An Ode to Western Masculine legacy

That shit with the Walker CW horse shit kinda pulled out of me a bit of memories from the past. Memories about my own father.

What does it mean to be a man of the west? Our traditions seem but mist in the air in these strange and Peter Pan fantasy days.

I can wish to be a man. I conceive of it if I dream and look up at the north star and cast my childest hopes there to never never land. But it would be bullshit really.

A man has duties and sense of honor. A man has a name that name is his word. It is his pledge of responsibility to his ancestors before him. Who did hope and work to achieve a modest means of a future they handed down and down to him to carry on and to uphold a legacy of honor and pride in the stories of courage buried deep in blood and Iron.

A man is not a pussy. A man faces the realities of life with grit and gusto. A man is born in conflict. Self doubt comes but a father’s words and stories push a man on. To fight and war against fear and pirates of destiny.

Some men fought and died defending the truth. Some men gave in to riches and traded their future for sex and selfish living.

What will you do? What will we do? We men of the west?

Warm Regards,



Just some Random bullshit Walker reboot of Chuck Norris classic show

As a general rule. I don’t watch American television. It’s to much bullshit for me. I’m going to and from work for a few weeks now and have noticed some adds on the side of public busses.

Walker on the CW.

My thoughts at first glance. Hmm. My bullshit meter is going off. I don’t give a shit though so I ignore the shit for a week and then I notice the word reboot on the add.

No. That can’t be.

For those not in the know. Back in the oldies of the 1990s. My grandmother and I like to watch a show called Walker Texas Ranger. Staring Chuck Norris. The show is a simple idea.

Chuck Norris shooting bad guys and kicking them in the face. They have some bullshit stories in between and sitcom drama but in general the formula is the same.

Now flashforward to the cybor punk depression era of today. I decide to find a trailer of Walker. I get a few seconds into it and my bullshit meter is at code red.

For some reason the dude from supernatural is playing Walker. Chuck mother fucking Norris. Okay. That’s five points taken. For some reason it feels like a supernatural feel to it. That’s ten points. For some reason Walker sounds and talks like a pussy.

I can just hear it in his voice. Chuck Norris. Excuse me. Chuck mother fucking Norris isn’t a pussy. He’s a shit kicker bad ass legend that shook Bruce Lee’s hand. He ain’t no pussy.

They’ve taken a story idea from one of the original episodes about Walker’s first wife and him simping about her and being a bitch with a bitch face about it.

Here’s the thing. I saw that episode. It might have been a two part story long. The dude that killed his wife lite a fucking fire in Walker and that changed him into a force of hardcore mother fucking texas justice. He blazed a war path on criminals asses in Texas that made him a mother fucking legend. When a criminal heard Walker is coming that meant surrender or die bitch.

Big dick energy my dude. A true Lone Star shit kicking mother fucking cowboy.

This shit has got to stop. I couldn’t finish the trailer. Five seconds in and no criminal ass was kicked? No one was shot in the dick? What the fuck is this shit?

Holy shit. It’s the CW so who the fuck is going to see this shit? Nobody. Thank God.

Jack pants shitting Dorsey!

I think CW is where manhood goes to fucking die a slow and painful death.

Warm Regards,


A cheap knock-off of goodness

I am Christian with all the bells and whistles and social hang ups that come with having an objective standard to the way I think and the kindness and affection I bestow to my fellow man or hu-man, if you will. So, you’ve been forewarned.

(dramatic pause)

I hate evil and so should you.

Evil is a cheap knock sham of goodness and the beauty of truth. Where love should be in place of father feeding and caring his son and daughter with evil you find hateful neglect and crimes worthy of death and imprisonment.

I’m sure your imagination can fill in for you on merits of hugging a child vs the stupidity of harming a youth in the infancy of their years of living.

You’ll have to excuse my fancy for the poetic at this time. The inspiration of this post is coming from the dark revelations of pedophilia and ramped unchecked evil in high positions of dominance coming out of the Catholic Church tribe

Not, that I speak from such a high position of  moral nobility. There are similar cases that have come out of the protest-ant band of brothers of which I throw my hat in but really this hellish evil is every where. In the hills of Hollywood and in the backdoor business rooms of eastern coast of my county. Can any country be free of this poison.

It’s a conveniently evil modern age we live in for all it’s mixture of the modern marvels of technology and freedoms. As I have said once before, life isn’t simple or easy to understand or live. Yet, I wouldn’t dare say that I would wish to live in a different age then I’m in.

I’m a 21st poor man of letters my interest very but are limited. I’m not overall an above average intelligent man. But, I find myself thinking on evil a lot this year more then then my previous years of existence.

Why would a purely loving God allow this to happen? One might ask. I wouldn’t know. I don’t believe in purely loving weak God. My God is Holy and the source of all Goodness and justice. The better question is why would a Holy GOD stand to be around people determined to ignore and turn their backs on abused children and render justice for their fellow-man and indeed exchanging their cheap knock-off morality for what they know in their hearts is nothing more then dark twisted imaginations from a wonderland of hell.

I told you before, I hate evil (present tense, always) and so should you.

L. M. Paker

What does it mean to be a man?

The question of manhood?

I’ve spent almost the whole of my youth and adult years wrestling with this question. I’ve set it a side at times in favor of focusing on crafting a life for myself or perfecting my art of the written word. But, the question never really goes away or the need to put away childish mindsets for the freedom and some times hardships of being a man.

What brings on these thoughts now in a blog post?

In the continuing series in the Life of A Prince, The Engagement, The Gathering and the last book still forthcoming  I’ve written about men of different backgrounds and character traits and shades of masculine natures. These archetypes of manhood didn’t come easy for me to craft into the story in my limited experiences being in the company of strong male figures. Most of my experiences have come from books, observations and analyzing whether or not a male could keep his word or valued his own word because I was also experienced having male figures in my life not keep their promises or word to me.

I grew up for a large half of my life without my Dad’s influences from the age of 11 when my father died of cancer. I have had misty recollections of him when I was a child to this current time and I have struggled at times throughout my life keeping his template in my thoughts. My father was strong of Christian male character and valued physical exercise and loyalty to family and friends. Though, he wasn’t faultless because he was indeed mortal and a man. He had his human pride and anger. He made mistakes and had to learn to be a man without even knowing who his own father was.

We both grew up into adulthood without a father figure in our lives. We both shared that common thread of many black men. Though, my Dad became more of a man much faster then I for whatever strange reason. My lessons came much more harder. Still, this isn’t a complaint. Life isn’t easy or simple and I have never seen any value in complaining about the faults of humans in my life both past and present in falling short of honesty and perfection. What I learned the hard way I hope to write stories and show examples for other young males on the quest for manhood to see and learn from the easy way.

But, I can not finish this post without answering my own question as best as I can. Though, I am still a semi/self taught student of the subject.

What does it mean to be a man? 

A man is of a strong moral character. He doesn’t abandon his responsibilities or shrink away from the trials of life. A man faces the challenges of life and strives to overcome no matter his disadvantages born with or thrust upon his body or life. He does not give in to evil but overcomes evil with righteous.

L.M. Parker