Sleeping beauty awakened by medical examiner pt 8

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I felt someone enter my private apartment. I eased out of Amber’s arms toward the edge of the bed. Amber made the sound of a moan reaching for me to pull me back into her arms.

“Where are you going?” She said in a husky half awake voice.

The covers slipped away from her body lovely full ample breasts. I leaned over kissing her head. “I won’t be long dear. I have to go check on something. Stay here until my return.” I told her calmly.

Amber leaned up kissing my chin and yawned. “Come back to me.” She said and laid back down falling asleep instantly.

I slipped on my trousers at same reaching for service revolver. I headed for the door slipping out of my bedroom and into the hallway. I locked the door.. I heard nothing but I felt someone or something here.

I listened intently. I heard it breathing. Something wet dripped down onto to my revolver causing it to burn. I fired a shoot off missing the body.

I heard a scream.

IT fell onto me making a snarling and biting at my neck. I grabbed IT’s neck and squeezed. IT screamed.

“My Lord. MY LORD!!” Amber yelled trying to break out of my bedroom.

“Damn it! Stay in the room. Do not leave.” I ordered her and kneed IT in the dick.

IT screamed louder. I wrestled on top of the creature’s body and started pounding IT in the face while holding onto IT’s neck.

The creature’s body clawed at my trousers and legs. IT was struggling and didn’t last long until I finished it off.

I got to my feet slowly bleeding from my legs and chest. Damnation. I had more scars. Slowly I realized Amber was sobbing.

I quickly unlocked the door and it was flung inward. Amber was naked and crying and ran into my arms. I sighed and tried to lift her out of my arms.

“I’m bleeding and have open wounds. I need to take a bath.” I said.

“I don’t care.” Amber softly. “I’m immune to most posions anyway.” She said and then came out of my arms and led me to the bathroom.

Amber turned on the water in the tub and started filling the tub with water. She finally looked at me and held out her hand to me.

I sighed and rose up taking her in my arms and sat down in the tub. I picked up a wash rag and soap. I started washing myself first then her.

We sat in silence for several minutes. Amber grabbed my wrist. “Who summoned that thing that attacked you?”

“I don’t know. I expect it is a warlock from Fair Gale or a visitor from the devil’s eye.” I said.

“Why attack you? Are you associated with the new king of Drakeacape?”

“Yes.” I said plainly.

I leaned down inhaling her scent. I didn’t smell any magic on her still. I wondered if she was using me.

Amber leaned back against me. “You are a warrior of Drakescape.”

“Yes. I had my time in the service to my country. It also helped me to earn my way through university.” I paused as body began to glow. “What are you doing?”

“I told you I am immune to most poisons. My body can heal wounds. It is a useless power in the magical arts ranks but this is all I can give you. You had to earn your way in the world?”

I hugged her waist. “It is my people’s way. We grow stronger by pushing our minds and bodies to the limit and surviving in challenging situations to find our limits and far we can push past them. Foxx was the same way in his rise to power.”

Amber sighed as I laid kisses on her neck and cheek. “Why did he fall then?”

“Foxx got lazy and greedy for easy wins.” I said simple. “He was beaten because he never expected he could lose anymore.”

“How did you know?” Amber asked.

Hmm. “Like you said. I am a warrior. I am never at ease entirely.  I can’t be. I was taught to always be ready.”

“Your teacher most have been a great teacher.” She said.

I grunted. Foxx had been a great teacher but a piss poor leader and traitor in his final years alive before I killed him.

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Sleeping beauty awakened by a medical examiner pt 7

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“How did you become a chief administrator?” Amber asked as she took a hold of my bent arm.

I guided her down the street toward my old apartment building that was still two blocks from true cave residence. I wondered when I would be able to take her to my real residence. I would give it a little more time I decided.

“Hmm. Interestingly enough I was hired for the position after I finished my studies abound in my late twenties. I applied for the position when I return back after getting my doctorate in medicine and criminal justice in Iron born.  I was still had the position when His majesty Foxx Drakescape was around before the war. When did you first arrive here?”

Amber stared at me with wide eyes. “You’ve been to the sky kingdom? What was it like? Do the people there actually have wings?”

I smiled seeing the youthful delight and interest in her eyes and the strange notion she had of bird people. He had an idea who she got the idea from. “So you traveled here on Jameson’s floating yakt?”

Amber blinked in surprise. “You know of Lord Jameson the explorer?”

I laughed softly and nodded. “Yes. He studied with me at the top university in Iron Born though he lost interest quickly enough in our second year and took to being quite the wander of the skies.”

Amber grinned at me. “Tell me my Lord what are the Iron Born winked people like. Do they had rainbow winks as Jameson told me about? What was living in Iron Born like?”

I kept back laughter at her Senser look of interests and silly dreams in her eyes. “It was…educational and a big impact on me growing into the man I am today.  But, no. The people there aren’t bird people. They use modern technology to propell themselves through great landscapes across the known seven kingdoms. They are for the most part humans. Though that will change in the course of a few more centuries. When did you arrive here my dear? Are you on vacation?”

Amber looked like she wanted to ask more about Iron Born but stopped herself. “I came here on holiday two weeks ago. I saw your add in the post. I was interested in the position and honestly I wanted to meet you.”

I raised an eye brow. “Me? Really. I wonder why?”

“You are one of the last Dracoians still in the city responsible for defeating the ancient Dracoian king.”

I rolled my eyes. “Ancient king? Foxx was only sixty-six years old when he was defeated by the allied forces of the guardsmen.”

Amber stared at me silently. “In human years he was rumored to be six hundred years old.”

I shrugged. “True enough for humans but Dracoians and half/drakes aren’t human. By Drakescape standards he wasn’t really that old at all. Have you ever been married before today?”

Amber frowned at me. “No. I haven’t and we haven’t married yet let alone had a grand wedding or registered our marriage with town records or elders here and aboard in Fair Gale.”

I shook my head. “In that you would be wrong my dear. The rules here are much more similar. So you are a virgin?” I said.

Amber’s cheeks turned a lovely pink warm glow as she glared at me. “I am Lady my lord….though I am a much old…” Amber closed her mouth looking away. I caught what she had been about to say.

Hmm. So she is much older then said she was. I kept walking. Amber said nothing but she wrapped both her arms around my forearm holding on to me tightly. “Amber. You must understand something about my people or more to the point myself. I am a very direct man and harsh when I am crossed. Once you agreed to be mean that is the end of it for me. However, if you are not inclined to stay by my side then you may leave as you please. I will not chase after you.”

“When are we to married?” She asked.

“We already are.” I told her. “Once you took hold of my arm and allowed me to lead you. To my people are to the law the deed is done. It is the drakescape way.”

Amber was frowning and looked at young paper boy and singled to him to come. He came over in a hurry. “Yes Ma’mum. What can I do for you?”

The boy bowed to me. I fished out a few crowns and gave him some for a paper. The boy handed me a paper.

Amber focused on the boy. “Boy. Is it the way here now that gentlemen marry by simple choosing a lady and walking with her?”

The boy nodded without looking at me. “Yes, Ma’mum. That is the way of. It’s a new law new drakescape made regarding men and females. It was passed quite recently indeed.” He said nodding his head and then he took off running seeing another man waving to him for a paper.

I started walking off leading her away. Amber still looked uncertain. “Do you wish to ask around more?”

“Yes. I do.” Amber said quickly. “If you don’t mind Sir. My Lord.” She said softly.

I shook my head. “I don’t mind at all dear.”

The next random meetings with my people all went the same. No one said a word otherwise to the new special license I had just crafted out of thin air. But, really what would they had said. It was the truth. Drakescape didn’t give a tuss about marriage licenses. Mating was the same as it always been sense the beginning.

We finally made it to my apartment building. I turned to Amber opening the door and holding it up for her. “Are you ready?”

Amber stared at me. “My Lord. I would like a wedding. A public wedding. This Saturday.”

I raised an eye brow. “I’m fine with that arrangement. There is no reason to be nervous. I will do what I can to make you at ease.” I said.

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Sleeping Beauty awakened by medical examiner pt 5

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Chapter 4

I put out a advertisement for an assistant the following early morning in the daily Walker. Late afternoon, I had long line of female applicants outside my office door after I had finished my morning work prepared to head out for lunch. I sighed and brought in Solly to filter through my candidates and pick the best selection.

I waited for Solly to give me the go ahead and then the first applicant was shown into my office.

Miss Borrow was the first candidate. Solly held the door open for him to my office. Miss Burrow grimanced brushing by him. Solly noticed it said nothing just gave me a look and rolled eyes as he closed the door behind her.

I held out my hand to her. “Miss Burrow. Thank you for showing up on time. Please have a seat.

Miss Burrow set down in her seat flowing down into the seat naturally like water being poured in to a cup and I noticed it then. She was using some type of magic around her body. It was an illusion of some sort.

I sat down at the edge of my desk. I waved a hand at her face. “Would you mind removing that mask your wearing?” I asked.

She frowned and blinked her eyes showing an expression of fake ignorance of what I meant. “I am wearing no mask or makeup. As you see me now. This is what I am.” She said.

I shrugged the interview was over for me but I decided to play along for now. I picked up a ink pen and clipped a piece of paper on a tablet and passed it to her.

“I need you to write down everything I say beginning now. Subject is elusive for now. No motive or explanation for the series of strange murders of street whores. Captain Hawks will need to dig up clues for-” I paused and looked over at her writing. It was passable not good enough however and a good enough reason to end the interview.

“Hmm. I will contact further if I will accept you for this position.” I said.

“My Lord. I am a lady of my realm and more then qualified for this position and if not then your wife would be a better position.” Miss Borrow said smoothly.

“Indeed. However, I am not in the market for a wife at present and you would not be in my selection. It is no fault of your own simply a case of you do not fit my criteria. Stand up please.” I said. She did not. I smiled.

“My Lord. Could you please be more plain in what you require in a wife.”

I stared at her. “I require obedience if a female is to come into my protection. You seem to be of a higher social class then myself.. What did Mr. Silverstone tell you regarding myself?”

Miss Burrow came to her feet. “He calls you the administrator. He told me you are the last pure blood Dracoian in the city with the fall of Drakescape by the hands of the Drake-bloods. I think we would suit each other. I come from the main branch of the royal family of Fair Gale.”

I nodded. “I will consider your offer however I am much to busy to entertain it for the moment. I have an assistant to hire, meetings to have and case work to finish. Good day to you Lady Borrow.”

Miss Borrow didn’t move. I sighed and looked at her revealing the otherside of myself. “You can be dismissed with words or I can physically do so. The choice is yours.”

The door opened. “Ohya. It’s time for you to be leaving Miss Burrow before you kin to losing your chance.” Solly said.

Miss Borrow turned and walked Pass Solly shoving him aside easily. Solly turned up his lip at her retreating back and looked at me.

“Get one of the boys to watch the chit. She is becoming an unwanted guest here.”

“She’s trying to challenging you ya Doc.” Solly said pointly. “She’s a right idiot for doing so.”

I nodded. “I know. She had a pretty face but growing up with power in her realm has poisoned her mind into thinking such power can be thrown around in our realm.”

Solly shook his head. “Sorry sight. You seven candidates Doc. Nice pieces but I’ll save the best for last for ya Doc.” He said with a ridiculous grin before he closed the door….

The morning went by quickly. I had two by two possible candidates to choose from the six I had had. I wasn’t expecting much from the last one as Solly showed her inside.

Miss Amber Clocks was the seventh candidate to step into my office. She was dressed in a cream grey white dress that hugged her body in the right places. She had a large note pad in her arm and large purse in her other hand.

Her breasts were high and full. She wasn’t a beauty like Miss Burrow or any of the others. She had full lips, big eyes, long nose and her ass…hmm. everything about her was big in the important places. I heard a knock at the door.

I glanced up in time to see Solly give me the thumbs up quickly before. The lady noticed the exchange.

I smiled standing and holding out my hand. She smiled taking my hand and looking up at me.

“Hello, I’m Amber Clocks. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

Her voice was light youthful and excited. She was a virgin. I noted no ring. She pulled back her hair a bit. I noticed how long her fairy folk ancestry. Damnation.

I helped her to her seat. She looked up at me smiling. “Your an fairy folk.” It wasn’t a question sitting down on the edge of my desk in front of her. My eyes drifted a moment to v-line of her clivage. Her breasts were full and high. I looked back at her face. She caught me staring and I smiled not at all apologetic.

Miss Clocks smiled and nodded. “Yes Sir. Will that be a problem?” She asked innocently and had the chit had the nerve to put her hand on my leg.

Luckily, I was all for it but I had a few questions.

“Depends? How old are you?” I asked. Fair folk were a weird bunch. They lived longer then most Drakes and you can never tell when your talking to an old spinster or a youngster.

Miss Clock glared at me coming to her feet and removing a glowing time piece from purse. “Never you mind my age you handsome Dracoian. You want me. I want you. You will desire to have me. You do not-“

I grabbed her waist silencing her and lifted her until I sat her down on my lap. She stared at me wide eyes.

“Miss Clocks. I need you to allow me to lead this affair between you and I. I do not require your instruction in seduction. Do you understand me?”

Miss Clocks nodded her head holding up her little time piece. I smiled. “How old are you?”

“I am a youth in by my people’s standard 16.” She said. I grimanced, her eyes went wide in alarm. “But in human years I am a hundred sixteen well enough a mature lady.”

Sixteen, was a bit young but at least she wasn’t the spinster harpie Draco had hated. “I will give you a choice. Do you wish to be my mistress or wife.”

“Wife.” She said immediately.

I sighed. “Think first. If you are my mistress I will keep you well kept and provided for but you will have your own life with more freedom to where you live. If you are my wife. I will own you. I will not abide any foolishness from you. You will be with me forever. I will give you a day to think on it.”

“Wish to be your wife.” Amber said.

My office door opened. I looked up to see Solly coming in and then he turned and walked right out without a word.

I looked at Miss Clocks she still held up the watch. I stared at her. “That watch isn’t going to save you from me having you right now if I was so inclined.”

Amber quickly put it away. She smiled nervously. “What now?”

“With personal matters aside. I need an assistant. Are you up for the task?”

Amber nodded. “Yes Sir. I meant though are when will we start mating?”

“I will get a special license on the way home and we will started then. That means you will not leave my company today if ever again. But, before all that I have a commitee meeting for us to attend.. Do you understand me?” I said.

“Yes.” She said the word in a whisper.

Warm regards


sleeping beauty awakened by medical examiner pt 4

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Chapter 3

“Do all high Lords of Drakerscape dress as you do?”

I heard the gentle lady voice speak to me as I went over my notes from last nights examinations.

I looked up at the lady I had had on one of my tables a few hours ago. She was dressed now in the purple robes of spellwords but with a long stick hocked to her belt at her side.

“It is the modern era. I am a modern professional. I am a doctor and city guardsman administrator.” I said. “The old world high Lords however dress in fancy robes of greys and the ladies in purples and whites. I prefer black and the dark blues of the city guardsman. You learned basic trading language fast.” I said.

Miss Borrow nodded her head. “I had a basic knowledge of it. I just needed to a spell or two to help with my memory. You are not going to ask me why I’m here.” She asked.

I shrugged. “It probably has something to do with the kiss. It wasn’t my idea. But, your up and about. That’s good. What did you wish to see me about?”

“Lord Silverstone told me you were one of the old family Lords of the land with the ears of the current King. Your a nobleman with the body and battle scars of a warrior as I saw early. How may I reward you for your service toward me.” She asked in a tone she had thoughts already on how to reward me.

I stared at her. She wasn’t much to look at. A pretty face and slim body and the arrogance of a true entitled rich brat. If I had been several years younger with less experience with her type I might have been seduced to try her out. But, again. I hadn’t the time or interests and my tastes were altogether different at my advanced age thirty-five years.

“There’s nothing I want from you. Well…I would like to know who kidnapped you.”

“Why? So you can hang them?”

“Yes.” I said simple. “We don’t tolerate kidnapping, rape or mass murder here. We have few rules but, you break one of them you get what you deserve.” I said.

She smiled seductively but her eyes were worry of me as she began to sense what I truly was.”I don’t know how to address you. You sound like a king or at least as you put it administrator of justice. Does Drakerscape have a king? Are you that king?” She said with a strange tone to her voice.

“I am a modern professional.. I do not go by such titles.. You may address me as Mr. Blair. Drakerscape has a few laws and one judge, one administrator and King if he so chooses to reveal himself. As Mr. Silverstone had probably told you. Spellwords handle cases of magical other worldly matters and for the tiny cases people find their way to the Crossroads.”

“The Crossroads? You mean the sanctuary. Yes.. Lord Silverstone told me of it.. I wish to know about you..I wish to know” She asked coming closer.

“No. I am drakescape citizen and former guardiansmen. The Drakes were allowed to handle matters until they proved themselves quite useless in anything but collecting gold and disrupting the peace of the general public with their antics. The citizens and guardsmen collectively grew bored of them and removed them.”

The girl stopped and frowned. “You removed the drakes? I think not. You appear to be a human with a minor touch of power of some kind from your current king. The Dracoians fleed the city because of in-fighting and the spellwords who drove them out finally. Human mortals have no power equal to superior to the fair Gale let alone the Dracoians.”

I smiled. “You are very young. You shouldn’t believe everything your told. As I said. The guardsman drove them out. Violence is just one means of doing so the guardsmen employed more then one means. There exists here a power you have no idea how deep it goes.”

“You are very free with your words to me. I could tell my people or drakes about you being the king here that master minded this all.”

I stared at her. “I never said I was a king. I am a medical doctor and chief administrator for the city guards. I played a part in Foxx and the Drakes removal from Drakescape. Besides all that. It is common knowledge.  The people born here have rights to the city of Drakescape as any Dracoian ever did. Is there anything else you wish to know?”

“How did you slay Drakerscape? He was….as near a God to magical kind as can be.”

I shook my head at youthful female nonsense imagination. “As God like as you think Foxx was he was still a piss poor fighter as can be said. Poor old chap could not take a punch to the face or avoid my removal of his heart from his chest all the same. It is getting late Miss Borrow you should head back to library. I have a busy day tomorrow.”

“I’m here to thank you in the matter of saving me I come from a wealthy family and my father can offer you a handsome reward.”

“I told you what I wanted. Either tell me who did that illegal act of magic and kidnapping of your body or I will find out myself and have the guilty party hung until they are dead.” I said gentle.

“I have no knowledge of who did the deed, Sir. You will end this talk about that matter.” She said in her strange tone as her voice grew more louder with energy and I smelled the scent of peppermint heavy in the air. “You are the current high Lord of this land. There will be an alliance between us in marriage. You will allow the spellwords to handle the magical matters in this city from now on and remove the Draco/mutants guardsmen from stepping into matters that do not concern peasant trash. Do you understand me?”

I smiled. “This must be eatting your high and mighty refined self up. Having to plead for my willingness to let you and your kind handle matters in my city as you see fit. Miss Borrow. Do I answer to you?”

The girl blinked and shook her head. “What?!”

I motioned with my hand. “Am I your slave? Do I answer to you? Do I owe you anything?”

“No. I fail to see your point Sir. We were talking about our future alliance.” She said louder and filled the room with the scent of peppermint.

“Do you have the power to make me do what you desire?” I asked her.

“Yes.” She said immediately.

I stared at her. “Really?! Do you honestly believe I have no knowledge you have been using magic on me to make me to tell you the truth. I mean really Miss Borrow. The gulf between you and I is more wider then you think. I have allowed your questions to put you at ease but if you become a problem in my city. I can just as easily bring you to heel and remind you of what real power looks is.”

The girl flinched back a step and stared and me blinking frowning. “You….you are not what you appear to be. What are you? There is a magic about you. I can’t place my finger to it. You appear human but are not.. I know the power of Dracoians. You are different. What are you?!” She paused but when I raised an eyebrow. She lowered her head and gaze. “I-I am not challenging your Majesty. I am young and out of practice in dealing with one such as yourself. I will not be a trouble to you.”

“Good. I have heard your speech and now it is time for you to leave. I will not be accepting any rewards from an ungrateful and unlady like girl who dares to act as she has. I have applicants to see tomorrow for a position. I must get home to rest. Good night.” I said and returned to reviewing my notes.

It took the girl several minutes to take the hint but she left quietly all the same.

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Sleeping beauty awakened pt 3

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Sleeping Beauty awaken

Chapter 2

Solly came awake as Adam Silverstone and Captain Hawks arrived finally. Marshall and I helped him to his feet.

Silverstone drew near the girl’s body and waved a hand glowing hand over her. He quickly yanked his hand back when black flames sprang up fast to lick at his hand. He pbacked away and the flames were snuffed out but part of his sleeve had quickly burned away.

I rubbed a hand over my shield badge that was pinned to my right breast pocket. I caught Silverstone’s gaze and waved a hand at the girl’s body “You seen this kind of magic before? She wasn’t like this the last time I was near her.”

Silverstone stared at me. “You touched her?” He said addressing the question as an accusation.

“Yes but not in that way. Answer the damn question. Who do you know that can spell a human like this?” I said. Fairy magic and strange fire was the last thing I needed in my city with everything starting to become safe for females to walk on the damn street again.

Silverstone shook his head. “To many and to few I know are alive or not. It’s old magic. If you can touch her, you might be able to break her out of it.”

“Why me? I don’t know this girl or have any ties to her. What are you fishing for here?” I asked as I was beginning to get the feeling this librarian was playing a game on me.

Silverstone glared at me. “If you want to know who did this waking her up might help you answer a great many questions.”

“I wasn’t the only that could touch her Solly brought her. Let him try first.”

“I accidentally activated a trap on the girl by accident.” Silverstone said. “The last one to touch without evil intent was you. The flames are still on her. If your Solly tries to touch her he might get burned.”

“Might? Meaning you don’t know. Let him try first.” I said. I looked around to Solly to see him running out the door.

Damnation. I walked up to the girl. The flames started up again licking at my shirt and trousers. “What do I do?”

“Kiss her.”

I turned my head toward him even as my shirt caught on fire. “I beg your pardon?!”

Silverstone grimanced at my tone. “It need not be sexual or otherwise intent. Just a kiss with right energy levels will do.”

Fucking fairy magic bullshit.

“Fine.” I said and leaned down as the flames burned my shirt away. The flames burned against my skin and aroused me. I kissed her forehead.

The girl’s eye lids flew open. I leaned back as she came up from the table. I saw fear, alarm and confusion in her sky blue eyes. Her eyes focused on me.. she studied me a few seconds, frowned and then she lifted her hand and pushed me away with a gust of strange wind that smelled of peppermint. I flew backward toward a hard wall. My naked back hit the wall and I slid down to my ass. Okay so she wasn’t human. I got to my feet brushing off the fairy dust and the remains of my shirt and partial trousers.

The girl was up looking at Captain Hawks and then Silverstone. She spoke quickly to him in her native foreign tongue.

Silverstone spoke back in kind at the same speedy clip and pointed to me. She blushed and held the apren tightly around her body covering herself. The young Miss pointedly avoided my gaze now.

“So she’s a young fairy come to study at your library school?” I asked started walking toward the young girl on the table.

Silverstone frowned at me and shook his head. “She is pure blood spell-kin. Her name is Wind Melody Borrow.”

I waved for Hawks to approuch me. He came to my side quickly. “Get her statement and put somebody reliable on the case. She didn’t make it to the Crossroads to ask for help so it’s our case.”

“Why do you wish me to handle the girl, Sir? Do you wish me to handle the case?”

I shrugged. “Work the case into your schedule. Get Solly to handle the interview and assist you in hunting down possible leads.”

Marshall stared at me like I had grown two heads. “You want Solly of all people to handle the interview and assist the Captain. Are you going mad?”

“He’s spending to much time looking for ladies of the night on that damn street. He needs to get back on the hunt.” I said and turned to Silverstone. He was looking at me oddly and so was the girl now. I ignored her.

“Thank you Mr. Silverstone for your consultation. Captain Hawks will need to get the girl’s statement and personal information so that we can help her find the magic user that violated city law.”

“Mr Blair. This event involves magical matters. That falls into-“

“Enchantment sleep is a class A crime in the city, transporting her body is kidnapping and sex slavery puts the case… city guards’ hands. I know why she was put on that street. It’s against the Kings’ law as you know.”

“Drakerscape has no king. Sir. The spellwords are more equpted to handle such matters with all due respect.”

Both Marshall and Hawk gave me a meaningful look. I nodded in agreement. The spellwords were uneasy alliance the guardsmen tolerated but they needed to be kept in check so that they didn’t replace the Dracos in power. It was time to put them on notice.

I locked my gaze on Silverstone directly. The man flinched back a step. “Are you sure Drakerscape has no King? Because that statement can be refuted any time upon your request if your so inclined to challenge the guardsmen authority in such matters of the King’s law.”

Silverstone stared at me and then bowed his head. “I am not challenging your authority, Sir. I wish to offer assistance to the guards.”

I looked at Captain Hawks. “Your call.”

Hawks nodded his head. “Assistance would be welcome but this is city guards’ case work sense we found her on the King’s streets.”

I nodded and caught the girl trying to bet her eye lashes at me while trying to lore me with a invitation. What the tuss was this chit about? Damnation I did not have the desire nor energy to deal with a young school room chit’s attempts at seduction.

I went back to studying the boy on the table. My eyes caught the trace of a jade green dust under his fingernails. Interesting. I hadn’t caught that the last time.. was it there before? PlI waved them away. “Go on. I have work of my own to finish up. Get my recorder ready Marshall.”

Captain Hawks saluted me and herded the other two out the doors.

Warm Regards


The world map of Drakescape Tales…

Drakescape world map

Time period 1800s

This of course is a rough map of story realm of Drakescape Tales. I will probably add another page to my site explaining characters and possible languages.

Drakescape – North Western region and town. The birth place of the ancient race of Dracoians and modern law and order realm.

Were lands – Land of were changlings

Fair Gale – land of high magic and fairy folk.

Red Stone – desert lands. Home place of the magical Redstone. Home of the dark skinned Redstone people.

Van Tari – Land of the giants and strong Van Tari people.

Iron Born – Land of Iron magic, Flying boats and the modern city also named Iron Born.

Hellgate – prison island

Brill – pleasure island. The island is also the home of the short but friendly Brill people.

Scin mountains – home of the barbarian Scin people.

Devil’s eye – a interdemintional door to multi demininsionals and hell realms. A door way to other realms in and out of the realm.

Warm Regards


Sleeping Beauty 2

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Chapter 1

Under the advise of Marshall, Solly was set down for an interview in my office while a Messenger was dispatched for Drakescape Library. An ancient library where the spellwords practiced sword craft and spent hours reading from large books all day.

Marshall and I listened to Solly’s account of how he “discovered” the girl on street as he was beginning his beat for the night. He thought it was a unusual event and wanted me to look at the girl…whom he thought was dead at the time because he knew of my fascination with strange mystery cases.

I studied Solly in silence as he finished his story about how he found the body and knew one thing for certain…he couldn’t lie to save his own ass from being fired or hung. Solly was a simple man with a reliable temperament and honest heart and mind. So there had to be one other explanation.

“Solly…are you drunk…again on duty?” I asked making sure not to add any emotion whether anger or annoyance to my voice.

Solly went stark white pale though at the accusation and looked like he might cry. “A kin’na tells you Doc. I was just beginning my beat for the night when I found her just laying on the street with the moon light shinning on her. You can’ta believe I would behold’en to be such an ass. I know ya feelings on drinking on the king’s time. I ain’t ta do it.”

Marshal and I flinched back away from him instantly.

Solly looked at us in shock. “What?!”

“You never said anything about Moonlight shinning on her.” Marshall said in a mild growing alarming voice.

Solly frowned opened his mouth and then put a hand to his mouth and stared at me in shock. “Shit! Great Draco’s balls does that mean?!” He spoke the word like a curse.

I nodded slapping the table with the palm of my hand. “Hell and damnation. The moonlight shined on her before you passed her. Didn’t it? I told you a hundred times you damned fool to run away from their strange dirty tricks. You found a pretty naked female on the road and you just thought to merrily bring her to the morgue for me to see. Don’t you know what this means?”

Solly shook his head. “I kin’na betray you Doc. I’m loyal.”

“I know that you damned fool. You’ve been enchanted by the pagan fairies. The damned fairies are setting their sights to invade our town.”

Solly’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he promptly slid from his chair and passed out on the floor at our feet. I looked at Marshall who was looking down at his cup cold coffee.

I cleared my throat. “I apologize for my dramatics. I have frieghtened our friend Solly.”

Marshall shook his head. “Nothing to be sorry about Doc. We’ve gotten lazy. What can we expect?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know yet. We have to get the girl awake and then figure out how to get her out of here. No telling though. This might simple be a kidnapping gone wrong. If it is then it will be a simple problem to solve. I might be wrong. First time for everything.”

Marshall glared at me.. “Who are you trying to fool? What kind of power could we be up against?”

“I don’t know. The late King didn’t leave much detail on fairy enemies in his diaries. Only one personal mention of some fairy spinster obsessed with becoming the next queen of Drakescape. But, he did give detail entries on Dracoian warlords using faries as a means of Distraction for a challenge and conquer gambit.”

Marshall stared at me. “What if the current king wasn’t able to win a conquest match? Would the town be given to the challenger by default?”

I shrugged but I couldn’t help a grin of satisfaction. “Good thing we have no current king or ruler then. His Majesty Draco Dracoian Foxx was the last and only ruler of drakescape we have no need for such now. No king to defeat no city state to conquar.”

Marshall sighed eying me with a level stare not many would dare to do in current times. “We have to have some type of leadership here sense we ran off the Dracos in the war and Draco is…departed. I thought you said you would take care of that matter Doc.”

I was beginning to get annoyed myself because I had forgotten that I had told him I would handle the matter. “The laws here are few and simple enough. To keep the public peace and the guardsmen honest. Leadership flows from the guardsmen. Our chief leader being Captain Hawks, your second then Solly and myself.” I said thinking on my feet and trying at the same keep the task of leadership pushed as far away from myself as I could manage it.

Marshall smiled. “Neither Hawk or myself are interested in government bullshit. So you want to leave it to chance that good old Solly is up to the task of Supreme leader of Drakescape when or if a conflict arises?”

I looked down at Solly who was spread out on the floor in a dead faint.. I sighed. “I concede to your point. Perhaps we can arrange a city committee of resident business owners and professionals tradesmen to be privileged in city state and immigration matters on a short term agreement of course.”

Marshall nodded his head. “That seems reasonable enough. You plan on leading this committee?”

I stiffened at the notion and hopeful note in his voice. “Absolutely not. I have my work here to keep my mind busy and provide me my bread and butter. I have no such needs of a role. You however have a-“

“-But you are a professional, Doc. The best kind in the city and you were a guardsmen. We would need a guardsmen in the committee to speak for us at least on a part time basis.” Marshall countered with a grin. I was cornered again.

“Damnation, fine.
I’ll get it set up by the end of my shift.. Where the bloody hell are those damned librarians.” I asked.

Marshall looked at his pocket time piece. “I sent a scout out to the library to fetch em a little over thirty minutes ago. They should be around any time now. Not much of a walk from the library to city guards station and walk down to the morgue. But, I expect they’re researching a bit a solution for the problem.” He paused a few seconds in thought.

“Doc?!” Marshall said looking around my office.

I frowned at his tone and study of my office. “Yes?”

Marshall smiled. “If I chipped in a coin or two too hire a chit to organize your office and help you with setting up the committee a bit. You’d be okay with it? Just for my peace of mind that you won’t be over run with everything.”

I grimanced shaking my head. “No. I’ll hire an assistant out on my own coin. I can manage it if you think I need it done. I’ll see to it but that is all.”

Warm Regards


sleeping beauty 1

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First time


My name is Arnold Blair. Chief medical examiner and administrator of Drakeacape city guards. My job is a simple one. I provide details and advice here and there to law inforcement in the city.

The morgue was my office and I was busy with a new subject.

I was leaning over a poor dead boy giving off details for a guardsman to record. While a silent Marshall Irons waited to the side watching and listening. He was working a manhunt case and needed the details.

“Oya. Mr. Examiner. I got a pretty one for you to look at. Strange case.” Solly Drakewood. A guardsmen said as he walked into the morgue with a female dead body over his shoulder.

I frowned at the body. The guardsman put her on a empty table.

I studied the body giving her a quick glance. I made no move to touch her. She was naked. I estimated her age around 18-25. Blond human. Mortal.

I checked her body for wounds. None. Signs of injection of posion. None. I reached for her chin and gentle pulled her mouth open. I saw no signs of posion. I smelled nothing on her breath. She was breathing. Strange. I noticed her body was warm. I took her hand and found pink dust on her fingers.

Fucking fairy dust. Damnation. Alive. But not alive. Asleep but not asleep.

I backed up as I realized what this was. I had two questions though with two answers. “Where did you find this girl?”

“I found the body on 5th divided and lane. Why?”

“Shit. Cover her up already.”

I looked over at Irons to see him covering his gaze. Oh shit. I filed that charecter trait in my mind for later.

“What is it? What do you see?”

“Some fucker spelled the girl. Cover her up.” Iron said uneasy now.

“Doc? What the fuck is going on?” Solly said in that tone that told me he was to seconds from running.

I quickly covered her with my apren. “Solly. Go get me a fucking spellsword from the city library and be quick about it. We’ve got a serious problem here. This girl isn’t dead. She’s a victim of magical kidnapping.”