Alright let’s take some bets. When is the Marvel money train going to crash?

I lost interest in Marvel in general when Civil War came out. I got off the train. Negating my absolute hate for the devil mouse I just lost interest when I could guess how the movies would go down.

The first Iron man movie was the best to me simple because it was surprising and I like Iron Man. Winter soldier was a nice film the rest I don’t give a shit about.

I’m seeing reviews for Wanda vision and all the rest bullshit and I could not care less. They look interesting but not enough for me to invest a give a damn.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s boredom of the whole Marvel shit train of used assets from the old comicbook media. I just don’t care. But, it does make me wonder how long can this shit will go on.

I get the western film genre feel about  marvel movies now. I wonder consently how long can this shit go on. Maybe it’s started right now.

The comic movies shit has been going on well over 10+ years. I thought the last avengers movie would have ended the shit.

I wonder though. How long people can take of the same old shit pushed to front of the line with the expected twists in the middle and some weird SJw shit on the bottom and cheese on top of a bun of post modern rediculas notions of amoral truths.

Damn. I lost interest again. New question how dogshit stupid will the New non binary Identifies a Iron man be?

Warm Regards,