Strange dreams 07….

It was the last day when I finally dreamed again.

I saw Scott standing in the streets of the dreams. She was pissed off.

“You fucking dumbass. You can fly here. WAKE THE FUCK UP!”

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I got up out of my hotel bed. I didn’t even put my shoes on. I ran out of the hotel room. I took a breath and jumped up.

I landed in the hotel pool swam to the side and was lifted out by the alien. He glared at me.

“You really are a dumbass my dude. Take a breather and think of the city. Your element will get you there.”

“My what?”

“Just do it dumbass.” He said losing patience.

I took a breath inward felt lighter as I pictured the city in my head. I felt the wind lift me up I looked up as I heard something up in the sky and I stared at the city. “What the fuck?”

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The alien laughed. “Let’s go dumbass.” He said jumping on his bike took upward riding toward glowing portal in the sky.

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I took a breath and focused my mind and leaped up and started picking speed toward the portal as I felt a sudden heat and fire racing upward to me. I wasn’t going to make it.

Fly faster. You can do it. Push.

I pushed myself faster to the opening.

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I blinked and I was in the city of dreams….

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I had to dodge several assholes in hover crusiers who didn’t give a damn about whether they ran me down.

“Out of the way Airhead.”

“Fuck you shithead.” I yelled back at him. Why the fuck do people call me that?

I flew around taking in the city until I saw it. The white tower…

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Yeah. I raced toward it.

A window door way opened on the top floor. I flew inside and stood in the room in the middle of the room. It was office room.

“Welcome to Newark City State.”

I turned and froze at the sight of my mother in her bathrobe and rollers with a cigarette in her mouth. She smiled.

I frowned. “Your not my mother. She never smiled at me.” I said.

The alien laughed and spun changing into her real form. A beautiful lady with silver blue eyes in a brown trench jacket on she closed quickly to cover her perfect naked body.

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“Hey. You made it. I was about to give up on you. But, you did it.”

“Who are you?” I asked.

“You know. Take a guess.” She said in a dreamy voice and floated around the room.

“Your some type of alien like the other one. Your the voice I kept hearing when I raced in the air. Your the reason I can fly. Why did you choose me though?”

“Your almost there. Just take the leap.” She said whispering her words sweetly.

“Your not mother….but you created me somehow.”

“Bingo. Took you long enough to see me. So what do you think?” She asked in a sky voice and looked down waiting. It wasn’t an act.

“I think your beautiful. But, why didn’t you just tell me the way here.”

“I did and I failed so I asked my younger brother Cy for help. He told me about your family and how you wouldn’t leave them behind so he helped you help them and yourself. Thank you for making it here.”

I laughed. “Your welcome. But, why do people keep calling me a Airhead.”

She blushed frowning. “My name is Air. My element is wind. I am a traveler of dimensions as are my kids. The people here call you and your brothers Airheads. I don’t like it either.”

I laughed and walked over and hugged her. She froze and then relaxed. “Thank you. I know it must have been hard for you with me being a dumbass.”

She patted my back. “Go on. Your family is waiting to hear from you. I’ll be here. They’re at the motorcycle shop.”

I nodded to her and smiled coming out her arms and raced out the window.

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Strange dreams 04…

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I stood by a motorcycle shop in the dream city but I wasn’t alone. Two shadows stood with me facing the kid who sat on the motorcycle.

“Your running out of time. Three days to go.” The boy said.

“What happens after three days.”

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“Holy shit.” I gasped as I felt the heat and echo of the world exploding from the vision.

The two shadows disappeared. I stood with the stranger…I looked closer at him and realized. “Your not human.”

The alien nodded. “I am an alien from another dimension. The car has to be ready before then. If you want to save them then you’ve got to get the car ready. They won’t want to believe you. You have to help them save themselves.”

I stared at him. “What the hell are you saying? What happens to my world?”

The alien shook his head. “I host of issues. War. Energy reduction and added on to that. Your core is going to explode in three days time.”

“Why are you telling this to me only? What about the world? Don’t they have a chance at survival?”

“Look behind you.”

I turned and saw millions of shadows walking around flying in the air and sranding either ignoring or entertaining themselves with the city like it was all just a dream.

“This isn’t a dream Bill. I’ve been telling your people about this for years. No one gives a damn. If you want them to live then get that car ready.”

I turned back to the alien as he started up his engine. “You keep saying save them. What about me?”

The alien stared at me. “You have a way out, they don’t. They matter more.”

I shook my head. The alien smiled and I saw his face changed. I saw his real face then. His face was heavily scared along with numbers and energy flashing in his skin and his eyes changed from dark brown to silver mirrors that reflected my own image back at me.

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“This isn’t a dream Bill. Your an Airhead. Your world is going to explode either way. If you care about them help them save themselves and stop thinking about yourself.” He said and rode off to the city.

The wind touched my skin.

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Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 10


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I was waiting in the passenger seat while the girls slept in the back seat waiting for Simon. He hurried out with his favorite tool and hoped in the driver’s seat. He frowned at me.

“Your not driving?”

I shook my head getting my map out and pointing at the road. “Hell no. Somebody has to navigate us there and this was your plan Pops. I’m just assisting.”

“You don’t know how to drive, do you? How the fuck did you get the car to the garage then?” He said putting the crusier into drive and taking off down the road.

I grimanced. “The owner dropped it off. Whose fault I can’t drive?”

“Fucking bullshit. I’m teaching Your smart ass to drive the minute we get safely out this city to our new home base. Dragon I can’t know everything. You got to communicate to me..”

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“Sorry. I just didn’t think it was important or that I needed to learn.” I admited.

Simon grunted. I looked at him to see that same expression on his face that he had the night I met him face to face.

“What’s wrong Pop?”

Simon sighed shaking his head. “They’ll never be a city like the drakes again well there?”

I know what he was asking but I couldn’t lie. “I can’t see the future Pop but from what I’ve seen of the past and the equality of weapons both sides have. No. There won’t be a city like this one. We can’t run from what’s coming.”

Simon nodded. “I know. This world has been at war with itself sense before either of us knew enough to give a damn. I know it’s coming to an end but not for you. You’ll remember us.”

“Of course I will. Your my family. There’s something I’m not telling you.”

Simon nodded. “I know. I trust you though. You’ll do what you have to. I might not live to see the man you’ll become but I’ve seen enough to know your on the right track. Alright tell me what you plan doing with your life.”

I saw a motorcycle race by us.

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I took in the city and memorized it as we came to outskirts of the city. “I want to work on cars and motorcycles in a big city like the drakes.”

I could sense Simon’s emusment though he still didn’t figure out my plans as we raced to the exit.

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Origins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 9


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“Alright Brody. That’s the end of my story.

Brody silently got off my bike and turned to go home. He turned back and frowned at me as I sat on my bike. “I got a question.”

I shrugged. “Go ahead. I’m all ears.”

“How far are the ruins of the drakes where you came in to being?”

He was thinking. I shook my head. “There are no ruins of the drakes. The city and the world were wiped out several centuries ago by wars and elemental weapons. I am the last living being to remember the city and times and creation of that world and I saw it’s final days from a far.” I said.

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Brody was silent. “I don’t understand. Didn’t you get Simon and his kids out?”

I shook my head. “Simon got himself and his kids out. I just helped a bit.”

“So did they or his kids, kids die when the world was destroyed?”

“That happened much later. Around when Simon’s great great grandchildren came around but by that time they didn’t really care because it didn’t concern them. They had problems of their own when the Elders-“

“Stop. Mom said once to me that I shouldn’t think of this world as a world. She said it’s the dream. Cyberpunk’s dream. What does that mean?”

He knew. “I can tell you or I can show you.”

Brody stared at me. “Show me!”

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Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 6


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“This story is boring. Does anything fun happen afterward.” Brody asked beside me as we set down just outside near by favorite Cafe.

I caught the eye of one of the Jim. He nodded to me so I knew would bring me my special.

I looked at Brody’s focused stare. I sighed. “Ah yeah. I great many things happened in that year I came into being. I’m just trying to think on how to explain in terms you will understand.”

“So a why don’t you look like you did? I mean how come you don’t wear your real face now?”

I grinned. “I was much younger then. I grew up. But, when you understand me you’ll see me.”

Brody shook his head. “I do see you.” He said.

I smiled. “It was about a month later that problems started up in the city. I was still green to change on a experience level so I didn’t know how to react to it or how it was effecting Simon. He could see what was coming and damn it to hell if that old man wasn’t a oracle because of it.”

“What happened?” Brody asked.

I frowned. “The Elemental Xeno war.” I said.

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Brody stared at me wide eyes. “The last war two break the old world. The great clapse. You saw it happen. Wicked!”

I nodded. “I caught on quick enough though when Simon showed me why we had to move out of the city and find a home away from the bullshit.”

Brody stared at me. “Is it when you made your-“

I shook my head. “That’s much later. Hmm. Yeah. It began with a street fight outside the garage”

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Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 5


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“I don’t understand. How did you know? How? It’s impossible. I didn’t know.” Dragon said standing outside my garage watching our last customer for the night drive off.

I took a drag on my cigarette. I tried for patience.

Dragon sounded so young. I still had to get used to having him around until he was ready to go out on his own. I waved a hand at his face. “Change it back.”

Dragon frowned. “This is my face.”

I rolled my eyes. “That’s my face. When we talk face to face I want see you as you are. The man you are.”

Dragon pulled up his hood and his face changed back into his own barely formed and coded face.

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“I’m not human or a man.”

I smiled. “I know. But, like you said your still a kid. To answer your question it’s more experience and thinking about why something doesn’t make sense. You learn to see signs of a pattern for what be going on behind your back by how people react to situations and then you see things from a different perspective. It’s called being street smarts or being old.. How old are you really?”

Dragon shook his head. “I am age less crafted in the elements of our realm before humans walked on land in the multi-realms of the mirrored universes….

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but in human terms I am 16. The four elders superceded me in age power. They’re old fucks.” He said.

I stared at him. “I figured as much. So it takes your kind a bit to mature.”

Dragon nodded in annoyance. “My age doesn’t matter. Why then do you keep her children?”

I could have gotten angry but I looked at his innocent expression and hunger to know and understand and for it to be explained to him. I sighed. “I meant what I said to Sun Rising. I invested a lot in my children. I own them out right. There’s no way I would allow that bitch to take what I worked hard for natured, protected and taught to be turned into fucking whores selling their bodies on the street for credits and white dust. I earned them. That’s apart of my code. Every man or being has to have a code they live by and a standard they hold to or else you’ll always become someone’s bitch.”

“I could have destroyed Malone.” He said.

“and then what?”

Dragon blinked. “He would be dead. You would be free.” He said simple.

I shook my head. “Life isn’t that simple.. Like I told you. Malone is an archetype for Fire. You haven’t made a name for yourself or even know yourself to contend with the fire dragon god. He would kick your ass.”

Dragon shook his head. “Fire isn’t a dude or god. She’s a dragon. But I hear you. She is powerful and my elder. Though Ice is the oldest, what the hell is an archetype? You keep saying that like I’m suppose to know what it means.”

What the fuck?! “Stop. Wait a second.. your telling me the Dragon of Fire is a goddess?”

“Damn it. I keep telling you dragons aren’t gods. She was crafted from the elements like me but came in to being a Red headed chick a long time a go.”

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“Now what the hell is an archetype?”

I laughed. I couldn’t help though it pissed off Dragon. I held up a hand to stop any other questions. “Alright. Alright. It’s weird as fuck you know Fire is a female dragon but don’t know what a archetype is. Anyway, Malone like many others like him that follow Fire dragon are examples of her in power and character in a mortal body. They imitate how she acts like here in this plane of existence. You follow me?”

Dragon nodded his head. “Oh. You mean mortal elementals kissed by Fire. I get you. Still though that Malone asshole was only a little like Fire. Though. I could sense her interest in him. I still don’t understand it. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Have you been kissing up on me? Sense you have this big interest me.”

Dragon stared at me and then answered me in kind…

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The map is coming along okay. I’m doing some experimenting.

I already drew up a rough scatch on my phone of the realm of Cyberpunk dreams and the city State Newark, the districts, farmlands and the border of when the realm is cut off and leads toward other realms or universes.

I think it’s a flat world or realm. The biggest issue is figring the sky ways into the map though I might leave that off for now.

I’m experimenting with map generators but the honestly map I have drew up is about what the realm looks closest to.

I think I’ll have something solid before the week is out.

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Cyberpunk dreaming episode 3 ideas and writing process

Here’s the link.

A bit of a slow early day but I decided to sit down and go in to my process of writing my stories and the overall creation themes I’m drawing from to create my stories and characters.

One element I didn’t get into was word count. It doesn’t matter for me on the onset because I know it’s going to be at least a 2k words or more and the stories are more a novela then full on novels.

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Alright I think PUNCH! A corpos comeback story is headed in a good direction. More cyberpunk dreams lore

I’m still a little worried about whether or not I can do it but I’m pushing forward. The second half set up is looking good.

Oh. A word on cyberpunk dreams lore. Pay grads.

Runners are at the bottom of subcontractors and earn the lowest fee. Top fee earners are solos and Fixers.

Corpos of course earn the highest-rated pay grads.

Now. That said. The story might be a fast paced one. I hope I can nail this thing because the set is wonderful for the second half of when the story gets going.

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