an argument for #Blackpill to end. #Excellence

Part 2

Truth and lies.

There are things in this life I like many young boys and young men were taught to follow the path of go to school, go to college maybe university and above all else get a degree.

Because knowledge is power.

It’s only as you age and hopefully gain wisdom you realize this a lie. In short people with power or in positions of power very few times have or gained their power by being knowledgeable or as discerning. In fact the world is not run by rulers of superior knowledge.

It’s run by people with the understanding that power is power.

How does this relate to Blackpills or excellence? A positive point toward Blackpillers is that some of it’s propopoants declare that a man should not live his life on lies or a fictional view of how the world works. A man should embrace the harsher element of the truth of life.

Where then the Blackpill ideology falls apart is that it stops there or it does go the extra mile. What is the purpose then of gaining knowledge for a proticular craft your interested in or have a natural talent in?

I push forth my own answer in blunt fashion as so:

To shine with excellence and to be the man people look to get shit done.

Excellence and application of what you do and how you do it are the gifts that come with achieving high levels of knowledge in a chosen field, profession, trade or craft. The time taken to sparken your skills to learn new skills and better perform over the other guy is what a man strives for in gaining respect,.position and an elevation of power.

Yes. There is a harshness to this world. A unforgivingness to this world but men were created in this world and for ages men have conquered and dominated in this world. Currently in the first world it doesn’t seem so much true but

Men achieve high levels of excellence in the heart of conflict difficulties and pain. Life comes with pain and trouble but this is not new. This is the reality our ancestors dealt with managed and in some cases mastered by embracing the truth and excelling in to high levels of excellence and self-esteem.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Warm regards


Spring time in a recession/political depression….#poetry

My allergies are kicking my ass.

The day to day journey’s from home to work and back again fill me with woe.

Not for the work or job as it be. It’s because of the consent bullshit shit in the metaphorical air. I’m allergic to bullshit and politically motivated as such there is alot in the air in that regards.

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It’s a upon us. The season you work longer hours and think about chances to grab more out of a week and day. The prices aren’t falling. So the pay must keep raising.

There’s a reason for it all. There’s a cause behind it all I just can’t name him.

Beta bitch Joe Biden

Oh well. I can’t seem to remember the name of the person. All I can hear are voices continually talking about Will Smith for some reason.

Warm regards


Music and life currently….

It’s a on again and off again relationship. I don’t know. I feel music deeply. It can be like a instant energy booster for me a vast realization of the limits of how far I can go with something and still…and still be obsessed over it.

I have a audiophile memory in regards to music. I remember songs and tones to the minute and timing. Yet, I am at a consent struggle to remember names and planning for events….

Still. I love it. I adore it. I hate it for the lack of wishful thinking it gives me of what if….then I the reality that I can never grasp true grand mastery and yes and yes why can’t earn anything of monetary value from this shit.

Still it haunts me. It draws me back to it. My fingers play on the keys…..

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My ears listen in on Spotify app. I turn up the volume on record player…..

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I feel in those moments rest. Real rest. I find work in writing. I work in work that pays.

Still I find only one value in music. Sweet rest and sweet memories of days of peace and serenity.

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Warm regards


Thinking about the black culture….and my own tribe.

It’s a complicated question that I find interesting about the Black American culture as it is self named currently and how think of myself.

What is Black Culture? How do you define it? How do you label as such as it should or as it is?

I don’t like the name Black culture. Though it rings true to many of the nation. I don’t like the music current or the weird fucked up relationships with baby Mommas and baby Daddy’s. The tattoos of advertisements from other cultures that people stamp on their bodies and the lack of fuck all or give a damn about language and body modifications to what is naturally you.

I say this now though. I was of an opinion to such at one time but for how I was raised and I am a admit to be so an anamony. I am not the norm I am of a different tribe mindset and personality.

Hmm. I still think on the question. What is a uniting aspect of people with Black Culture. It’s only recently I found a source to it by way of a patriarch apart of the Black American culture but seperate. Identify with his philosophy and I rock with mindset and pursuit of excellence in his chosen vacation.

“To sum up what mamba mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself,” Kobe Bryant

I see this mindset play out in generations of people striving to do live this way both intentionally and those that striving for something better. A better situation in life. Better relationships, better modes of making money, etc.

It goes on and on. It is a common tract. The Mamba philosophy.

My mind goes back to images and of 1960s and early 1900s Black cultures rose and the way the operated. The mindset of the culture in that time. Again I think of the movie Malcom X and the scene of power.

Was this a mask?

Was it all just a front the people in the day put up as their means of survival and trying to look white in a white dominanted society? Honestly the people back then had it worse then my generation with far less then I have. They had act in a certain way. They had to move in a certain way and again not every single member of the nation agreed to do so. But, more then a few did so. Was all just a mask for the times.

No. It was simple a mindset. The people knew they were viewed as innocent children, violent animals or peasant race. Some accepted these theories and acted accordingly others knew it was in….


Some not all. But, enough people were of a tribal mindset that they would strive to be the best versions of themselves and be controlled by the images other people put on them. They wanted to be their own people that decided what their views of themselves would be. They weren’t perfect or all together good. But, they had a version for something not to be independent of what the messages were of them.

Those people were my ancestors. My tribesmen of a kind. The tradesmen I could I dentify. Trufully we never were African-Americans. That was just always a place holder term.

What changed?

More freedom for black people to be who they are? Yes and no.

It’s complicated but personally I just think the programming methods got better advanced. For a time there was programming geared toward positive images of my tribe during the 1990s with shows like Family Matters and A different world and the shows of the 1980s.

In conclusion….

I go back to this quote ..

“To sum up what mamba mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself,” Kobe Bryant

Kobe didn’t live his life striving to be better the Michael Jordan or a better Larry Bird. He lived striving to be the best Kobe he could be. I rock with that. That is independent of being like anything else. It is striving to improve on what is original.

Now. How do I really think of myself. I think of myself as I am an Aboriginal. I’m not trying to be like anyone else. I’m not trying to mask lingo or hustle & flow to my speech and lyrical bard harold of my message….

This me striving everyday to be a better version of myself. I fail. I try again. I write everyday. I put in the work. I go full steam and strive to be the best me I can be then I was two days ago.

Warm regards


I really do blame MGTOW for condoning beta bitch behavior in the west….

Real talk.

Alright here’s the inspiration for this post.

It’s a simple social media post about family and baby making being good.

That’s it.

I’m peeking the post and just reading a stream of bitching, whining and moaning about court case arguments, motorcycles, blackpills that basically summarize to be…

No. Nooooo. It’s wrong. It’s wroooong. Family is dead. Baby making is the means to inslaving the male pocketbook. NOOOOO!

Holy shit.

Granted there are two waves of opinions in the comment section..

one wave of photos of shit kickers showing off large families and crushing in the baby making business. So many mountain man muscled bearded dudes with hot damn ass wives with baby on her hip and one in her stomach. Most of these folks look like they’re from another era. Where did what they wanted and their females because biology.

Big Dick Energy era.

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The other group is whining about chickas and family court and it being the end times so it’s time to take the time to look up in the sky and forget about all that baby making stuff the world is heating up and getting scary and…..

The era of the MGTOW

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Holy fucking shit.

It’s the whining. It’s the complaining. It’s the beta bitch energy. I know it well. I used to be in that crowd. But, holy fucking shit. I never complained as much as the later group does about something some of them are afraid of or talk shit about what somebody else is crushing AND some of these assholes never intended to do from the jump.

I would say to each his own opinion but fuck that shit. Grown man afraid of having a family with a female and having kids is weird but whatever. Grown man saying having kids is stupid and evil also instructing young man not have a family or to live as they do and think as they do.

Na’aw son. Now your starting to sound like a fucking cult of fucking hockers, riding motorcycles and bitching about life being hard and baby making being evil.

Hmm. I got questions for the dude in the dark overdosing on Blackpills and porn.

Okay whose side are you on? Who are you working for?”

How can a man complain about the system and take advantage of it being fucked up. While advocating for the shit to stay broken by enaction to a problem set before him. For twenty fucking years.

Does any of that make any mother fucking sense? Wait. Yes it does make sense. If your a welling idiot or undercover agent of the system. You want to do your best to keep the system fucking over men and human relationships in the west. Instead of men taking charge and reclaiming dominance you would advocate for the shit show to continue by men not taking on traditional roles of manhood. Fatherhood. Dominance. Building. Conquering.

In summary…

Men fix shit. We build better shit or we repair broke shit. We don’t complain like a fucking bitch for twenty fucking years about something being broken unless your a beta bitch simp.

Warm regards


Leave me alone….Ana

We started out with kisses and hugs. It was sweet and comfortable nerd love. We laughed and we saw marvel and DC movies. That time is done though…let’s move on.

You keep calling me up on my phone. I block your number but you message me on Instagram. I block you there to but you stalk me all over the internet. I see your messages follow me all over social media. You haunt me like a demon of the night…..Ana please.



Just stop talking get the fucking hell on.

This has gone for to long. Why can’t you be normal for a week. Monday your calm and normal. Tuesday You bring up old shit that happened three years ago. I apologized a thousand times over and it’s never enough.. I try to plead with you to stop talking to me. To stop messaging me on my burner phone. Why can’t you hear me. Ana…please.



Just stop talking bitch you need to get the fuck on.

Warm regards


The docs are out on Pfizer and all the other kill shot vaccines…fucking hell.

The report

Holy shit my dude. I jusr thought it was heart failure shit people that took the shot would have to worry about. The side adverse effects list is fucking long spans and is looking like the perfect storm for something in the fucking list having a damn effect on anyone that took it.

I’m still trying to process the shit. It’s just to fucking long. Here’s a short list as follows:

A 38-page report included in the documents features an Appendix, “LIST OF ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST,” that lists 1,291 different adverse events following vaccination. The list includes acute kidney injury, acute flaccid myelitis, anti-sperm antibody positive, brain stem embolism, brain stem thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, cardiac ventricular thrombosis, cardiogenic shock, central nervous system vasculitis, death neonatal, deep vein thrombosis, encephalitis brain stem, encephalitis hemorrhagic, frontal lobe epilepsy, foaming at mouth, epileptic psychosis, facial paralysis, fetal distress syndrome, gastrointestinal amyloidosis, generalized tonic-clonic seizure,-

This is a short list my dude. Look this shit up my dude. It’s unreal that nobody is going to jail my dude for this shit and what the fuck is anti-sperm antibody positive?!

Damn. Just fucking damn.

Warm regards


Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 2 Heart

It was 2 a.m.

I couldn’t sleep again. Every time I closed my eyes I saw my Momma’s shop bathed in blood and seeing her purse on the counter and her slippers on the floor. I sipped on the one beer I allowed myself a day now. I couldn’t allow it to become a weakness. Momma hated drunks and weak willed people. I couldn’t disappoint her. Not now.

I sat in the living room playing a game of solitaire on my mother’s coffee table. I just needed time. Time to think and time wait for this shit to get easier to deal with.

“Hey what the hell you doing?” Ace said.

I looked up and smiled at him. I noticed the female next to him but ignored her as I came to my feet. “Waiting for you. I couldn’t sleep. Diamond and Joe are upstairs sleeping in their old rooms.” I said.

Ace walked over and took me in a hug. I started crying then. “You made it.”

“I’m here. I’m here.” He said and then pulled away looked at my face and wiped a hand down my face to wipe my tears away. “Stacy. Baby could you go get my brother something to eat and give us a minute.”

“Okay.” Stacy said and walked away.

Ace stared at me. “What’s fucking with you?”

“I saw what they did to her at the shop. Joe was with some shortie and missed picking Momma up. She called me down to walk her home. I got to the shop and the door was open. I the place was painted in blood-“

“Holy shit.”

I turned to see both Diamond and Joe in the room pale face. Ace blocked them from my vision. “Go on.”

“It was to much.. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.. What they did to her. It wasn’t real it couldn’t be real.. But it was what it was. I lost it and screamed loud enough to woke up the whole damn neighborhood came then and they luckily kept me from going inside.. Somebody called the city guards and mage medics. I came back around when Joe came around and gave the guards my statement. I’ve kept it together barely but your here. We’re all together again. It’s going to be alright.”

Ace stared at me and nodded. “We’re all here. We’re all in this together.” He said.

We gathered around each other. I finally could relax enough to close my eyes and not see it.

Warm regards


Power Dynamics: Structures of power

My brother, Red and I had a brief discussion of Power last night again a subject I’ve become interested in of late for a host of reasons but one main issues.

Some people hold Joe Biden to be in a position of power. To be the President of United States of America. This belief is held together by messages repeated on TV, on current internet channels and various left and Right binary positions.

Seriously look at this man.

I can’t even hold a notion of this man as a wise elder in my mind. I can’t get a vibe or energy about the man when he speaks or looks serious. I see him and hear in his voice and manner.

Weakness. Foolishness. Beta bitch. Low energy.

Nearly the only group of people that collectively see this and voice it openly are shit kickers and shit kicking cowboys.

Red brought forth to my forgotten memory an example of power from the movie Malcolm X.

A scene that spoke of power. One man commanding a tribe of his people to stand at attention and then when all was well he calmly singles them to go home.

It’s not only a command of power but it is a power structure those people in that tribe have agreed to. It shows the power of an individual and the power of a united people hearts and minds.

This isn’t good or bad. It’s power.

Final thoughts….

I grew up thinking power was a college education. It was owning your business. It was in having a lot of money. It was influences on people.. NO!

Power is power.

Warm regards


A second prologue of Styx Shade

The full story


20 years ago
Hank and Marth Smith named the child John Smith and raised him up in the ways of Edo and practical living. Hank taught him pugilism and how to wield his mother’s knife and fire arms and the code of self defense. Martha taught him the lessons of Edo and the value of life and protection of the innocence. She bought him his first pairs of tinted glasses when they surmised early on that John’s eyes were weakest during sunlight hours.

On John’s 17th year he went out into the city to find work and make a name for himself as a man.

His prospects weren’t great from the onset because of his strange eyes and elvish appearance lanky body and quiet foot steps put people off and comsently got him into trouble to the point he could only make his living as at night as a pick pocket and night burglar.

He had a bet going with the other young thieves of the neighborhood that he could steal from the house of a Oricle her priced possession and not get caught.

John was a foolish young man thought oricles and seeing the future was horseshit so he bit right into the bet.

It was on his third house in the low district of Dove row that hit his abrupt pause in his thieving career.

It was late in to midnight when he stole his way into the house through a open window on the second floor.

John was a excellent climber and light on his feet as any young rogue of his profession. The house was clean and quiet. No signs of life inside only books and a few furniture items placed around the house.

Young John frowned at the filled book shelves easily reading the titles in the dark rooms. He had always had sharp eyes in the night but counter nearly blind vision in the daylight hours.

He searched the house looking for treasure or bank notes to steal and payment for his efforts. He found none. Only books and strange items he saw no value in.

He searched the downstairs ground floor up and down finding only a few bank notes on the kitchen table. He snagged two apples from the cobers for his trouble and a nice pair of jade tinted glasses set on a book about the tales of Styx Amoore. He read through the book and set it down only to pick up and headed for the back exit in the kitchen.

He saw a lady dressed in a white night gown sitting on the upper stairs smoking a thin cigar waiting for him.

John was more then a little shook by her appearance and direct stare at him. He dropped the book and held up his ebony dagger. “Don’t come any closer witch.”

The Oricle laughed softly. “I’m no witch sonny. I’m the owner of this house you came a thieving into. They call you John Smith. But that’s not your name.”

Warm regards


The more I learn about the Ukrain/Russia situation the more I realize it’s complicated and it has nothing to do with me or democracy….

My learning process is still ongoing but I’m pretty positive that the Ukraine/Russia situation has nothing to do with me. Sure some NWO leaders of America have a stake in Ukraine for their own reasons.


Oh. I’m going to start calling them the New World Order. Yes. It’s stupid but it’s what they call themselves behind closed doors during political wrestling matches while they dream of new bullshit laws to make dicks small again.


Ukraine is in part a silent but not so Silent NWO member. So this is really a match between The Russian Bear vs the NWO silent pimp cocain democrat.

I’m not a big brain on political bullshit and the reasons of war. The key to all this is one man…..

Joe Biden.

Without him being “elected” none of this bullshit would be going on at the speed it’s going. Am I making an argument that T-Money would have stopped this? No. I’m saying Joe Biden being a factor helped to speed this shit along. This shit was always going to happen. Why? It’s the one thing both the hellmouth and everyone else is saying.

Is the Ukrainian government innocent lambs in this whole scenario?

Is mother Russia the great evil of the east? See Hellmouth news for more information.

I have no idea how this situation is going to play out but keep in mind just because hellmouth news isn’t talking about Covid as much doesn’t mean the propaganda has stopped. It’s war porn season baby. WW3 will be good for ratings.

Warm regards