an argument for #Blackpill to end. #Excellence

Part 2

Truth and lies.

There are things in this life I like many young boys and young men were taught to follow the path of go to school, go to college maybe university and above all else get a degree.

Because knowledge is power.

It’s only as you age and hopefully gain wisdom you realize this a lie. In short people with power or in positions of power very few times have or gained their power by being knowledgeable or as discerning. In fact the world is not run by rulers of superior knowledge.

It’s run by people with the understanding that power is power.

How does this relate to Blackpills or excellence? A positive point toward Blackpillers is that some of it’s propopoants declare that a man should not live his life on lies or a fictional view of how the world works. A man should embrace the harsher element of the truth of life.

Where then the Blackpill ideology falls apart is that it stops there or it does go the extra mile. What is the purpose then of gaining knowledge for a proticular craft your interested in or have a natural talent in?

I push forth my own answer in blunt fashion as so:

To shine with excellence and to be the man people look to get shit done.

Excellence and application of what you do and how you do it are the gifts that come with achieving high levels of knowledge in a chosen field, profession, trade or craft. The time taken to sparken your skills to learn new skills and better perform over the other guy is what a man strives for in gaining respect,.position and an elevation of power.

Yes. There is a harshness to this world. A unforgivingness to this world but men were created in this world and for ages men have conquered and dominated in this world. Currently in the first world it doesn’t seem so much true but

Men achieve high levels of excellence in the heart of conflict difficulties and pain. Life comes with pain and trouble but this is not new. This is the reality our ancestors dealt with managed and in some cases mastered by embracing the truth and excelling in to high levels of excellence and self-esteem.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Warm regards



Alright you’ve had your Red rage now it’s time to own your destiny…

I acknowledge the lies told to me by the culture I was raised in and the females that feed and clothed me. I acknowledge the dirty things done to me and who did it to me.

Now with that said. I push on.

Every man is responsible for his destiny.

The moment an adult female or a another man acknowledges a boy has become a man there is no going back.

As a man I am personally responsible for what I do and for what I allow people to do to me.

Being a man has nothing to do with how developed my brain is or what age I am. It’s a rite of passage.

The rite of passage is the passage out of childhood into manhood and the way back is burned away.

When a boy takes the rite of passage. He goes through a passage from being protected and cared for to owning his course in life and taking responsibility for his actions, his words and his own personal space and image.

It’s when I don’t look to somebody to give me something. It begins when I earn my pay, my respect and don’t allow any female of any age or asshole of any size to take back my manhood so that I can acknowledge respect them.

I was born in a time when the victimized male is a normal part of my society. I’ve been victimized myself as a boy and a adult. But, as a man…..

As a man. I brush it off. As a man I push on. My body was made to endure. I don’t live in the past I exist in the present. The history of men is that of men having to push themselves. Of men having to endure and struggle to achieve their goals.

Some died in wars. Some came home wounded and scared. Some lost the ability to use one half their bodies from a stroke but we endure or we die.

We wear our struggles like jackets or badages of our passages of manhood. The men we respect are the men that lose their leg from car accident and go to work six months or two weeks later because they have a family to feed.

The history of a man is the endurance and struggle to survive and to conquer our domain. We do not give into fear or the nightmares of our past. We acknowledge the past and examine it and get treatment or talk to a therapist but we can’t live it.

A man. A man lives in the present of his manhood and not in the memories of his boyhood.

In conclusion, I will leave with a quote I read as a child and remembered and understand now as a man.

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.” – 1 Corinthians 13:11

Warm Regards,


The source and the key to He-man’s power. The Morality in a cartoon show

Before Kevin Smith’s Masters of Universe comes out I have thoughts about the whole lore of the He-man universe.

I’m speaking in regards of the remake that happened a couple years ago. One episode in proticular. I think it was titled Grey Skull.

The episode is really a Orgin story not of He-man but Grey Skull hallmarking who he was and what he was and how he was the power. Grey Skull was a person who was tested by life and struggles. He was a man who fought hard and instead of finding some mystical sword given to him by the gods to give him power. No.

Grey Skull became the source of that power. Not just him but he left a legacy or key for his descendants to unlock that power, that honor by calling on his name and acknowledging that they come from him that he is the source.

But, then as Grey Skull’s descendents acknowledge who he is or was they also take up that legacy and call names that represent their own names. The male descendent calls himself He-man or He is the man. The man for what? The man that is called upon to take action. To defend his people. To take hold of the memory of his ancestor and use it as a key to unlock his own identity and power for this age. To take up image of strength and manhood.

The female in turn call on his honor. The essense of his value and worth that Grey Skull handed down not only to his sons, sons but to his sons daughters.

She who takes hold of his honor. She who calls it from past and uses it to transform herself into She-Ra or She who roars power. A princess of Power. A female that is classic. A female that is adored and loved. A female that is born with value and worth handed to her by the honor of her ancestor.

There is just something chilling to this stuff. I mean it’s only a action cartoon. But, there is something teachable about the importance of legacy. The importance of leaving something behind when your gone. The importance of a man protecting his name of striving to bring honor to his ancestors and to his descendents to call on in times of trouble.

Why bring all this up?

I am a son of the Michael. I carry his name and masculine energy. I am guardiandogg. I cew on iron and I spit out bullets.

Am I being silly?

Not really. I know where I come from and I know where I’ve been and I know where I’m going.

Can you say the same?

Warm Regards



I loved when in the OG He-man shows he’s moving forward and fast and transforms into the image of his ancestor.

My mind keeps going back to the 1990s movie Hook and one scene between Peter Pan and the of curse of Hook

Rest in shit kicking glory. Legendary.

It’s that scene when Peter has his kids and he’s “beaten” Hook and is about to leave and take them home. He is turning away from Hook and neverland he’s finished his quest.

Hook isn’t done though. He starts shouting at Peter. Telling Peter that he wants a final battle. He will not stop fucking with Peter until he gets what he wants.

Peter is ignoring him until Hook puts a curse at him.

“If I don’t get my final battle that letter I nailed to your children’s bedroom will be nailed to your children’s children door from this point on to forever. Do you hear me Peter.”- Hook.

Now these aren’t his words entirely but a summary of what I remember. But holy shit. That shit was scary. It stopped Peter in his tracks. He put his daughter down and turned to face his enemy and said, what do you want old man.

The enemy wanted just him. Peter didn’t just accept the battle he flew into the shit not caring that it would be a battle to the death.

That’s what gets me. Some battles you can’t run or walk away from. Some battles don’t end with you simple beating your enemy. Sometimes you have to completely defeat and put your enemy down until he has lost his ability to fight or breath. It’s not a win win thing. It’s a situation where I have to put this bitch down or he’s coming for my legacy kind of thing.

Real talk. That whole scene. Has a classical message about fatherhood and manhood in it. It’s all about a man fighting one battle to the brink of death just so that his descendents don’t have to deal with a fucking war if he don’t finish the shit here and now.

Warm Regards


A MGTOW responses to Guardiandogg

Alright I been waiting for this shit. Here is a reply from my post on men bragging about nothing.

Wow That has got to be one of thickest, dumbest opinions I’ve seen on MGTOW

The fact that you can’t grasp that a man can be a happy bachelor is your problem not mine

Yes, I’m single, yes I make my own money I do what I want and go where I want and spend

Don’t have to worry about
Corrupt Family Courts ,False Accusations etc

Yeah moron you bet your ass I’m going to brag about that and here I am doing it right to your face

And if you’re so THICK that you think MGTOW is about sex then you’re not really deserving of respect

Now if you don’t mind I think I’ll go brag a little and there’s not a fucking thing you can do to stop me

By Neroke

Okay here is my reply….

Holy Shit. I had to thank The Lord for this one ya’aw. Is this mother fucker serious???

Holy shit.

This mother fucker is bragging about not having a legazy to pass on to preserve the traditions and honor of the west and the stories of his people..

Holy shit…

This mother fucker is not bragging about what his father did for him or any men in his life that gave him wisdom and pasted on to him a tradition or self value.

He is not bragging on the greatness of men of the west have done to pave roads and provide the examples for us as men to follow.

This mother fucker is complaining about the bullshit the fucking Baby Boomers handed down to us and not giving a word of action that the men of the west need to raise up and reclaim our BIG DICK Energy from a society that wants to pussfy us.

Holy shit. Holy mother fucking shit. The fucking balls. If you want to be a bachelor and have no legazy. Guess what….

I don’t give a shit. I could not care less. But let me brag a bit…

My father died in his battle against cancer when I was young but did not fail to pass on to me hard work, loyalty to family and friends. That man I will brag about. Vox Day taught me that conflict is in the air we breath and the water we swim in. I needed to embrace it and enjoy. Martin Lawrence taught me life isn’t a joke. I need to fucking ride this mother fucker until the wheels come off.

Let me reintroduce myself….

I am an American Highlander. I cew on Iron and spit out bullets son. I am the legazy of Black Rambos and the pride of my ancesters. I was raised on stories of Cobra and Tango & Cash and the poetry of Robert Frost and rhythms of Tupac Shakur and gospel melodies. I am a man of the west. Get your balls up and join in the struggle..ya heard me.

Warm Regards,


The rules of Bad Ass Rule One: Do not tolerate disrespect

Real talk. Respect is addictive. I’m talking going from people treating you any kind of way at any given moment to….. bitch I earned my right to be here. I ain’t taking your shit.

As a man. No. As a bad ass dude you don’t let nobody put you down unless you started some shit or didn’t put in you 100 and 10 percent on the job. Excellence is what we strive for in what our hand is put to.

You own up to your shit but you don’t take no shit from any shit head or bitch or beta bitch simp for doing your best and getting shit done.

Real talk. Value yourself my dude. Bring value to every fucking thing you do so that no man will ever put you down. Own your self worth.

Respect that is earned is fucking bank able. It determines how people treat you and let’s them know they can’t fuck with you because you bring value to the fucking business or family your apart of. Don’t let no fucking body steal that shit from you or piss on it without a judgment handed down on them.

1st weapon: Go fuck yourself.

2nd weapon: I don’t have to take your shit I’m out.

3rd weapon: Alright square up asshole you just insulted my wife and kids.

A bad ass is a dude that gets his shit done and doesn’t take bullshit or female bullshit from no one.

Warm Regards


Fuck being woke. Your ass needs to be a bad ass part 3

Here we are in my never ending quest of ranting like an old fuck but…

Fuck it. We’re going into part 3 of why your woke ass needs to be a bad ass.

I’m not sorry at all. No I won’t apologize. I wasn’t told this as a kid I saw Commando and Cobra. The two C’s of masculine overdrive works of fucking art of male big dick bad ass attitude.

My own black Rambo Daddy, may he rest in fucking glory was no different.

Men must be bad asses. It’s a rule. Fuck. It’s the law of nature my dude.

Anyway, It’s a lovely sunny day the birds are singing all but for the bitter bitch winds. Still It’s Friday so enjoy the day for what it is.

Warm Regards


What the hell is MGTOW? Part 2 the complaint and the whining

The complaint is valid. Governments have fucked with the private dynamics of male and female relationships. By getting in between private contracts and fucking with old age traditions they’ve fucked up birthing rates and some men’s notion of engaging in governmental marriage contract.

Men have suffered loss of not being allowed to see their legacies or hand down to them their traditions and moral codes in western cultural society. By the laws and un just judges. The current shit has led to men killing themselves over the shit females and the law put them through. Lesser men brake under such conditions when faced with lifes challenges.

Those are the facts now what’s the bullshit?

What is the solution to such an opportunity for a grand scale fight for the MGTOW male. His answer is to not have children, buy a big house and whore the females and much much worse whinning like a fucking bitch.

Holy shit. Holy mother fucking shit!

Of course we as males and men know that to cry like a bitch is a full sign to other males to laugh at you. So the sneaky assholes will just talk about the problem. Joke about the problem. Go on long rants about the problem that last for days and months. But, this is still bitch ass whinning.

So what are the cards staked against you my dude. Flip the fucking table over and square up my dude. Get your balls up and fight.

Okay you don’t want to fix this shit our fathers made. Okay you want to be a fucking whore. Admit it and shut the fuck up my dude because you just played yourself out of the fight.

You ain’t playing low. The fucking amish know what’s up and their still fucking birthing babies and keeping their females in check and their females volunteered for the shit.

Mother fucker stop whinning. Mother fucker stop crying. The bitch you chose fucked you over. Does that mean you can’t fight on? Does that mean shorty broke your fucking back now she wins.

Fuck that shit. We’re men. We age like fine wine my dude. To survive to old age is a miracle for us with how this life is out to fucking kill us when we’re young five years out the womb. We’re men. We fight on in the face of the fucking storm raging against a world that would crush our spirit. We aren’t to be crushed we are crushers in this shit.

That bitch that left you and took your money will be a lonely stank-ass fuck-ugly bitch at forty. Fuck her and the system that supports her. Forty for men in our prime is prime time to start making some bigger moves.

The conflict is a society and laws against me then bring the fight on bitch. I can out breed your ass and out last your asshole laws by my force of will and thrill to be in fight.

I don’t want to avoid conflict. I want embrace it like a shorty 5’5, light enough to lift and ready to claim as my wife on my fucking kitchen table. Bring me that shit.

Warm Regards,


An Ode to Western Masculine legacy

That shit with the Walker CW horse shit kinda pulled out of me a bit of memories from the past. Memories about my own father.

What does it mean to be a man of the west? Our traditions seem but mist in the air in these strange and Peter Pan fantasy days.

I can wish to be a man. I conceive of it if I dream and look up at the north star and cast my childest hopes there to never never land. But it would be bullshit really.

A man has duties and sense of honor. A man has a name that name is his word. It is his pledge of responsibility to his ancestors before him. Who did hope and work to achieve a modest means of a future they handed down and down to him to carry on and to uphold a legacy of honor and pride in the stories of courage buried deep in blood and Iron.

A man is not a pussy. A man faces the realities of life with grit and gusto. A man is born in conflict. Self doubt comes but a father’s words and stories push a man on. To fight and war against fear and pirates of destiny.

Some men fought and died defending the truth. Some men gave in to riches and traded their future for sex and selfish living.

What will you do? What will we do? We men of the west?

Warm Regards,


Just some Random bullshit Walker reboot of Chuck Norris classic show

As a general rule. I don’t watch American television. It’s to much bullshit for me. I’m going to and from work for a few weeks now and have noticed some adds on the side of public busses.

Walker on the CW.

My thoughts at first glance. Hmm. My bullshit meter is going off. I don’t give a shit though so I ignore the shit for a week and then I notice the word reboot on the add.

No. That can’t be.

For those not in the know. Back in the oldies of the 1990s. My grandmother and I like to watch a show called Walker Texas Ranger. Staring Chuck Norris. The show is a simple idea.

Chuck Norris shooting bad guys and kicking them in the face. They have some bullshit stories in between and sitcom drama but in general the formula is the same.

Now flashforward to the cybor punk depression era of today. I decide to find a trailer of Walker. I get a few seconds into it and my bullshit meter is at code red.

For some reason the dude from supernatural is playing Walker. Chuck mother fucking Norris. Okay. That’s five points taken. For some reason it feels like a supernatural feel to it. That’s ten points. For some reason Walker sounds and talks like a pussy.

I can just hear it in his voice. Chuck Norris. Excuse me. Chuck mother fucking Norris isn’t a pussy. He’s a shit kicker bad ass legend that shook Bruce Lee’s hand. He ain’t no pussy.

They’ve taken a story idea from one of the original episodes about Walker’s first wife and him simping about her and being a bitch with a bitch face about it.

Here’s the thing. I saw that episode. It might have been a two part story long. The dude that killed his wife lite a fucking fire in Walker and that changed him into a force of hardcore mother fucking texas justice. He blazed a war path on criminals asses in Texas that made him a mother fucking legend. When a criminal heard Walker is coming that meant surrender or die bitch.

Big dick energy my dude. A true Lone Star shit kicking mother fucking cowboy.

This shit has got to stop. I couldn’t finish the trailer. Five seconds in and no criminal ass was kicked? No one was shot in the dick? What the fuck is this shit?

Holy shit. It’s the CW so who the fuck is going to see this shit? Nobody. Thank God.

Jack pants shitting Dorsey!

I think CW is where manhood goes to fucking die a slow and painful death.

Warm Regards,


SSH or as I like to call it from chad to bitch ass simp

The socio-sexual hierarchy inspired by Vox Day

The Chad sits at the top he is the leader and anker of the male group. He’s the jokerster, if there is a female around then he’s the dude that is charming the panties off a shorty with a smile and a grin. He isn’t a bad guy. He’s the guy everybody likes. The man looked to when the shit hits the fan to lead the men through the shit.

Notable mentions: Chadwick boseman (holy shit)

Bravo is second to the Chad in domance and leadership. He’s the wing man and the dude that can be counted on to to keep the order of the group and make sure the chad’s orders get done.

Mr. Delta is the middle man of a group. Able to follow orders and commands and demands respect in his field and effort for the group. Often the social able gentleman always up for the brothers at work to have a laugh at him.

Gamma Gamma mother fucking bitch. This asshole is the work place shit starter. When everyone is trying to get shit done this asshole is trying sniff shorties and piss off the Chad by being a trouble starting bitch. Holy shit.


My guy have you ever been around a dude that just don’t want to get along. He got to say some fucked up shit on the sly and piss off the group because the dick head is jealous of the fucking chad’s hot ass wife.

Holy shit. This bitch ass is no end of trouble. The minute he’s caught in some bullshit of his own making this bitch ass tries to flip that shit on some one else and act like he’s the offended party and then trying to hit up the Delta’s wife on the low. Holy shit. This bitch is a shepherd for the devil. A male with a masters degree in female bullshit. Holy mother fucking shit.

Sigma. The quiet one. Often fucked with a little . temperamental failure in multiple shit tests. Expert in his field of study. You got to watch this dude and keep a distance because he smells like shit.

The Outsider. The lone wolf. The seducer of the females and the dominant figure people look to when the chad isn’t around.  He knows the SSH order of things but he don’t give a shit. He knows enough to not get muscled into the alpha position. Fuck that nosie he wants to do his own thing and not be fitted into a fucking box.


This dude is a fucking mystery dude and he ain’t one to agree to be controlled or led by the alpha anywhere my dude. He does have a minor fault. If you see him beating the shit out of talkative, shit talking, trouble making asshole clown. You can bet money on that shit that it’s a gamma that he’s getting the business end of royal flush beat down.

Warm Regards,