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Chapter 8

Vince in the meeting room with Andrew at his side outside boxing ring newly set up for the bout in the middle of the room. He had on boxing trunks and nothing else. Andrew frowned at the scars that maped Vince’s upper body and a large HM tattoo that covered his worst wound on the right side of his chest.

“Where or when did you get that one from?” Andrew asked him before the doors opened to admit Ran and another Elderly Orc that looked similar to Ran but had a black long go-tee.

Vince nodded to the elder. The Elder frowned at him and then stared at the double H tattoo on Vince’s chest. He gave ran a look.

“You going to answer my question?” Andrew asked.

Vince looked at his grandfather. “It was a disagreement between me and my brother. I saddled it.”

“Pete and you wouldn’t come to blows like that.”

“I meant my pledge brother. I got a free tattoo out of it. So no harm done.” Vince said.

Vince faced off with Ran and the Elder. “Good evening Mr. Ross. Mr. Slicer will be joining us soon then?”

Ran waved a hand at him. “Fuck the formal talk, my Elder is an Alumni of the double H.”

Vince frowned but relaxed when he took a better look at the Orc and saw the double H ring on his left ring finger.

“Slicer hasn’t arrived yet? We were expecting him at least to show up twenty minutes ago. Was he at your house?”

Ran grimanced but nodded. “Yes. I told em to follow me down here or he would lose the match by default. I still have clan at the house so don’t worry.”

Vince made a face and froze when the Ross Elder froze at the sight and narrowed his eyes at him. Vince locked his gaze with the Elder and held out his hand. “Excuse me manners. I am Vince Delta.”

The Elder reluctantantly took his hand in a firm quick shake. “I am Deamon Ross. Ran’s great uncle and head of the Ross tribe. You are apart of the new human horseman to join the horseman in this current century I believe.”

Vince shrugged letting go of the elder’s hand. “Mostly human and little bit of everything else.”

“Meaning you are mutt of sorts.” Deamon said.

Vince again shrugged. “What of it?” He said.

Deamon stared at him. Vince stared back and smiled slowly. “Do I trouble you or do you stand on firm ground?” He asked.

Deamon flinched at the question glancing at Ross. Ross stared at him saying nothing. Deamon looked back at Vince and studied him.

“You walk a fine line. Nothing troubles me. I am concerned with the level of your fire. Your brother was not one to handle the bout so I’ve heard.” Deamon said.

Vince stared at him. “You have seen my fire burn. My brother is his own man. Let him speak for himself. Address the horseman rider before you. Don’t hide with pleasentries or silent jabs. Do you wish to test me?”

Deamon’s response was a slow grin. “Your eyes prove who you really are. I don’t like you. I don’t approve of you.”

“What are the rules?” Vince asked.

Deamon laughed. “You lose when you submit or your own able to go on hu-man. Only the mighty deserves Ahlar.”

Vince stepped closer and then gentle put a hand to Deamon’s shoulder and pushed him aside to face Slicer and his brothers. “Your late.”

Silver had on golden gloves and was bare chested with white trunks on. His brothers were armed with bats and knives.

“Look what we got here.” Andrew said with a chuckle.

Andrew stepped forward with a cigar in his mouth a 12 gauge shot gun in his hands and two glock 19s in his gunbelt.

Slicer chuckled. “You think that old hu-man will stop all of us.”

The sound of another shotgun being chucked behind Slicer and his people wiped the smile off his face.

“Slicer is the only one going in.” Pete said from behind the Slicer Orcs. “The rest of you fuckers stay out of it.” He said.

Vince smiled waving Slicer inside. “Come on mother fucker. Let’s go.”

Slicer ran inside narrowly smashing into Ran and Deamon and swung his fist at Vince.

Vince dodged to the side and came back with two jabs and right cross. Slicer went falling into a table but got to his feet quickly came Vince again with ramming speed tackling him to the ground and started pummeling him.

Vince’s head was rocked back and saw black. He came awake the second Slicer came off him. Vince kneed him in the balls.

Slicer screamed grabbing his own balls as Vince came up. His head hurt and blood flowed from his nose and mouth.

“Hey the fights over. I knocked his ass out.” Slicer complained.

Vince advanced on Slicer. Slicer again tried to tackle Vince but he side-stepped him and tripped up Slicer’s ankle.

Slicer went down hard face planting on the floor but he again came up only to turn as Vince rocked his body with kidney punch from the right to the left and then finishing off the combos with elbow shot to the Slicer’s chin.

Slicer dropped to the floor. He lay on the floor motionless until Vince kicked him in the abdomen.

Slicer gasped and coughed on the floor. Vince stood over him.

“Get up, bitch. I ain’t done.” Vince said.

Slicer looked at Deamon. “I won. He blacked out the fight is over.”

Deamon frowned and looked at Ross. “He’s right the human blacked out.”

Ran stared at him. “Are you sure about your decision?”

Deamon grimanced but he nodded. “Joc wins this round. There is still best of two more matches. The battle isn’t over.”

Ran nodded. He turned to Vince. “You lost this round. You better prepare for the next one.” Ran said and nodded over to Slicer. Joc slowly came to his feet shaky but smiling in victory.

Vince nodded and went over to Slicer and kneed him in the balls again. Slicer went down quickly and Vince got on top of him and started beating his face.

Deamon looked at Ran. Ran stared back at him. “Is there something you wish to say?”

“How long will this continue?” Deamon asked quietly.

Ran stared at him. “Until, I am satisfied Joc Slicer is prepared for his next match.”