Where’s the bullshit? The game not on consoles

I don’t mean to do it. It just comes to me sometimes when I hear an absolute statement or someone’s trying to sell me something.

That’s nice but where’s the bullshit?

I don’t watch the news or listen to a politician speak on what they’re planning or whose the “real” enemy because automatically I find myself thinking.

Okay. Now where’s the bullshit?

Because I know humans in general do a lot of bullshiting. You can only trust someone completely when they’re telling you who they are.

Example. Ben Shaprio. I remember watching the Rubin Report long time ago. It was an early interview. Where Dave talked with Shaprio about his personal political beliefs and what matters to him.

Shaprio was open and honest about his classical Liberal beliefs and of course he points out that he is a jew a number of times on the show.

He talks about being jewish a lot. So I know two things. He is a classical Liberal (whatever the hell that means now a days) and he cares strongly about being a jew and America protecting Israel and fighting against Israel’s enemies. He values his Jewishness as he should it’s his heritage and he is a citizen of Israel of course.

What struck me was how nakedly honest he was about being a liberal. Of course he wouldn’t say I am a liberal blue dog. He has a wife and kids to feed and asses to kiss. His whole stick is being a bullshit artist for the GOP stable of Hoes. But, that’s what he is from his own lips.

We all bullshit. When someone tells you trust me this is exactly what’s going on or your silly or dumb for thinking something else.

My questions are. Why do you give a fuck? Are you paying my fucking bills, bitch?


Where’s the bullshit?

Warm Regards,


An Ode to Lone Star Shit kicking Cowboys

Okay theirs white people and then theirs lone star shit kicking Cowboys.

I haven’t met natives from the wild west Arizona parts but I fucking heard stories of mother fuckers open carring with a Wyatt Earp gun belt on their hips and cowboy hat at a gangster lean to the right.

Holy shit!

I’m not talking in a Marketing Issue bullshit tone. I’m talking about some real shit my dude. Be proud of who you are and rock your shit. Own your shit.

Lone Star shit Kicking Cowboys are on that real shit. Big trucks, cowboy hats on any given day and shit kicking Cowboy boots to match.

Hot damn!

That’s some real shit. The only fault I would have against them is their all to damn nosy all the time.

Lone Star shit kickers are a friendly bunch and at times a little to nosy for my east city slicker ways. They keep it real warm and nice and all.

They fucking got a heritage out here and history of it’s own.

I like that. I rock with that. I appreciate that real shit my dude.

Warm Regards,


Holy shit crept keeper Joe is on a roll

Holy shit!

Holy mother-fucking shit!

The fucking ride doesn’t end. I don’t know about you my friend but we are living in exciting times. No other country on this god forsaken planet can dream and hope and pray for a fucking crept keeper corpse to be the next president and be surprised when

Shit starts hitting the fan when we get what we asked for. Hey, I didn’t vote for the corpse and chief but fuck it. I’m in this shit with my fellow dumbass.

Mother fuckers are surprised they didn’t get the high prized hocker and cocain they were promised now that Big-T is out playing golf and sitting on a bed of money wondering what mother fucker will he sue first for liable.

Holy shit! That sound your hearing is me shitting myself with laughter. Please sweet Jesus let the fucker live for two more years. I need some joy in my life.

I’m sitting in a financial depression and surrounded by a confederacy of dunces that can’t see it.

[Ten points to my book nerd family if you guessed the reference correctly.]

Holy shit!


Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

We live in a time of historical events. A time of testing and a time we few, we proud and inheritors of the rebel blood of independent soldiers get the shit test.

In other words, get some balls and strap in and ride this mother fucker until the wheels come off.

[A hundred points to my comedy family if you get the last line.]

Warm Regards


Thoughts on my on own U.S. History

History, I think testifies of it best. There’s nothing new under the sun. If one man has thought of a world view or thought of a concept there’s is a record of it’s performance.

You can learn a lot from the historical origins of a political ideology as you can from different forms of storytelling and writing styles that seem to transcend years and cultures and speak to the people of any time. Words and narratives that pull on deeper super national and natural meanings. Should a man, any man be owned by a political systems.

I’m not so much a historical hobbyist of history in general but some I reading stories about my own nation and people groups histories shape me.

The Declaration of Independence. A remarkable well written piece of literary work that shaped a brief memoir of the story of the times the people lived in. By directing a bold and blunt picture of what in justice looks like the true evils of Tyrant in royal robs. It is the prologue and the reason for the proceeding Constitution and amendments that would follow. Imbedded in the text is the sub text of Liberation for the free man from the tyrant failed political system.

Though not all together the most noblest of men they were the most courageous to sign their names to a document that represented a worldview they were willing to die for.  They made mistakes. They also had grand dreams of Liberty to bestow on their own children’s children.

I think of my own people group. My Black history from chains of greed, to individuals who grabbed our own dreams of liberty at one time through hard work and determination to be own people and not be ruled by the chains. Liberated men and women who were the leaders of their own prosperity and navigators of their own histories.

Liberty.  To be liberated from enslaved thinking. To be free willed and not controlled by the false Gods in high places or political tyrants in high places.

L. M. Parker.