A cyberpunk game review: Dex

I’ve been exploring and this game for a weeks now and just been addicted to the story and the look of the game. In two words of encouragement….

Fucking amazing!

It’s a 2d platformer, an rpg combat slightly heavy game with elements blending into various other genres and it has a bullet hell shooter game mode in this shit.

Even with all this the story and the branching arching paths are what so addictive to me. There is more then one way of solving a problem. There is more then one end to a possible storyline with the game and it’s just plain old fun.

I love the main character her abilities are presented and how you can upgrade and modify the character anyway you want. You can even go none lethal in the game play if you wish and still have a fun time.

The controls are keyboard and mouse with no controller mode so that is a bit of a downer but the setting and the feel of the game and even the voice cast is amazing.

Just an amazing setting and the art work is top gear.

You can get the Dex right now on gog.com on the cheap so it’s a buy for me.

Warm regards