Is the American system of employer and employee a form of economic enslavement?

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The sexist slaves are the millionaire basketball artists who run up and down a court straining their bodies to the limit and accumulating a host of injuries for the entertainment of poor folks. Who in turn spend what little they have for the sense that it matters to their very being who wins or loses a single game.

This is not hate. This the reality. Basketball in general is one of the highest paying slave employeement systems in America and I’m not excluding the other sports. All sports in general serve serve as a business of performance art in motion.

Old school performance art example:

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Go with me down the rabbit hole of my American clown world experience. It all starts in the American (goverment) public school system.

We are not taught to be individuals who buy and trade and own our own businesses. We are taught by the structure of said system itself to be 20th century factory workers. I’m not saying anything new.

What is the difference between picture below

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and the picture that follows.

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There is still a chain tying person to a system of control that predetermined that you work FOR money to get Stuff. To pay for stuff to buy more stuff to work for more money to leverage credit to buy more shit to pay for more shit to work for more money…etc. It’s a cycle. A endless cycle or wheel of bullshit.

So what’s the solution?

Learn a skill > become export in skill while working a sexy enslavement gig > market yourself as export over time > invest in yourself > become a business > make money > make money > make money > etc.

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The one thing I don’t like about hustlers is the assholes that hold up the stack of money as a motivation to get shit done.

Real talk. I’m don’t like money in general. It’s weird to even me in the money crazy capitalist society I was raised in but I don’t. But, I like having a goal and aim to achieve a purpose.

Money is just a resource to achieve that purpose I have my focus on. I simple can’t work for money or spend resources without that aim being in my mind.

Simple put. I have to get shit done. So I need resources to get it done on time and I need to manage my resources and time to get shit done with maximum result and less time wasted.

A word on hustlers in general.

I got a love for hustler minded people and hustle culture. My mother was one and so are many of the people in the community of uber drivers and such I respect.

What I’ve seen about independent minded people that are of the gig or hustle mindset is a 9 to 5 really wasn’t enough time or money in it to justify the energy spent. Worse yet it wasn’t fun and there was no room for them to feel they had any control or freedom over how much they wanted to earn.

I wanted to be a hustle for most of my life. I read rich dad poor dad books and self help bullshit and watched hustler minset YouTube videos. I had passing thoughts of being a business minded self publisher. It wasn’t for me. I still like hustlers and the hustling culture to achieve a goal mindset though.

Again, the only ones I can’t stand some times is the one’s that use greed as a means to motivate people to set goals to get shit down. Don’t get me wrong it works for most people. Money is just not happiness to me.

Achieving goals is happiness to me.

Having a good laugh with my brother is happiness to me.

Getting more skilled and mastering my trade and craft is happiness to me.

Earning respect for what I do and how I do it at a maximum level of strength and quick time is happiness and rewarding to me.

Can money buy happiness? For me no. Money is nothing but a resource to achieving a purpose. Happiness is subjective really to what you value and and how you use resources to get what you want.

I like hustlers in general. It’s the greed shit that I can’t rock with.

Is a 9 to 5 job bullshit? That depends is it job in Wall Street or Burger King? Either way what are you aiming for?

In a word. Purpose. I’m getting into it again. What is the purpose behind you doing something or selling something to achieve something?

Real talk. I’m not money minded. I’m why am I doing this? What am I aiming for?

There has to be a focus for why we do what we do. For a young dude it could be simple a 2021 mustang. I can understand that and rock with that.

A down payment on a house. I can rock with that too and give the dude a fist bump.

What is the aim? Before I sell my time and energy to anything what is the aim I’m shooting for. What is important to me?

I really think of money as resource to achieve what I want to do. I don’t value money.

A wall street job depending upon your level of focus and interests can get you to a goal faster in some regards and be a ego boost with culture that surrounds the job class.

A Burger king job can be step Ladder to something else down the road. The funds used from such a feat can get you some where to goal you have off in the future.

Can you achieve high goals with a Burger King job? It depends on the plan and goal. If your focus is steady and plans are steady you do it.

Behind all this is the assumption that to be employed in anything is a means of selling your time and energy in one regard and spending the remainder of your time trying to achieve goals that add value to your life and well-being.

That should always be the question set in a dude’s mind in getting into any of this shit. What is my aim? What the fuck am I doing this for?

Life isn’t a joke and time spent on anything you can’t get that shit back. So what are you aiming for when you do what you do?

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The problem I have with hustling gurus…the scent of bullshit

There are only two systems for gaining wealth and many subsystems around the two.

1. Sales

2. Services

Employment and self employment are subsystems of service. Your selling your time and service to a company or person in a business transaction for a set fee that can or cannot be negotiated.

I find the gigi and self employed business models only interesting as a game one can play to see how much money you can gain from an idea or service at your own rate of effort and time.

What does this have to do with gurus?

I’ve watched gurus on money from time to time but recently I’ve stopped entirely because of one factor.

The bullshit factor.

Example. One guru named SN was was questioned on the problems within the black community. He was in fact a successful Black Rambo. He said that some black folks define themselves by slavery being a part of their past and present and don’t know enough about their own history about what it means to be black biologically fuck the slavery shit.  They should stop feeling sorry for themselves and seek to gain money/happiness by hustling. He holds up a stack of real money to the camera for effect to show his point.

He used the question of course to launch into hustling that’s his lane. The first half of his answer I agreed with in part. The second half with money being happiness and holding up the stack of money is subjective + magic trick bullshit.

Unless your Scrooge Mcduck and enjoy swimming around in a pool of gold coins (to each his own craziness) we all want to use money to get shit done, have fun or destroy ourselves. Real talk.

This is the digital age my guy. I think of money in a digital sense in part. Holding up a stack of paper money had the opposite effect on me. Why? I kept thinking why do I need to see the cash I already know you got your shit together by your diction and how you carry yourself my dude.

Here’s the thing. Money doesn’t make you wealthy. Having the experience and knowledge on making the money over and over again does. It’s the knowledge plus the person. Again, a person can be wealthy there is no such thing in English as someone finding wealthy money on the street and becoming a millionaire.

Example 1: Give a bum hundred grand. Will he make a million in a year. Answer. Maybe if he had the knowlege beforehand but likelyhood he doesn’t have the knowledge. What then? He’ll be dead by the end of week if not the day.

It’s harsh but reality.

Example 2: You cannot read a book on becoming a writer if you haven’t writen daily, hourly, monthly, yearly for a decade for no money just to get your writing voice down.

The wealth guru or any guru operates on the greed of others.

Warm Regards


Systems of Learning: An Observation on generated wealth

Money….Money, money.

Everybody has their reasons for going after it and developing systems to create wealth to enrichment our pockets and inflate our egos. Everyone has their reasons and justifications. Including yours truly but then again who cares about me. Let’s focus on the topic and how learning a system of wealth can benefit you in your own ambitions.

Advice: What works for person B may and may not work for you. First know who you are and what can work for you. You don’t need much. You just need to do something and stick with it until it works or find something that works better.

Again, I’m going to put forth one example here because I believe it’s enough. You don’t need a list. You need to get working.

I’ve done a lot of research on writers from the past and present. Not everybody has the ability to write long novels. Some of it has to do with genetics and mental focus but really it has to do with personality and engrained motivating desires.

Prime Example:

JK Rowling.

Enough said. Right?

No. Think about it. She created a story with the written word and then proceed to tell that story in every possible way through many channels of communication. T-shirts, book marks. Covers, posters, movies, theme parks, theater plays, games. You name it the woman took one story and farmed it out into every channel of modern media.

Here’s a secret: The Harry Potter book series isn’t the greatest story ever told at all or without flaws and this is coming from a dude that read every book and owns two first editions in the series. From one idea one woman was raised out of poverty in to great wealth.  One system. One product. Massive returns. People helped.

Observation option 1: If you have a trade or profession master it and then take the funds from that trade or profession and channel the proceeds into passive incomes you have invested the time to learn how those systems work. Example: JK Rowling 

Observation option 2: Develop a product be it your own skill, knowledge or intellectual assets and make it valuable the thing everyone desires to have and is worth paying for because of the time and effort you’ve taken to make it appear or be so. Example: Apple Inc

Your measurement of wealth isn’t mean. We’re all different but we all have something. Knowledge, wisdom, art, skill, speech, comedy, writing etc.

L. M. Parker