Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 12 Ace

I caught Vince and Joe have a long conversation out the corner of my eye for a couple hours until Vince went home and it was time for us all head on home. Diamond was fake snoring.

He came awake soon enough when Vince rolled out the door and I walked over with Stacy. Joe looked at me and I could still see it in his eyes. Nina looked me. Hmm. I got a good look at her now and I was remembering Andrew’s words from before about him not harming innocents or children.

Joe wanted her for sure but something was off I looked at Stacy noding over to Nina. She nodded. Stacy walked over to the booth taking Nina’s hand and dragged her away from Joe who was frowning between her and me.

Stacy took Nina off aside to talk while Diamond and Joe came up beside me. Joe looked over at Stacy talking quietly to Nina soft enough so that we couldn’t hear them. Joe looked back at me.

“What’s wrong? You feel something bad about that chicka?” Joe said.

Diamond said nothing just looked at me. I shook my head. “Wait a bit. So what you planning on doing with this girl?” I asked Joe directly.

Joe frowned st me. “Having a bit of fun and throwing her aside for the next shorty same as always. Why you asking. It isn’t like I didn’t learn it from you and Diamond.”

I stared at Joe. “There are limits to who you can fuck with and when I will roll and fold your ass over for touching a girl that’s a virgin. She’s apart of my tribe now. Under your and my protection now. If your going to fuck with her for fun let her know that. So that she doesn’t fall in love with you.” I told him straight up.

Joe and Diamond laughed in my face. I glanced over at Stacy to see them talking but I noticed her body language. She was getting pissed. Damn it.

“Bro. You sounding like a female.” Diamond said. “That woman is a full grown woman same as Joe. Let em have some fun. It’s their business.”

Joe grinned at me. “You should get a handle on your female, she’s-“

I looked at Joe. He froze as did Diamond. I stared at Joe. “All I’m asking you to be is careful. Nina is looking at you like your some fucking God. It ain’t no seduction with her. She will go along with anything you say. You don’t fuck with females like that. Their the ones that raise your damn kids and look at you as the Lord of the fucking world. If you have a problem with Stacy..well we can discuss it outside or in a ring. Otherwise watch your fucking mouth. Nobody controls me.”

“Ace?” Stacy said coming over and looking at me frowning. She put a hand to my cheek. Nina was at her side and she held her hand still

“Are you alright?” She asked in concern.

I smiled removed her hand. “I’m fine. So what are we doing?””

Stacy frowned at Diamond and Joe. Both looked like embarrassed boys. “Nina doesn’t have a place to stay and she needs your protection. Is it okay she stay at the house?”

“Hell that’s fine with me she can sleep with me?” Joe said with a charming grin. He wasn’t joking.

Stacy stared at him. “Your twenty, right?” She said.

“Aw shit.” Diamond pulled Joe away from being close to Nina. Joe frowned at him.

“What the fuck is your-“

“Shut the fuck up and listen.” Diamond said quickly. “You ain’t going nowhere near Nina until you finish college and get a fucking job. I’ll put in a word with Vince and he’ll get you an internship at his firm.”

Joe was staring between us as it slowly dawned on him. He looked at Nina was staring at him with moon eyes. “How old are you?”

“I’m of age in my people’s race and I am legal to consort with in this state.” She said evading the question.

Joe stared at her. “How old are you?”

“Sixteen… human years.” She said tightly.

“Holy shit.” Joe took a bigger step away from her. He stared at her. “Are you a virgin?” He asked stupidly.

Nina blushed. “That’s private and don’t understand why you are asking me that.”

I looked Joe. I did a double take. I saw it in his eyes. “Zadok.”

“Yes. My Lord.”

“Take my woman and Nina to the van and wait a bit. I have to talk to my brother.”

The three of them went while Diamond and I faced off against Joe. He was looking alarmed now.

“What? I’m not going to-“

“Three years. Four at the most.” I said. “Go to college and get a job. Momma didn’t raise us to be making kids with out some support for our females and kids. You ain’t ready to support nobody and she’s to submissive to go along with it.”

“Okay. Okay. I got you. I can get some somewhere else.” He said lying his ass off. “Stop looking at me like that.”

Diamond glared at him. “Keep your dick away from her. We got to find Momma’s killers and settle it first. We don’t need you fucking around making babies with that girl.”

“Damn. I feel good.” Heart said as he came awake and straighted he looked at us. “What’s going on?”

“Nina is sixteen and a virgin.” I said.

Heart frowned looked at the situation and looked at Joe. He stared at him. “Joe. Come on man.”

“I ain’t going to touch her. I don’t want her.” Joe lied.

“Holy shit.” Heart said getting up. He waved his hand. “Just send her away. She’s not our responsibility.”

“She is.” I told him. “She’s fairy kind. She made a magical contract to be in our service in whatever needs we require and she has no place to go so she’s staying at the house until I can figure the shit out.”

Heart grimanced and looked at Joe. “Damn. Come on man. You only need to wait two years. You know how Momma wasn’t down with you making babies you didn’t have a job to feed them with.”

“Alright godsdamn it. I won’t touch her for two years. I promise.”

“…and you won’t get her pregnant until you have a fucking job.” I added.

Joe looked pissed off. “Alright. Alright damn it to hell. I won’t get her pregnant until I have a damn job. Get the fuck off my ass. You fucking judgemental assholes. Let’s go home.”

Warm regards


Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 11 Joe

Rage and vengeance.

I tasted it on my tongue as I stared at Heart’s kind face as he slept in a booth at the bar. He smiled knowing he was safe and among his people and safety. The refined water had done a trick of putting Heart at peace to sleep finally. But, he would have to keep taking it to free his mind from the spell that was in his body and clouded his mind.

Two of the Deltas had left and only Vince remained. He sat quietly sitting with Diamond in the booth. Diamond was slupped over the table as he tried to drink himself under the table. Ace was talking with Zadok at the bar making plans about finding a doctor or holyman to help Heart get through the shit. Ace didn’t drink anything and went straight into action once Heart fell asleep.. Telling Elder Delta to connect the proper authorities and begin the procedures. His lady never left his side or said much. Stacy only spoke when Ace asked her opinion issues he wasn’t sure about legally. All I could think about was not being there the night it happened.

To save Heart from being mind fucked. To save Momma from those bastards touching her. They fucked with my family for money and power. The shadows. That’s what Momma called them. That’s what elder Delta said the assassins were. It was all cap. Fake ass pretend boggy men that didn’t have the balls to come at men in the light like men. I just needed a name. I had to play it smart and the fuckers couldn’t see me coming until I rolled up their asses or fuck with my mind with their magic crap.

I looked at Nina. She sat next to me staring at nothing crying silently. I picked up a napkin and wiped her face. She jumped but relaxed when she saw it was me. She took the napkin and blushed at my direct stare looking away.

“Thank you my Lord.” She said too sweetly.

I had a mind to make her mean but not now. I needed information. I turned to Vince who was busy watching Diamond and frowning in thought.

“What kind are you?”

Vince turned to while Diamond’s head was down. He frowned. “I’m sorry. Could you please expound upon your question a little so I’ll know the full context.”

I frowned at his speech and manners. I wondered if that too was a mask. “We were all froze up when that witch was talking you were able to move inspite of him using magic. You said his magic couldn’t work on you. Why is that?”

Vince smiled and shrugged his broad shoulders. “It’s a host of reasons, Lord Holmes. My family is mixed with a uniquely tallented bevy of people. But, it also has to do with my training as a counselor of magical law and critical thinking and logic courses I studied in school. So you noticed I was the only one besides yourself not under the witch’s spell?”

Vince was smooth and tipped his drink to his lips watching me. I glanced at Diamond. His head was down and eyes closed. I could hear him dozing a little. I looked over at the bar to see him busy. I turned back to Vince to see him watching me closely.

I nodded my head. “Yeah. I couldn’t do much good in my position. You learned how to fight witches like that in school?”

Vince again shrugged. “Yeah and I’ve had special trainning from private tutors sense I came of age. If your interested in magical martial law you should think about going to school for it. I’m willing to help tutor you in what I know and help give you tips in taking the entrance exams.”

I blinked caught off guard by the offer. I hadn’t thought at all of going to college and I hadn’t had an idea of what I wanted to do. But, seeing how he handled the witch got me interested but for other reasons. “Yeah. I am interested. I would be honored if you could teach me some things. But, what was that shit with the wand? Why couldn’t Diamond touch it?”

Vince sat back sitting his beer down. “Magic words, spells are dangerous enough if your mind hasn’t been trained well in advance against submitting to it’s influence but I have also trained my body and will against it’s effects as well when handling their weapons. Touching their crap can also pull you into a deeper connection to be influenced and controlled. There’s a lot of trainning that goes into what I do. But, it all comes down to your mind. Not everyone is cut out for it. But, if your interest and mind are strong. I’m happy to start a spark to your knowledge.”

I nodded. “If Diamond had let that bitch leave here would you have hunted him down and killed him?”

Vince smiled slowly. “The gentleman that Diamond executed violated the region King’s law and as an officer and Lord in magical law I took an oath as did my brother and grandfather to terminate anyone that uses magic to influence people into illegal contracts or murder. Using magic too control or violate people is an amoral violation. That’s why it’s illegal.. I have performed the duty once before within the realm of the magical law. As I told the gentleman. I would see him later. I meant it.” He said calmly. “So are you still interested in me tutoring you for the entrance exams for the fall season coming up? It’s very fulfilling career as a magical lawyer.”

“Yeah. I am.”

Warm regards


four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 10 Heart

We sat down in comfortably after some of the men cleaned up the mess at the door. The elder Mr. Delta lit up a cigar offering one to Ace as they went over the business. Diamond was relaxed knowing that one of his pledge brothers from his college days would handling his case.

That was enough for me and everybody else. Ace blew out some smoke and regarded the Elder Mr. Delta.

“Alright. Can you get in contact with the fuckers behind this so we can end it.”

Andrew sat back. “First. We need to expose who they are. They’re hiding in groups right now. Once we expose them you’ll have to legally challenge them to a gentleman’s honor duel. It must be a matter of honor not a challenge for their domain. Otherwise the shit can be held up by negotiations or a war for years before it’s saddled. There can’t be any hint that this is could be a clan war against them or play on their domain otherwise you get their alliances fighting with them as well against you. It has to be calculated cold and all business. We get one strike. If need be I have to request something of your family.”

Ace held up a hand. “How does Miss Gannon fit in all this? You sent her to us on purpose. We could have killed her.”

Andrew shook his head. “First off no you wouldn’t have just killed her. Your the Lords of the 4 swords. You were breed from birth to a code and honor that dates back sense your people laid hold to your power centuries. Yes. I know your legend far better then you think. Our families have crossed paths before. But, to answer your question again my firm has an associate who advised us to send Miss Gannon. Miss Gannon wasn’t in any position to object inspite of the risk.”

“So you ordered her to come to us risking her life? For what to gain our interest? I think your a shit head.”

Andrew looked at me. “Her father enchanted me to hire, seduce and kill her on his birthday tomorrow. I don’t work for witches or kill the innocent for anyone’s pleasure.” He said bluntly. “I chose the best option for her that became available to me, Lord Holmes and having her in your ranks provides us a denial of blood clan war excuse.”

I frowned at him. “No father would pay a mercenary to kill his-“

Vince started to chuckle lightly as did his brother. Diamond didn’t laugh but he looked pissed at me.

“Bro. Your speaking from your youth. There are assholes in this fucking world that would do much worse to their own children and have. Mr. Delta and Vince are Horsemen. We ride with honor and protect our females and people. He wouldn’t lie to me or my family. He did the best he could do he didn’t have a choice.”

Ace nodded. “Alright what do you want to ask?”

Andrew sighed. “If you can’t beat their champion will you please allow us to handle the challenger?” He said carefully.

Damn. I knew there was going to be something. Ace stared at Andrew. “Who decides if I ain’t able to do it?”

“Me.” Andrew said. “It’s my job to keep you safe and ensure all parties involved in what was stolen from you be dealt with painfully. Two hundred cases. I only lost once but I never intend on it happening again. I need your word on it or the firm can’t take on your case.” He said solemnly.

“Alright. If by some chance I can do it then you handle who it will be.” Ace said.

“This is bullshit.” I couldn’t help saying now.

“Heart.” Ace began but Andrew touched his shoulder. He stared at me focused on me. “Yes. It is. These things should be handled the direct way but the situation is more complicated.”

“It’s not complicated at all. Just tell us who and where they are we’ll handle it then.”

Andrew stared at me. “You were there the night your mother died. Zadok told me. Did you see it happen?”

“I’-I didn’t see shit. I got there to late to stop them from killing her.”

“Them?” Andrew paused. “You got there to late to stop them. How many were there?”

I blinked. “What?”

“Two. Three. ten. Fifty. A hundred. A-“

“Five damn it. There were five of them.” I said losing patience by how slow he was talking. I didn’t want to talk about this. My head hurt from thinking about it. “Ace and the family will handle-“

“Five. What did they look like? I’m guessing all men. But something about their faces their bodies. You couldn’t forget how they looked.”

“It doesn’t matter. Killing the mother fuckers that-“

“It does matter. They were Warlocks that broke the protective seals on the shop. That took time. You had to see them as they ran away or drove away or-“

“They disappeared. They were like shadows. It’s like…It’s like. They weren’t real. Just like they said.. They weren’t real. They looked. They looked like-” I paused looking at Ace and shook my head. What the fuck was I talking about. I frowned. I couldn’t remember.

I looked at their faces. Andrew nodded. “I think your right, Lord Holmes. It is important your brothers have a hand in this matter.”

I blinked and nodded. “Thank you. That’s all I wanted. She was our mother. It’s only right we saddle it.”

Andrew nodded. “I agree. Lord Holmes. The Deltas are only here to act as your servents in you avenging the death of your mother.” He said and turned to Ace. “I think we should have a drink in celebration of our battle. Something special. Do you have any refined water?” He said.

Ace stared at him and then nodded. “Yeah. Yeah. Big Al always keeps that shit in secret stash for himself.” He said and glanced at me frowning. “Are you going to stand there looking at me all day sit down. You want a drink of the stuff? It’s pretty good.”

“Yeah. sure. What’s this refined water stuff? Is it like Jin and Tonic or something?”

Diamond patted my shoulder. “It’s the hard stuff. Like straight up Vodka. Maybe you should stay clear of it.”

I flipped him off. “Fuck you. I can drink you under the table any day. Bring it on.”

Diamond rubbed my head joking with me. I turned to Joe to see him staring off until he felt my eyes on him. He looked at me and forced a smile on his face. “Get ready to shit faced.” He said.

Warm regards


Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 9 Diamond

The little Shorty that worked for Lords of Delta set up the meeting at Big Al’s spot down town. Al was tribe so that put me somewhat at ease. I was still on edge. I had weird feeling about her and Joe as we drove over to the spot in Zadok’s van. It was a tight fit and she was damn near sitting on Joe’s lap and nobody said anything. It was normal.

I didn’t sense any danger from her anymore but I got a worse feeling. Fuck it. I would save it for later. We got to the bar and Ace got out first at the corner to meet three hulking dark brown brothers in grey suits. None of them looked like they came from the old northern country but they had the hulking bodies and sharp looks of Northmen. Dark eyes. Shark noses and direct dominant stares.. I studied them as we got out.

They were all related to the elder who looked in to his sixty’s but was in shape though his two Jr’s were two inches taller then him. He smiled when he saw Ace held out his hand to him. Ace took the measure of the elder and grasped his hand in a firm shake.

“Lord Ace Holmes. I am Andrew Von Delta. The men behind me are my grandsons and members of my firm. To my right. My partner Pete Don Delta and to my left an associate of the firm Vince Draco Delta. We have come here to offer you help in the business affairs of magical law of vengeance.” He said and let go of Ace’s hand.

Ace nodded and looked over to me. I stepped up. Ace nodded. “We are a little green in regard to magical laws and such from the old country. This is the region King’s lands after all so. We do have one important pressing question though.”

Andrew jerked his head to the right down the corner. His grandsons moved fast and damn near knocking Ace and I aside as they guarded their grandfather by instinct. Andrew held up hand. “Yeah. Could we speak inside Mr. Holmes in your tribe’s domain away from the public eyes.”

“Yeah. Of course.” Ace said reaching for the door. He grasped it and opened it.

The Deltas just looked at Ace. He frowned but led the way inside. The Deltas were the last ones inside. Andrew smiled again and was all charm as was his grandsons. It was all a mask though. It was their civilization masks.

“So you had an important pressing question, Lord Holmes.” Andrew said addressing Ace. “Please speak your mind.”

Ace nodded seeing the masks. “I have two questions now. One. Why did you send the girl that is my blood enemy to us? Two. What the hell are you guys? You sound like lawyers but you act and look like something else.”

Andrew laughed. “Well in regards to Miss Gannon. It was advised by one of the associates in the firm Miss Gannon would be necessary in representing the firm and she holds certain elements to strengthening your case. In regards to our appearances and behavior you will have to indulge our certain old school behaviors it is a genetic throwback to our ancestors former profession.”

“What profession was that?” Ace asked though I already had a guess.

Andrew smiled. “Counselors and champions of military negotiations and delegations.” He said smoothly.

Ace glanced at me getting the subtext of that bullshit. Joe looked confused but Heart looked alarmed but thankfully said nothing. So they were basically mercenaries in Brokes Brothers suits. That was the best fucking news I’ve heard all fucking day.

Vince moved turning to the door as someone came inside. I saw a grey Double H Pinned on his right breast suit jacket. The fuck? How the fuck did I miss that. Vince was staring at the man. His sibling put a hand to his shoulder that Vince shook off.

I took a stance beside Vince. The stranger frowned at us and tried to move past us. Vince snarled at him. “Get fuck on bitch. Negotiations are in processing you ain’t fooling nobody. We will inform your parties of our Lords wishes and opening statements. Until then no spying.”

“What we got, Vince.” Andrew asked coldly.

“A spy for the opposition, Mr. Delta. I saw the gentleman a few moments ago walking down the street away from the bar. Mr. Heart Holmes is this gentleman one of your people?”

“I don’t know this fucker. He ain’t a regular here either. Get the fuck on bitch.” Heart said with a edge to his voice. He was close to panicking.

The man still looked confused. “What the hell is this? What is wrong with you people. I just came here to get a drink before I head home.”

“Leave now bitch before you can’t.” I said as the man dropped his keys. He reached down to get them as he reached for something else under his jacket.

Vince was on him first grabbing his wrist and putting his thick forearm against the man’s throat. “Let it go. NOW!” He said and squeezed his wrist.

The man screamed and dropped a red wood stick on the floor. I frowned at it reaching for it.

“Don’t touch it, Mr. Holmes.” Vince said.

I straightened up away from it and then thought about what I was seeing. I looked slowly up at the man Vince was holding back.

“You don’t need these mutant freaks to champion you. We will give you your mothers killers all we want is the sword. Give it to us. Give it to-“

Vince head butted him and I blinked twice as I came out whatever the hell the bitch had done to me. The man looked at Vince in surprise. “You just broke the region King’s law article A_2 forcfully enchanting a contract. Now you can’t leave. I have witnesses to the fact. That’s death.” Vince said with purpose.

“Let him go brother Rider.” I told Vince.

Vince shoved the witch at the door before bending down picking up the stick and braking it with his hands. The witch stared wide eyed and then his face twisted in rage and he spat at Vince speaking some type of hissing language. Vince flipped him off. “Yeah. Fuck you too bitch. That shit don’t work on my kind. I’ll see you though.”

The man turned looking at me. He froze turned to run. I drew my piece and unloaded all of my magazine on his ass until he dropped down to the floor filled with arcane bullets. The witches body glowed from the bullet holes.

“Godsdammit Diamond. You fucking got blood all over my fucking floor. At least you could have taken the fucker outside first.” Big Al said.

I turned to Vince offering him my hand. We shook. “What year you pledged to the horsemen?” I asked him.

Vince smiled. “2002. How about you?”

I smiled. “2016. Thanks for taking our case.”

Warm regards


Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 8 Ace

Zadok, Heart and I sat in the living room while Diamond and Joe watched the witch outside. What the hell was going on?

“Alright man. Level with me. Who are these Lords of Delta and why did you connect to them for us?”

Zadok sighed. “The situation with the people that killed Katie is difficult. They’ve already tried to use Zackary as intermediate tool he gave me the short end of the story before he took off.. It’s going to be complicated getting a hold of them in one place to settle it the old fashioned way. We need professional help for this.”

I held up a hand. “Why would it be complicated to get a hold of them and what the hell do a bunch of witches can do for us?”

Zadok shook his head. “The Lords of deltas aren’t witches. They’re negotiators in fairy and magical case laws. They’ve handled special cases like this for two centuries sense they got over here from the old country.. The complication is we’re dealing with powerful fairy and elven forces in play. This wasn’t just an attack on your mother it was a political move to take over your domain. If your mother didn’t have a will and magic wards on it they would have rushed in and ended it quick.. The problem is we have no idea which group did it. We need to find out which group to strike at so we don’t get into a fucking war with several alliance forces of fairy folk.”

“Zadok.” Heart said speaking up. “What the fuck domain do we have for them to take? Is it the businesses here, the properties? What are they after?”

Zadok sat forward. “Most of the business the tribe owns spill out throughout the city and outer farm lands and with Ace building the tribe’s interest real-estate in Florida. All of it is under the domain of you and your brothers protection but the power you have that’s what their after. It’s apart of your legazy. A legazy you’ve only just started to take hold of that they want.”

“If we have this power then we can take on the assholes who killed our mother and the people protecting them. We don’t need strangers to handle our business. Especially ones that hire our blood enemies.” I said.

Zadok stared at me. “Your willing to take on several nations of Orcs, fairies, elven and possibly Warlock humans with the possibility you might luck out and hit your target? Okay. Just remember you won’t be doing it alone. The whole fucking neighborhood will follow you into the shit. I just don’t think there’s enough of us to get the job done.”

“I’m not joking around.”

“Neither am I.” Zadok said holding up his hands. “Your in charge. I’m just making suggestions and offering help. The girl looks like a orphan mixed breed of your blood enemies. Blood feuds have to do with magical conflicts on sight.. It might be be a chance event they sent her or it might be something else.” Zadok said leaning back in his chair. “What do you want to do?”

I sat back and thought about it and looked at Heart. “I don’t believe in this kind of luck. What you think?”

Heart nodded. “I want to know who these assholes are and if their working both sides. I say we meet em. Diamond can sniff out the bull crap if they’re fucking with us. Who knows. If there on the up and up we could use em to sniff out who ordered the hit on Momma. Momma always said if your going to do something be intentional and focus on what your aimming at.”

I nodded remembering the saying. “I want the man or bitch that ordered the hit. If we can use the Lords of Delta to get it done I’m fine with that. Let’s head out.”

Warm regards


Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 7 Joe

Momma’s gift was heating up against my chest Under my shirt as I approached the witch. I watched her body and I worked hard keeping my gaze on her chest and curvy body. She was starting to back up.

Oh no you don’t bitch. You ain’t going nowhere but a early grave.

“Come on shorty. Why you acting all skittish around me. You came here to discuss some business. Talk with me a bit. You got a card right. Show it to me. Let me see who your working for.” I said. I brought my gaze up to her face but avoided her direct gaze.

“I-I came here on good faith Mr. Holmes. I am an attorney for the Law offices of the Lords of Delta. I did nothing to your brother there is a perfectly reasonable reason for his reaction to me as well as yours. I understand he is under stress because of his mother’s passing. I apologize for not coming in a more formal prepared way.”

Lords of Delta. That’s a start. Tell me more bitch.

I nodded as I got closer. “Yeah. He’s still a lot shook up. It’s all a miss understanding babe girl. You have excuse my brothers. They’re all still a bit to heated right now. I believe you. Come on and tell me what your bosses are offering for our lands forget about my brothers reaction. I’m all ears for you shorty. Talk to me.” I said adding a little playfulness to my tone.

“I do not wish to die. Please allow me to leave. I will not trouble you or your family by my presence again.” She said in a voice that shook with held back fear. I realized something was keeping her in place. Good. I was close.

“I didn’t say anything about killing you. You really are reaching baby girl. Come on and tell me more about your bosses.” I said smoothly. I was close to grabbing her nice neck.

“The both of our blood relatives are in a magical blood fued with each other.. I apologize for appearing as I have but The Lords of Delta were called in for a consultantation by your elder.. I work for them. They wish to assist you in your quest for vengeance in a lawful way. If you not allow me to leave then I have no choice.” She said and then took off her shoes and got to her knees.

The strange vibe of magic in the air was cut off suddenly. My mother’s gift went cold against my chest but I didn’t trust it. “What did you just do?” I asked knowing she had done something to instantly change the dynamics in the situation.

“I submit to you Lord of the house of four swords. I beg your mercy and ask you spare my life. I hold no elegance to those that did harm to the lady of your house. I give my body in to your service.” She said in a shaky voice.

My hands itched to strangle this bitch of my enemies but I looked at Ace first. Ace was rubbing his chin. Diamond looked pissed but he shook his head reading my thoughts. Damn it.

Ace walked over and bent down. “You mentioned an Elder of mean told you to come here. Who is this elder?”

“Zadok. My Lord.” She said in a whisper.

“Damn it.” Ace said and got up and sent a glare at Zadok who stood on the porch of the house waiting.

At least now we knew why the elder was late showing up. We just needed to know now who were these Lords of Delta and what kind of help could they give us?

Warm regards


Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 6 Heart

It was around 8:36 a.m. when the people around the neighborhood started to show up at the house bringing food and hanging around to do catch up with Ace and Diamond.

I needed space and stayed outside in the backyard smoking a cigarette. I wondered where Zadok was and why he hadn’t shown up yet.

Images of the night I saw the fuckers butcher my mother flashed before my eyes. I-I couldn’t breath.

My necklace started to heat up against my chest. I dropped the cigarette putting it out with my boot heel.

Something was wrong. I looked up and noticed two things a woman in a black suit at the gate staring at me with dark redwood eyes and a strange mist was coming up from the ground almost blocking her from my view. I started to think past the pain and images flashing in my head.

“Fucking witch.”

I drew my revolver from my gun holster aimming it down at my side. I couldn’t seem to lift my hand as I glared at her. I heard feet coming up behind me. Ace stood slightly in front of me cutting her off from my vision.

“Mr. Holmes. I am Nina Gannon. I-“

“Your a fucking dead bitch and whoever else is with you.” Ace said in a voice of cold steel.

“There is no need for such-“

Diamond laughed. It was a harsh sound made the bitch go silent. “You made this so much easier then I thought it would be. Keep talking. I want to know where your masters are so I can pay them a visit.”

“I ain’t listening to no bullshit from this bitch.” Ace said harshly.

“Let her talk.” Joe said calmly. “Go on Miss. You have a card right of business. Hand it to us. We’re open to hearing any offers you have. You came to speak to us. Please. Talk.” Joe said sounding to calm and reasonable I heard him moving closer.

Diamond laughed. Ace was quiet.

My head cleared and I felt blood coming from my nose. I felt someone put a cloth to my nose. I blinked and saw Stacy pale staring at me in fear.

“Heart. Get my woman in the house. Now.” Ace said harshly.

I turned Stacy away and headed to the house. I felt stronger the more distance I gained away from the witch. She was one of them. The fuckers that killed Momma. I was going to kill that bitch.

Fucking bitch may have caught me slipping this time but not anymore. As we neared the house I saw Zadok on the porch with the elders all staring behind us.

“Where were you?”

Zadok flinched at my tone. “I won’t disappoint you again. Come inside. It’s cold.”

Warm regards


Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 5 Diamond

I opened the envelope. There was a letter and the same sword/cross symbol inside attached to a string. I opened the letter.

Diamond, I love you. Don’t read this aloud. My words are for you.. I know you’ll do what have to protect them family your father and gave you. Keep focused and I’m proud of the man you’ve become and your independent business mind. We had some rough moments and disagreements but you never disappointed me. You are my son. You don’t know how proud I am your strength of will has encouraged me that….I didn’t fail in –

I folded the letter and put it away. The room was quiet as I put the necklace on. I looked up to my brothers. “Momma told me not to read it outloud. The letter is personal.”

Ace nodded and put on his own necklace. He turned to the others. Joe opened his staring at the letter a few seconds before putting it away and putting on his necklace.

Heart was hesitant. Ace walked over and opened it for him carefully getting out his necklace and handing it to him and the letter. “You can read yours when your ready.” Ace said.

Heart seemed to relax and put his necklace on. Ace picked up his letter to find it already open but no necklace inside. He opened the letter.

“Ace. If you reading this letter then Zackary fullfilled his duty before they got to him. I tried to live a simple life after your father your namesake died. I just wanted to keep the tribe together in the neighbor because that was what your father wanted. Family is everything. The shadows that took him from us have never stopped hastling me about the land or buying the legazy of your ancestors. They hated and were jealous of your father and the power he held. It is a power you will now have to take hold of and wield with wisdom and courage.. You know what to do.. Zadok will tell you the legend but my message to you and your brothers will be revealed to you when you hold this letter to the light.”

Ace lifted the letter to the ceiling light.

We crowded in close.

You are strong and courageous. You will prevail and conquer your domain.

I smiled. “Damn straight Momma. For sure.”

Warm regards


Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 4 Ace

I woke up at the sound of knocking at the front door. I sprang to my feet out of Momma’s chair with my glock in my hand.

Stacy stared at me from the hair facing me. I heard a phone ring on the couch as I went to the door. Heart was up on his phone. “Yeah. What? Okay. Alright. Hold on. Ace. Mr. Zackary is at the door. Let him in. Put your gun away man.”

Fuck that. I went to the door and opened it half way. One look at the lawyer’s roughed up face and bleeding lip let me know this was serious.

I let him and closed the door locking it. He walked into the living room with his suit case. He waved Heart down. “Sit down son. We got a lot to through and I got to get moving. Your brothers are all here?”

Heart sighed but nodded. “Yeah. Was it the people that-“

“Yes. I need speak to all of you. Now.”

“Diamond. Joe. Get the fuck down here.” I yelled.

I heard feet running down the stairs and then Diamond and Joe stood in the living room in their sweets and T-shirts. Diamond looked at Mr. Zackary and his lip turned up.

Mr. Zackary got out the papers putting them on the table. “You going to need to get yourself lawyer to handle your estate and one you can trust. I can’t handle your business without dishonored myself and profession. The house is yours as is the business she left you letters and instructions in case something like this happened. You’ll approuched soon. For offers for businesses and real-estate she owns. Talk to your lawyer first and do not sign anything without a lawyer seeing it. If you receive a call from me again to meet you somewhere do not accept the call and do not go. It will be a dangerous time right now for all of you so stay close and protect each other. Zadok was your mother’s best friend. You can trust him but I don’t know about anyone else. Be carefull from now on. Their watching you. Any questions?”

“You need a cigarette?” I asked him.

Mr. Zackary smiled and nodded. I got one out handing it to him and lit the end for him. He took a drag and blew oht smoke. He looked at Stacy and then saw the ring. “Your Stacy Meadows an attorney for Blackwater & Gamble. The firm that handles Mr. Holmes real-estate businesses in Florida, correct?”

Stacy stared at him. “How do you know me?”

He shook his head. “It was my job to know. Your late mother-law informed me it would be fine to disclose family information with you in the room. She liked you.” He said and turned back to me and held out his hand. I took it. “Take care of your family.” He said slipping something into my hand.

“I will. Thank you.”

Mr. Zackary let go of my hand turned and left the room and then went out the front door. Diamond went to lock the door.

“What did he-shit.” Diamond said staring at the silver glowing item in my hand. It was a figure of a sword and cross what did it mean? I looked at the four envelopes on the table. Each with our names on them. I picked up Diamond’s and handed to him. “Open it. I think you have one too.”

Warm regards


Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 1 Diamond

I got into Hylands late in the afternoon after catching an early flight on over from Vagas. I still couldn’t believe it. Damn it. Momma was gone but I knew there was more to the story Heart hadn’t told me because he knew what my reactions would be. I knew then that Heart needed help bad.

I was still surprised though when Heart and Joe met me at the airport. Heart’s eyes were blood red and he was dressed in a blue suit he looked like he had on for days now. Joe. Joe had lost eyes and was quiet as I walked up. I took him in a hug. He snapped out of it and tried to push me away but I held onto him.

“I missed you bro. You should have come out to Vagas for some sun and fun.” I said.

Joe hugged me back. “I’m sorry. I-I got distracted and Momma needed me to work the shop at night. I should have worked it the the night-“

“It wasn’t your fault.” Heart said quickly. He looked at me. I knew what happened and I was raging hell until I found out who did it. “I’ll tell you everything when Ace gets here. He’ll be here tonight or early tomorrow at the latest but not here.”

I nodded. There was time. I picked up my over night bag and hugged Joe’s shoulder leading him around. “Let’s go home. I’ll cook you two something up ya’aw looking to skinny and hungry. Momma would have my ass if I didn’t care of my little brothers.”

Heart smiled in thanks. He looked like shit and was fighting to keep it together. I wonder if he was fighting someone else in this mix. “So. Where’s your girl?”

‘Fucking bitch.” Joe snarled out.

I looked at Heart. “She run out on you?’

Heart opened his mouth and then then closed it. He grimanced. “Daisy said, what happened shook her up so she’s visiting her parents in Florida for a few weeks.”

“So she left you.” I said.

“Yeah. It’s over.” Heart said and then shrugged. “It is what it is. I can’t be concerned with her right now. We got to much shit to deal with. We got a meeting with the lawyer tomorrow. I’m going to make sure everything slight down the middle and we’ll decide what to do about everything else.” He said looking around and appeared on edge.

Damn it. What fuck was I thinking? Whoever took out Momma was out there. We had to get by ourselves and wait for Ace until we could move. But, I needed to get my hands on some swords and guns.

“Alright. Let’s get some quiet and go over some shit.” I said leading the way outside.

Warm regards


A second prologue of Styx Shade

The full story


20 years ago
Hank and Marth Smith named the child John Smith and raised him up in the ways of Edo and practical living. Hank taught him pugilism and how to wield his mother’s knife and fire arms and the code of self defense. Martha taught him the lessons of Edo and the value of life and protection of the innocence. She bought him his first pairs of tinted glasses when they surmised early on that John’s eyes were weakest during sunlight hours.

On John’s 17th year he went out into the city to find work and make a name for himself as a man.

His prospects weren’t great from the onset because of his strange eyes and elvish appearance lanky body and quiet foot steps put people off and comsently got him into trouble to the point he could only make his living as at night as a pick pocket and night burglar.

He had a bet going with the other young thieves of the neighborhood that he could steal from the house of a Oricle her priced possession and not get caught.

John was a foolish young man thought oricles and seeing the future was horseshit so he bit right into the bet.

It was on his third house in the low district of Dove row that hit his abrupt pause in his thieving career.

It was late in to midnight when he stole his way into the house through a open window on the second floor.

John was a excellent climber and light on his feet as any young rogue of his profession. The house was clean and quiet. No signs of life inside only books and a few furniture items placed around the house.

Young John frowned at the filled book shelves easily reading the titles in the dark rooms. He had always had sharp eyes in the night but counter nearly blind vision in the daylight hours.

He searched the house looking for treasure or bank notes to steal and payment for his efforts. He found none. Only books and strange items he saw no value in.

He searched the downstairs ground floor up and down finding only a few bank notes on the kitchen table. He snagged two apples from the cobers for his trouble and a nice pair of jade tinted glasses set on a book about the tales of Styx Amoore. He read through the book and set it down only to pick up and headed for the back exit in the kitchen.

He saw a lady dressed in a white night gown sitting on the upper stairs smoking a thin cigar waiting for him.

John was more then a little shook by her appearance and direct stare at him. He dropped the book and held up his ebony dagger. “Don’t come any closer witch.”

The Oricle laughed softly. “I’m no witch sonny. I’m the owner of this house you came a thieving into. They call you John Smith. But that’s not your name.”

Warm regards