It’s official stock investing is fucking gambling. Gamers figure out how to fuck over elite (gangster) hedge fund managers holy shit!

I normally don’t do this shit but I found this shit funny as hell and I had to share. You got to read this shit.

Long story short. The Big C that fucked all our plans up last year has a net positive effect. Ordinary people locked down in their homes have figured out the fucking Cassino Wall Street system and fucked over hedge fund managers plans to bet against GameStop. Instead of us getting fucked. The elites got fucked over.

Fucking joke my dude. Read the shit. I had heard noise of this shit on the interwebs and didn’t give two shits to find out the story because well..fuck GameStop. My spirit brother VD dropped a post about it and I did a little light reading on the shit.

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit.

Just reading the bullshit had me shaking my head my dude. One big fucking joke. I had a thought one time about being a fucking investor but your better off fucking selling dildos and mystery boxes on eBay you’ll get a better return on your investments. This shit.

Fuck it. Somebody loan me ten grand and buy me a fucking a ticket to Los Vegas. I’m betting on black and taking the house down.

Warm Regards,