strangely and it brings a smile to my face. The ghost of original flow.

Oh one last point. For some reason I hear sum-a-bitch in the lyrical storm of so put your best face on everybody. It just makes me laugh more. I love Jackie Gleason.

My old movie fucks will get me.

I know. I know. Your welcome.

Warm Regards


Song of the day Roll the Bones by Shakey Graves

This is the version I like for now. If you know anything about Shakey it’s this…he is the music. It doesn’t matter what song you hear at one time that same song can change depending on his mood and the flow he’s in that moment.

He’s very much a proformance musician/artist.

The version of Roll the Bones I like has that flow and feel of texas days on the roads. What does Roll the Bones feel like….

Day to day. I roll the bones with my Life on these strange and twisting Roads. Never complete. Always Changing. Chance and happenstance Can happen. On a dime. On a whim. These roads I travel on change with The seasons and temperment of the Masses. These roads I travel on are a Kin to the roads I grew up on. These Country roads. These texas roads. I Roll the bones.

Warm Regards


The song of day? Mother fucker song of the fucking universe. Princes of the universe by QUEEN

Mother fucker you knew this was coming but before I forget….

Rest in shit kicking glory. The man. The myth. The mustache. The fucking big dick, dick addicted Legend.

What the fuck does this song feel like? Mother fucker it is is what it is. Queen being kick ASS.

The openning holy shit. The locals. Holy shit. The music video. Holy shit.

I can’t get through the song with wanting to pick up and mother fucking sword.

It’s the fucking quickening my dude. The rush of the energy. The feel of being proud to be blessed to be a mothering MAN. The rush of the shit kicking mothering fucking attitude. Holy shit.

This shit is my shit. Fuck it. This song is song I want played on the day I take my last birth on my 200 birthday and go out a American Highlander in fire of my ancesters. My tumb stone will read. He cewed on Iron and Spat out bullets. He took no shit from no mother fucking beta bitch simp.

Have a fucking great day my dude.

Warm Regards


Late in the day but song of the day is…I like it, I like that REMIX by Statik Link Trap

This a remix of the original I like it like that by Pete Rodriguez.

The original is like hearing a bunch of Cubans having a normal night out.


If you’ve ever been in a situation where some bitch your with at the park is giving you the shit test and bitching about some bullshit just to hear herself think out loud and then you hear colorful some music playing a few feet away then you hear…


Leave the bitch and get your ass up and head in the direction of that man’s voice.


The Remix is a jump start to the day. Ribbing up the engine to get the day going.

The Statik Link captures Pete’s enegy and spirit in his remix though it’s a short clip I feel like getting it going.

It’s that feeling of fuck it let’s have a good time tomorrow don’t matter.

Warm Regards


Song of the day Who Did That To You by John Legend

It’s one of those songs I don’t like the lyrics entirely but I dig the feel.

I first heard the song when I saw Django unchained.

I liked the movie for what it was. Never cared to see it again entirely. I’m not really a movie guy.

The feel of the song just gives me that relaxed feel of kicking back in a chair or a ride with a 5’5 shorty to your opposite side and your on cruse control just letting the days go by. Your headed in a direction of unknown possibilities but your not to worried about the outcome because you have to get there rather then stay still.

It does have that feeling as well of being a modern take on the 70s feel of care free dreaming while awake buzzed out on shit that could have gotten you serious time back in the day for entertaining a moment on it.

Then again that last part might be just a ghost of a feeling from the groove of the song.

Warm Regards


I have one issue with WAP the seductive call of the slut. I don’t want to seduced. I want set a female’s panties on fire

I listened to the song once and saw the video half way. I turned that shit off because I began to have the feeling of someone trying to pull my pants down and not in a good way.

It’s all ass backwards to me. A man is supposed to be dominant and confident. We may want to have sex all the time but damn if we can’t be selective.

You have the 5’7 to 6’0 tall bitch with nice tits and beautful face all dudes go after her. You have the feminine female with a pretty face and nice body waiting to be seduced. You have plain Jane flat chested and okay face. She’s 5’5 though and has long chestnut hair and a nice ass and when you tell her your fantasy about fucking a girl on a table she stares at you and then hits your shoulder and giggles and calls you silly.

Hmmm. Yeah. Just go after the beautiful lady. Leave plain Jane alone. Anyway, WAP is shit. The song.

I ain’t a bitch or some John a seductive hocker is trying to turn out for some financial transaction. That’s to much mind fucking bullshit for me.

Listen up simp. My dude. You don’t want to be seduced by a slut.


Because there is nothing more thrilling as men is to know you can enchant and delight a 5’5 shorty in public and make that bitch yours for taking.

Remember. There is a female out there in the world that wants you to fuck her. You have to pay attention though.

Warm Regards


Song of the day, time makes two Robert Cray feeling damn good today

I love all music except for modern rape. But, Blues has a weird place in my music pallette. I feel it like a chill on my soul when blue and feel it when I’m feeling damn good to be alive.

Time makes two… how does it feel?

If you’ve ever had your heart broken or needed time to heal and bare that pain it feels like that.

It’s got that slow pace of steady days going by. When your working hard to put more time on so that you can get through the bullshit of shitty days you had to live through to get to feeling hopeful about breathing again.

It’s smooth and cool tunes that express emotion and feeling about human conditions. The pain of broken love and the joy of being able to feel and be alive.

Warm Regards


Song of the day abuse by propaganda because it’s one of those days

It comes up every once in a while. A song from my past and a memory of days when I didn’t feel the grind on my rough hands and scared body.

I hear the drum. The engine is ribbing up for the day. My hope is that it will be productive day.

Spice kicks in as the song gears up the hill and I feel the new sounds drifting into the rhythm.

Alright let’s get this shit going. Could be rain coming in the afternoon. There’s a chill to the air but my mind is set to the sound and beat.

Let’s go.

Warm Regards,


I’m writing to music (writing craft)

New book is almost writing itself as one conversation or series of events roll by.

I don’t know if there is a lesson some what of the power of charecters that feel real or you like to explore where the hell they’re going.

I find myself just enjoying the play with each string of an action they undergo. The drama and play of their universe is interesting to me.

Anyway, I didn’t tend on playing music as I’m writing occasionally but it really helps to put me in a mood for the kind of genre the book follows.

Right now I’m listening to lucid dream by monogram.

It is like hearing tear drops of rain on a sunny day. Hard describe that feeling of a fresh attraction taking hold of you as you smell the scent of female who moves in close enough where you almost taste her scent or essence on you tongue.

I’m writing a romantic drama. So the song is ripe the good vibes it gives as a listen and see the encounters of couples learning each other and vibing off their sexual chemistry for one another.

It’s something new I’m discovering can accurately be helpful.

The troubles writing an Epic like poem


Writers, poets and lover’s of the written mother tongue of the song language. I’m in a tailspin of emotions and trying to complete my first poetry book.

Poems come easy. I’ve always had a heart and ear for the sound¬† bird language of Shakespeare and Frost. I love English. It is the language bridges and valleys the mother tongue to poets and legendary wordsmiths.

The Epic is another beast though.

I read few in my life. Job’s trail’s accounts for my 90 percent experience. I’m writing a story that isn’t a story a poem that has traveled with me for ten plus years of my life. I’m finding it hard to complete. The cover is done. The format is set and due date is in the month of this post’s birth of February,¬† 2020.

It will be a work composed of my music and my love of the depth of affection for the songs that have brought me comfort and joy.

As you can tell by now I’m in a poetic mood. My ambition is to complete it this month but in reality I will have to complete half of it in Ebook from and finish it by March’s middle of the road.

January’s book taught me about extending a chapter length simple with seeing the interactions of interesting characters. I loved work.

February’s book is teaching me focusing the value of time and difficulty of entering into a new form of literature.

I do wonder what March’s book will be. Though I have an idea brewing in my notes on my phone. It’s a steampunk fantasy staged in Fort Worth. Very gritted and fun. I’ll see how it goes.

Current books I’m reading: Throne of Bones, Warprize and a few others I can’t name at present.

L. M. Parker

Childish Gambino music is weird to me and I can’t stop listening to his songs.

Hello, writers, creators and artists in this post literary age. I greet you with high esteem and joy.

Have you ever been in a funk or angry at a love one that just wouldn’t stop talking. I’ve got a quick cure that will smooth out your rage with something weird. Listen to “This is America” by Childish Gambino. It’s like brain candy just trying to figure out the whole meanings and rhythm or reason to it all. Then, it comes down to being a pointless exercise that gets you nowhere. Listening to his song is like a wild crazy ride but here’s the kicker all his music is like this and I love it.

Why? The lyrics aside. The style of music reminds me of classic R&B, funk and experimental stuff. Again, I’m not your average music listener. I just play piano and I’m musically inclined to classic European classical but I like his music.

The music videos are crazy. But, so fitting to the music. So wild.

L. M. Parker