JDMO…A word on Nomad politics and Lore.

What the fuck just happened with Goldy?

The shit was fucking funny to write and funnier to read back but there is a logical reason for her to act in a dominant tone and voice.

She’s a fucking nomad princess. The way she answered C. I. was culturally correct and civil. He stepped over the line.

Nomad culture is base or you can compare it to a wolf pack. Goldy is a archetype of a alpha female wolf hocked up to Bran a archetype of a alpha male wolf.

Female Nomads. In nomad culture the minute a female hooks up to a mate she becomes an adult and must stand in her female dominace. Protective of her family unit/tribe and submissive to her mate and male clan/tribal members.

Male Nomads. Must complete the rite of passage as a boy to enter adulthood and gain the rite of mating. A man must prove himself to be a bad ass mother fucker to the family of the female who vet him first as a potential for their unmated young female.

Again I’m not getting this from my ass I’ve gathered it from the way the charecters have enter acted when shit is thrown at them in the story. They behave in a current way.

Bran didn’t realize he was being veted by Goldy’s family but he passed the test by proving his dominace level was equal to or greater then Jason Warrior (Goldy’s adopted father) so Bran gained Goldy by default. Goldy entered adulthood when she took a fucking chair and smashed it against the head of the liberal shitbag that came at Bran with a sword.

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JDMO…damn. I have to rewrite my ending or throw the shit out.

It’s the twists and turns of the story my dude. This thing has an end but the added theme of Bran having a brother that is related to the story is blowing my…..

Holy shit. I just realized something about the whole clone plot and why C.I. is going to….


I had to look up Cole Cash again. He’s in the backlog of my cyberpunk mornings. He’s a fixer like Sigma but less big time and more personal assistant shop keeper. He is Dredd though so he has his weirder side.

Cole Cash. C. I. interesting the names are similar. Hmm. I think Goldie should show up any time now.

Here’s a spoiler though you probably already figured it out if you’ve read the JDMO so far.

This is..

An ode to 1980 and early 1990s action movies

He is the bad ass.

You’re on his journey.

His quest is

To shoot

To punch

To kill…the fuck

Out of shitbags.

You mother fucking better know

This mother fucka gets the girl in the end and something can and will be

Blown the fuck up.

Fuck yeah!

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JDMO…this is going to be tricky….

If your a writer then you know where I’m going with this.

I think it can be done though I’ll have to do it right. C.I. though is a bigger loner then Cyberpunk and much better schemer.

Again. I have an idea what might happen and I have a plan but….

Depending on the day and how charecters react to shit thrown at them is the key.

Oh. Nobody really does have a charecter arch. I didn’t add her so that Cyberpunk can get some ass.

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JDMO…I’m just cooking right now…

At this point I’m just cooking right. My dude. I just added some hip hop to this shit. Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

I’m just having a good time. Come along for the ride my dude. It’s November’s Kiss. Bitter sweet to the taste and soul.

I’ve had a straight two weeks of shit tests, weird moments and dealing with that one dude at work.

I say all that to say…fuck all that shit.

🎵 Yeah…my shits on point, rhythms so smooth. Baby, I do whatever I like. Baby, I can turn this shit out yeah..🎵

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Hmm. What the hell is going on with JDMO?

Okay this is act two of the story. We have a new charecter. Nobody.

Who is nobody? A fucking alien. The end.

Seriously though. You only know these types of folk by their actions and evolutionary powers.

Again…she’s not a god. The slap on the ass had our girl hot and stung a bit. It’s going to be interesting seeing these two go at it and seeing how they effect Bran & Goldy’s story.

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JDMO I know what the end is but I don’t know if you’ll like but it’s wonderful…

Okay it looks like we’re getting close to the ending….well no.

I think we’re close to the ending but I had plans on going all the way with this all month long. But when the story ends it ends wonderfully.

I have to finish a story I left off earlier this year that will explain and add lore to why Judge is the way he is.

Alright again. It isn’t over until it’s over.

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JDMO shit I see where this is going….

Now with the introduction of a high powered weapon that can dusk people it’s a matter of time before Judge is going to encounter that weapon close up.

What will happen is the question I have an idea and I’m not going to be pulling punches. This is Cyberpunk’s power.

It’s coming up soon we’ll see how it pans out for Judge.

Measure of a man

You find out the measurement and weight of a man by what he can take when he’s been pushed to the breaking point.

Every man has his breaking point but some times that breaking point gets harder to see the more shit he’s had to endure.

Legends never die.

Warm Regards,