Reflections of a year….

So yeah. I’ve away a bit and working a lot and reflecting on 2022 my mistakes and my wins. I total shit up and I think to myself….

Hot damn! What a time to be alive. If you can’t tell by now I am a thinker and a man that is on a general move to improving myself and trying to make the most of my time here on earth in this frame I’m in toward not being somebody elses burden. I want to be on my own square doing my own thing and trying to impart what I’ve learned so far. I’m a work in progress.

So the my saga or my journey continues.

Warm Regards


Cyberpunk morning 12

Word was out the Yellow Demon was coming for Demon Ross and one fixer had plans to make sure he got him….

Chapter 2


I stood in Eddie’s garage along with his bandmates and Miss James listening in from my detapad. Eddie folded his arms across his chest after I told him the news that the Yellow Demon was going after Ross. Cash was already maping out the building and a plan of attack in the next 48 hours. The time table was tight but it could and would be done.

“What the fuck difference does it make to us Sigma? We ain’t in the business of getting involved in other people’s business.”

I stared at him. “I need 50 credits and your best man to make sure the job gets done.”

Eddie laughed while the others were quiet. He put on a good front. “You want us to pay you to handle a job we don’t give a shit about?”

I shook my head. “I’m a fixer. I handle jobs so you don’t have to give a shit about it. Ross is selling children to Jackels in your city. The boy isn’t the only child he’s selling tomorrow night. I need 60 credits and a champion on loan to make sure the job is done.”

Gino stepped up. “You said 50.”

“The number goes up the longer you royal assholes keep bullshiting me. You all got family and ties to the nomads that run deep. I know about nomad laws on finding a Jackel. Your not warriors or generals. You’ll only get in the way of my plans.”

“Again. I’m missing the reason we should pay you to kill some piece of shit Jackel.” Eddie said again trying to bullshit us.

“80 credits.” Miss James said from the intercom of my detapad. “Ross needs to be removed by perfessionals such as my husband. We are awhere of your plans. It is not necessary and besides the point we have nomad legal right to first kill. He is a threat to my future children.”

I kept my smile back. Miss James was pulling the right cards and emotions.

Eddie held up a hand stopping the others from talking. He looked at me. “100 credits and make sure every Jackel that comes to that auction dies. If you only get Ross it will be 80 credits. You get one champion as a sniper. Yellow Demon gets a clear path to a honor kill. Deal.” He said holding out his hand.

I grasped his hand in a firm shake. “Thanks for letting me handle it. I don’t mean any disrespect to you. But, we can’t afford him to get away. He’s gotten to big but he’ll have a plan to slip away.”

Eddie and let go my hand. “I know. It wasn’t right what he said about your old lady. In the badlands my wife’s people would have killed him on sight for saying it. So would I. It wouldn’t matter to me if said the shit about my kid or someone else’s. You’ve got a lot patience.”

I shook my head. “Not at all. He knew who was saying that shit to and what I would do to him. He said it because he thought he was untouchable. But, really it’s a simple matter of business. Him being alive is a distraction for me but I also have to kill the people backing him so my representation stands. I am not to be fucked with in regards to my money and Miss James or any children we may or may not have. He now owes me his life and now I intend to collect payment. I’ll handle it. You handle bringing out a new album. It’s been to long already.”

Eddie smiled and waved me out. I surprised him with a formal bow and turned and left the way I came in.

I looked at my detapad and saw I had one last message from Miss James.

I expect payment of a child from this partnership. A million credits is deposited in your account for the job thank you.

I smiled oh she just had to make sure I didn’t attempt to play the white knight for her honor. Damnnation she was forever making our arrangement interesting.

Holy shit my dude. This shit is heating up quick….

Warm Regards


I’ve been watching clips of the Mullan Chinese drama show…why? I have no fucking idea

I think in general it’s the YouTube algorithm shit. You know you search for one idea or one video and you click on one unrelated video and it hocks you and then YouTube says oh you like that how about all this shit to.

I get hocked. If your not sure about one thing about me I like asian almost anything. Yeah. I know the Chinese don’t care for the Blacks but I find asian culture and languages wonderful.

The S sound in Chinese is wonderful. I still don’t know how westerners can not automatically know Chinese as what it is when you hear that sound.

Anyway, I just saw one clip. A beautiful Chinese female talking with a group of assholes that tried to get her husband in trouble with the law. In a BC time period.

That didn’t hock me. They kept calling her a general. That didn’t hock me. The dumbasses confessed. That didn’t hock me. She got up and started to walk away. She turns back and kills one of them and be heads the other one. It was all legal and it was hot badass sexy shit my dude.

Holy shit. I got to watch more. Anyway I got to give you a clip.

The whole show is a bit goofy but it does have some interesting beheading scenes and romantic bullshit.

Warm Regards,


A study in female bullshit lesson 3: It’s not about the money honey. I’m in love with you for you. Get the fuck out of here. (Comedy)

Holy shit.

Alright go with me on this. What the fuck is wrong with admiting to a man I’m marrying you or hocking up with you because your a man of means.

A real man’s reaction isn’t offense. It’s action. “Fuck. I hope this table is strong enough to hold her weight.”

I just don’t get it.  All this undying love horse shit aside what’s wrong with saying to a dude, “You can protect me and put food on the mother fucking table.”

Not all society’s pretend in the undying forever romantic horse shit is even a factor in marriage or producing a child from a top grade male. Case and point the asian culture. Korea, Japan and big Daddy China.

I love South Korea in general for their culture, language and rich weird history. The weirdness being Kdramas.

The top tier male in a drama is a big dick handsome, genius CEO decended from mother fucking kings or the current nobility run by corporations. The top tier female is a often times the feminine gentle beauty queen that’s respectful and a submissive female who looks up to the dude as the man who can provide, protect and give her strong children. She is the fucking prize my dude and the bitch owns that shit.

Holy shit.

There is nothing that makes a man’s esteem raise high in worth when a top tier woman stops the female bullshit and tells him to his face. “Look my dude. I need a man with a big dick and huge wallet to crush my enemies. Congratulations you’ve captured me and I’m yours forever.”

What the fuck? Now a modern day female or bitch beta would be shocked and running from the room saying I can’t believe you would say that. No modern strong independent man would like to hear that.

Get the fuck out of here. When a real dude has reached the top and the top tier female presents a silver platter with the prenuptial contract signed and notarized and her panties on top. It ain’t an insult it’s fucking respect my dude for all your hard work and grinding and suffering and the fucking gamma gamma bitches trying to stop your grind to the top you get what you deserve. You get acknowledgement and respect in one moment.

A real dude takes that shit and throws that bitch over his shoulder and runs off with her living like a fucking king for the rest of his life keeping that bitch at home in a dress and bare foot every day.

Real talk. A top tier female would never raise her voice to her man but she would slap the shit out of any beta bitch that disrespects the man of her home.

Warm Regards,


I’m back on the book writing horse…it’s been a while but it feels good.

It’s been a month and some frustrating hick ups with the Big C of 2020 but I’m back on the horse again to writing another book.

Last year was a real challenge for me and test of me producing and publishing some of my works. I maxed out on one good story last year and ran into wall trying to finish to many others. I lost my focus but learned from my struggles. This year I’m going slow. I’m finishing stories at a reasonable set pace.

I’ll be writing and finishing book 2 in a series until I find my way to connecting the beginning with the ending. I don’t know about you but the middle is always where I struggle to connect the shit together.

I write freehand to build up chapter notes I don’t number them just write put down content I can maybe use for the story or other stories in the universe of the series.

I’ve heard Stephen Kings thoughts on notebook writing. We are in a digital age and it is much faster to do it on a computer screen but Fuck em. I do what works for me and it’s what I grew up doing when I didn’t have a computer.

It looks like I’ll finish the story at least this month or in the next three. I’m hopeful and proud of my work so far.

I knew this year will be fruel for a lot of writing energy.

Warm Regards,


What the hell is MGTOW? Part 1 the argument and the bullshit

Men going their own way. Everything is in the name and yet face value what the hell does that name mean?

MGTOW for the few not in the know is a movement about it’s about men being unsatisfied with the current generation of the west in it’s treatment of men in law and society. There is a conflict between men being treated like shit and females having a superior role in some aspects over males.

Their right.

A post modern western female has the first and final say on children being born and they a higher advantage in court in matters of divorce. The American government as one example acts as a go between in family dynamics and has acted in acting fucking up generations of Americans. The risk for a man in getting married is high. The risk for a female is low and more profitable.

Yep.. there is a lot of conflict and opposition in thinking about marrying or even having children in the west.

Conflict and opposition. For some reason those two words make me taste cotton candy in my mouth.

Anway, MGTOW proponents then choose not to march to that tune of society and go their own way.

What way is that? Well for the most part it’s whoring and buying a motorcycle.

Sure there are videos, articles and books about going out and finding your “purpose” and making the money so you can buy a big house to bang hot chickas in or funny videos about men being real in front of females and them being shocked and offended. That’s it.

Hmm. Now what brings this up? I’ve seen MGTOW videos in passing and videos by males that carry that same tune. I couldn’t place it at first but there’s always been something about MGTOW that has made me ignore it or find it slightly annoying or funny.

Yeah. Funny. I found MGTOW very funny yesterday when I realized what was bothering me about the whole movement to somewhere I would never go. I like motorcycles but fucking random western woman that are against me on some basic fundamental level never was my thing.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it often again. Life is conflict. Conflict is the air we breath. It is the water we swim in.

It’s not my saying but it is one I take to heart.

There is no conflict in being a MGTOW. It is for the most part selfish living and whoring. That’s not a movement that’s a Los Vegas vacation.

Hey if that’s what you want to do? You’ve already left the ring before the round began. You don’t get the Chad belt for banging a hocker at a expansive hotel instead of challenging a rival in war for your society for this shit will proceed for the next a hundred years.

No my dude. Call it what it is. You just walked away from a fight because the other guy appeared stronger then you. This is the west. You can be a whore but not the Chad.

There is a lot of bullshit in MGTOW. I just find interesting.

Warm Regards,


A study in feminine grace…the walk

I like people in general and females are fantastic in one area of study. The walk.

Long ago, on one night shift I used to attend. I walked into work many thoughts on my mind many worries and concerns. A female crossed my path hurrying to get to work.

I noticed her fragrance of roses and body wash masking but failing to do so her delious natural body scent and my mind centered on her. She walked in front of me in shorts and long dark chocolate creame hairless legs and rhythm to her step. Her hips swayed a little. Her step was hypnotic as was the sway and curves of her backside and form.

Her hands were at her side and curved a bit like she was posing as a model. It was pleasant reflection of her feminine character. I knew this young female. But, tonight I admired her feminine ways. Confidence, style, grace, form. She had it all and my un invited devotion for several seconds.

It was a reminder to me to enjoy life in it’s moments and beauty when it is in it’s prime of life.

Warm Regards,


Crept Keeper Biden…he just gives off that beta bitch feel

Now I’m going to be speaking on Black Rambo SSH lingo. I was raised one and until my first quickening at sixteen I would have remained one.

Crept Keeper Biden. I got to be honest. He just gives off that Beta bitch feel my dude. Sure he’s an old fucker with one last girl to sniff and then that bitch is done but still did he ever have the alpha flow. Hell no.

He never had a gangster lean and or an ounce of Alpha dominant confidence in his fucking life my dude. Now he’s an older fucker sitting in a chair while demon’s whisper in his ear.

No shine. No gusto. No flow. He used to have alpha speech flow. Now. He’s just an old fucker. Lord knows how long this fucker will live. If he isn’t dead already and we’re seeing a fucking zumbie puppet on a string.

Fucking hell.

People voted for this shit. Fucking boring. War and more taxes. Fucking boring. Same old shit.

I thank God I got more shit to be concerned about these days. Not enough conflict and pull with that dude.

Warm Regards,


SSH or as I like to call it from chad to bitch ass simp

The socio-sexual hierarchy inspired by Vox Day

The Chad sits at the top he is the leader and anker of the male group. He’s the jokerster, if there is a female around then he’s the dude that is charming the panties off a shorty with a smile and a grin. He isn’t a bad guy. He’s the guy everybody likes. The man looked to when the shit hits the fan to lead the men through the shit.

Notable mentions: Chadwick boseman (holy shit)

Bravo is second to the Chad in domance and leadership. He’s the wing man and the dude that can be counted on to to keep the order of the group and make sure the chad’s orders get done.

Mr. Delta is the middle man of a group. Able to follow orders and commands and demands respect in his field and effort for the group. Often the social able gentleman always up for the brothers at work to have a laugh at him.

Gamma Gamma mother fucking bitch. This asshole is the work place shit starter. When everyone is trying to get shit done this asshole is trying sniff shorties and piss off the Chad by being a trouble starting bitch. Holy shit.


My guy have you ever been around a dude that just don’t want to get along. He got to say some fucked up shit on the sly and piss off the group because the dick head is jealous of the fucking chad’s hot ass wife.

Holy shit. This bitch ass is no end of trouble. The minute he’s caught in some bullshit of his own making this bitch ass tries to flip that shit on some one else and act like he’s the offended party and then trying to hit up the Delta’s wife on the low. Holy shit. This bitch is a shepherd for the devil. A male with a masters degree in female bullshit. Holy mother fucking shit.

Sigma. The quiet one. Often fucked with a little . temperamental failure in multiple shit tests. Expert in his field of study. You got to watch this dude and keep a distance because he smells like shit.

The Outsider. The lone wolf. The seducer of the females and the dominant figure people look to when the chad isn’t around.  He knows the SSH order of things but he don’t give a shit. He knows enough to not get muscled into the alpha position. Fuck that nosie he wants to do his own thing and not be fitted into a fucking box.


This dude is a fucking mystery dude and he ain’t one to agree to be controlled or led by the alpha anywhere my dude. He does have a minor fault. If you see him beating the shit out of talkative, shit talking, trouble making asshole clown. You can bet money on that shit that it’s a gamma that he’s getting the business end of royal flush beat down.

Warm Regards,


Hot damn! What a time to be alive is the shit. (Book nerd shit)

Holy shit.

I’m getting up and getting ready for work my dude. Checking my email and looking through the fucking adds on my email account box.


I got a love and fucking hate for adds in general on websites and email boxes. It fucking messes up the flow of the box and distracts you from looking up your shit.

However, I am book nerd as I say in the title and occasionally an add telling you about a sale on your favorite website can be helpful. I think of adds as helping you in a direction to buy what you want and when you want to buy it at best.

Case and point. I get a email from fucking amazon about some books I might be interested in.


Amazon. Holy shit. I got a love and fucking take this bitch to the back of the barn and put this bitch down feeling about it. For a book nerd it’s a fucking gold mine of finding books and for a book nerd it’s a fucking bitch asshole with the rediculas unreasonable prices. A hundred dollars for a paperback that came out in 2013. Get the fuck out of here my dude.

In a post literally era that shit better be premium leather with a signature from Robert Frost on the back of it my dude. I’d pay top mother fucking dollar then. A paperback, not now or ever is worth a hundred dollars baring Robert Frost’s spit on it.

I come back to my point. I was in my email looking at an email from amazon for an author I was peeping at a few weeks ago. He had some titles that looked interesting. I clicked on and found one title that read like a fun ride. A noir action and adventure fantasy in a nineteen 30s new york type feel my dude. I like it. I rock that shit.

But it was a trilogy. I’m half and half on trilogies. The first better be the shit. I don’t like to get invested in a bullshit story from the jump with a bullshiting ending. Still I’m interested enough so I clicked on to the remaining books in the series. I stared at the prices.

Holy shit! A hundred dollars a piece!? Fuck out of here. I copy and past the author’s name unto

I find all that shit for under a hundred dollars. That’s what’s up my dude. I rock with that shit. I found this site a year ago and I’m going to buying from it more now my dude. Prices are decent. Collection of books is modest but great titles.

Warm Regards,


Robinhood cucked to Wall Street gangsters faster then a whore on Bill Clinton’s dick

Holy shit

Holy mother fucking shit.

This bitch ass company. This mother fucking bitch ass company got it’s first shit test and cucked like a mother fucking simp when a shorty smiles at them asks for a ride to her boyfriend’s house.

Holy shit.

A company named robinhood took the fucking ticket and gave up the panties too.

Holy shit.

I’m riding the line between pissed off to laughing my ass off this shit. I got fucking money in this bitch ass company. They just failed their first shit test. Damn. Hot damn.

How do you betray the fucking brand that’s in your fucking name. Robinhood didn’t bend over for elites and muscle the poor to let the elites change the fucking rules on us in a hot damn minute.

Holy shit!

Look this shit up my dude. I’m to busy ranting. It can’t be no other way around it. This is the dumbest fuck shit I’ve heard all year and bitch we still in January.

Hot damn! Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

Did you feel that?

I think the ride this year my friends is going to be the shit.

I can smell conflict and trouble. Ah shit. It tastes like fruity pebbles and and ice cold almond milk.

Holy shit! I’m getting excited ya’aw I knew this year was to quiet.

Warm Regards,