Strange dreams 10.0

Fucking bitch was on my heels as I was traveling through realms and universes. I couldn’t lead her to my family but I had to find a place to fight her.

I needed to find a place I could have space and a lot of air…

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The image popped in my head of a greeny place. The moment I saw it I found myself rolling on the ground. The ground shook as the bitch landed and changed again to Normal form. She looked around frowning and snarling.

“What the hell is this place?” She barked at me.

I got to my feet and blew out smoke from my cigarette. “You seem a bit disappointed Mom. You were hoping I would led you some where else?”

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“You stupid boy. Stop these stupid games. You can’t out run me. Your still mortal. If I can’t have you then I will have your creator or the remaining brats she created.”

“Ain’t happening. Stop chasing me before I decide to get tough with you.” I told her.

She laughed. “Look at you. Look at you. Trying to act all tough with your dear sweet mother. It’s all a fantasy. You think that image she gave you is real. It isn’t who you are. Your still the fucking loser brat I shat out. Her little DNA mixing on your elements is all secondary.”

I shook my head. “Why do you hate her so much? Air is a nice pretty lady if not a little sky.”

“She’s vain a piece of shit always looking to get attention from the elder gods or corrupt mortals in to abonations like you became. Your my son. Your going to be a mortal piece of shit. Your place is to serve and worship the gods. Her fascination with mortals is ridiculous. Take me to the-”

“No. I ain’t doing nothing you want me to. I told you. I’m different now.” I told her simple white smoke from my cigarette smoke spread around as I breathed in the air and blew out cigarette smoke.

She attacked me with black flames. Lashing out around trying to see me. I avoided her attacks. I didn’t have a plan for what I was going to do. I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder I turned and the last thing I remember seeing was a fist.

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Strange dreams 07….

It was the last day when I finally dreamed again.

I saw Scott standing in the streets of the dreams. She was pissed off.

“You fucking dumbass. You can fly here. WAKE THE FUCK UP!”

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I got up out of my hotel bed. I didn’t even put my shoes on. I ran out of the hotel room. I took a breath and jumped up.

I landed in the hotel pool swam to the side and was lifted out by the alien. He glared at me.

“You really are a dumbass my dude. Take a breather and think of the city. Your element will get you there.”

“My what?”

“Just do it dumbass.” He said losing patience.

I took a breath inward felt lighter as I pictured the city in my head. I felt the wind lift me up I looked up as I heard something up in the sky and I stared at the city. “What the fuck?”

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The alien laughed. “Let’s go dumbass.” He said jumping on his bike took upward riding toward glowing portal in the sky.

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I took a breath and focused my mind and leaped up and started picking speed toward the portal as I felt a sudden heat and fire racing upward to me. I wasn’t going to make it.

Fly faster. You can do it. Push.

I pushed myself faster to the opening.

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I blinked and I was in the city of dreams….

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I had to dodge several assholes in hover crusiers who didn’t give a damn about whether they ran me down.

“Out of the way Airhead.”

“Fuck you shithead.” I yelled back at him. Why the fuck do people call me that?

I flew around taking in the city until I saw it. The white tower…

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Yeah. I raced toward it.

A window door way opened on the top floor. I flew inside and stood in the room in the middle of the room. It was office room.

“Welcome to Newark City State.”

I turned and froze at the sight of my mother in her bathrobe and rollers with a cigarette in her mouth. She smiled.

I frowned. “Your not my mother. She never smiled at me.” I said.

The alien laughed and spun changing into her real form. A beautiful lady with silver blue eyes in a brown trench jacket on she closed quickly to cover her perfect naked body.

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“Hey. You made it. I was about to give up on you. But, you did it.”

“Who are you?” I asked.

“You know. Take a guess.” She said in a dreamy voice and floated around the room.

“Your some type of alien like the other one. Your the voice I kept hearing when I raced in the air. Your the reason I can fly. Why did you choose me though?”

“Your almost there. Just take the leap.” She said whispering her words sweetly.

“Your not mother….but you created me somehow.”

“Bingo. Took you long enough to see me. So what do you think?” She asked in a sky voice and looked down waiting. It wasn’t an act.

“I think your beautiful. But, why didn’t you just tell me the way here.”

“I did and I failed so I asked my younger brother Cy for help. He told me about your family and how you wouldn’t leave them behind so he helped you help them and yourself. Thank you for making it here.”

I laughed. “Your welcome. But, why do people keep calling me a Airhead.”

She blushed frowning. “My name is Air. My element is wind. I am a traveler of dimensions as are my kids. The people here call you and your brothers Airheads. I don’t like it either.”

I laughed and walked over and hugged her. She froze and then relaxed. “Thank you. I know it must have been hard for you with me being a dumbass.”

She patted my back. “Go on. Your family is waiting to hear from you. I’ll be here. They’re at the motorcycle shop.”

I nodded to her and smiled coming out her arms and raced out the window.

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strange dreams 06….(orgins discussion)


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I cast my gaze upon the events as they unfolded in the garage on the dying planet.

Air was beside me watching closely wondering and silently nervous as the two mortals got inside the car after it was changed into a key in to Cyberpunk’s dream realm.

The car was gone and the boy remained. The loser was left standing alone. Air whispered to him consently on what to do. He was blind and death to her presense and voice still.

Air was still half engaged. Half dipping her toe into becoming active. I glanced at Cyberpunk as he walked into the room. He stared at my sister.

“It’s not good enough. He can’t hear you from this faraway big sis. You got to get closer.”

Air shook her head. “I have been. He won’t hear me anymore. I am trying. Go to him. Give him a push. Please. Time is short.”

Cy sighed. “I can help him a bit but I can’t hold his hand or pushing him the rest of the way. He isn’t mean. He’s your people.”

“Go. I will. I will try. I will try.” Air said in a shaky voice.

I folded my fingers together. She had to do more then try. This had to work. We had to push her to take her place.

Cyberpunk shrugged. “Alright. But, if he doesn’t make it it’s on you. For not teaching him the way.” He said disappearing.

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Strange dreams 04…

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I stood by a motorcycle shop in the dream city but I wasn’t alone. Two shadows stood with me facing the kid who sat on the motorcycle.

“Your running out of time. Three days to go.” The boy said.

“What happens after three days.”

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“Holy shit.” I gasped as I felt the heat and echo of the world exploding from the vision.

The two shadows disappeared. I stood with the stranger…I looked closer at him and realized. “Your not human.”

The alien nodded. “I am an alien from another dimension. The car has to be ready before then. If you want to save them then you’ve got to get the car ready. They won’t want to believe you. You have to help them save themselves.”

I stared at him. “What the hell are you saying? What happens to my world?”

The alien shook his head. “I host of issues. War. Energy reduction and added on to that. Your core is going to explode in three days time.”

“Why are you telling this to me only? What about the world? Don’t they have a chance at survival?”

“Look behind you.”

I turned and saw millions of shadows walking around flying in the air and sranding either ignoring or entertaining themselves with the city like it was all just a dream.

“This isn’t a dream Bill. I’ve been telling your people about this for years. No one gives a damn. If you want them to live then get that car ready.”

I turned back to the alien as he started up his engine. “You keep saying save them. What about me?”

The alien stared at me. “You have a way out, they don’t. They matter more.”

I shook my head. The alien smiled and I saw his face changed. I saw his real face then. His face was heavily scared along with numbers and energy flashing in his skin and his eyes changed from dark brown to silver mirrors that reflected my own image back at me.

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“This isn’t a dream Bill. Your an Airhead. Your world is going to explode either way. If you care about them help them save themselves and stop thinking about yourself.” He said and rode off to the city.

The wind touched my skin.

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Origins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 12 Final


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I stared at Cyberpunk until the mask finally fell away and I saw his real face.

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He had alot more scars on his face and hands then I thought he would. “How long was the battle?”

Cy shrugged. “It took me a year to fight them off and to protect my dream realm from my younger elemental siblings. By the end though, I made it home. Simon left the light on for me and he taught me how to drive. Best years of being. Anymore questions?”

“Two last questions.. Why did we name you Cyberpunk I get the dreams just not the first name and why you didn’t name anything after Sunny Rain?”

Cy shook his head. “It’s a name my people chose to give me for their reasons, I earned it. Sunny Rain wasn’t a prideful girl. She just wanted a family and to make me breakfast every morning to make up for the year I lost with my family.” He sighed.

“Would you like to come in for dinner?” I asked him.

Cy blinked and smiled. “I would love to Brody. It’s been more then a minute.” He said getting off his bike and following me home.

The sun was still in the sky mid way as it started to rain. I smiled and felt happy. For no reason really. Well I guess I had a reason…

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Sunny Rain days where the best days in the dream realm. My mother smiled up at Cyberpunk and reached up for a hug while my father fist bumped him and offered him, his chair.

Cy shook his head. “That’s yours bro, I’m just happy to be around my family.”

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Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 11


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Something wasn’t right. I couldn’t put my finger on it just a feeling. I glanced at Dragon to see him looking at me.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Who you sell the garage too?” I asked.

“Malone. I used the money to buy the ride from his rival. What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing. Just a bad feeling. How far can you see ahead of the road to the town?”

Dragon looked ahead and stared. “Stop the crusier”

I brought the cruiser to a dead stop. Dragon got out and narrowed his eyes ahead. I couldn’t see what he did but I knew there was trouble. He looked behind us and grimanced.

“Who is it? Malone.” I asked.

Dragon pointed back to the city. “Malone and his crew will be here in an hour. But, the bigger problem is ahead of us. Frost and her groupies are coming up in front us.

“In front of us? What about….the town is gone isn’t it?”

“Yes. It appears Malone is working with them. I-I made a mistake going to him. I didn’t think he would have the balls to turn against me.. We’re caught in the middle. Looks like I’ll have to rush my plans ahead of schedule.”

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I stared at him. “What are you going to do?”

Dragon stared at me. “You changed my mind on humans. You drew me out of watching life go by. I don’t intend to lose you just yet. It’s risky but I can make a place for you and the girls to be free of the cycle of war and madness it won’t be a easy place to live and you’ll be short on space but it will be a fresh start.” He said.

“What’s the catch?” I asked.

Dragon smiled at me and snapped his fingers. I saw a small map of the area. The map flipped and I saw it as a giant land mass floating in….space.

“What the hell is it?”

“It’s a short cut solution to making a world within this deminsion. It’s a mini realm. A incomplete dream realm within this universe over time it will become something else. The catch is once you enter my dream you won’t able to leave or return to this world. You and your descendants and whoever else that enters my dream will be trapped in my dream realm forever. What you make of that world will be your own invention to your growth or destruction. The choice is yours.”

“What do you need me to do?” I asked him.

“Drive. I’ll handle Frost and Malone. But I need you to mark out the realm. It has to be completed before the day is done. I super charged your ride so you can get it done in a hurry.” He said and then turned as Frost and her people appeared over the hill. “Follow the light. I’ll see you on the otherside Pops.”

Dragon’s form changed again.

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“Go on Pops. I’ll be alright. When you reach the town keep the light on for me at the house. I might be a little late.”

I ran back to the cruiser got into the driver’s seat of the cruiser and took off. The kids were up wide eyed and staring at the beam of light I was following.

“Where are we going, Daddy?” Sunny Rain asked.

“What’s that light thing leading us to?” Newark asked.

I smiled. “A much better place then the one we’re leaving behind.”

“Where’s big brother Dragon?” Sunny Rain asked.

I frowned shaking my head. I glance out my rearview window and saw him already into a battle with two of his siblings. They were giving him a tough fight but he wasn’t backing down.

“He’s taking care of some business he’ll meet us on the other side at the new house.”

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Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 10


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I was waiting in the passenger seat while the girls slept in the back seat waiting for Simon. He hurried out with his favorite tool and hoped in the driver’s seat. He frowned at me.

“Your not driving?”

I shook my head getting my map out and pointing at the road. “Hell no. Somebody has to navigate us there and this was your plan Pops. I’m just assisting.”

“You don’t know how to drive, do you? How the fuck did you get the car to the garage then?” He said putting the crusier into drive and taking off down the road.

I grimanced. “The owner dropped it off. Whose fault I can’t drive?”

“Fucking bullshit. I’m teaching Your smart ass to drive the minute we get safely out this city to our new home base. Dragon I can’t know everything. You got to communicate to me..”

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“Sorry. I just didn’t think it was important or that I needed to learn.” I admited.

Simon grunted. I looked at him to see that same expression on his face that he had the night I met him face to face.

“What’s wrong Pop?”

Simon sighed shaking his head. “They’ll never be a city like the drakes again well there?”

I know what he was asking but I couldn’t lie. “I can’t see the future Pop but from what I’ve seen of the past and the equality of weapons both sides have. No. There won’t be a city like this one. We can’t run from what’s coming.”

Simon nodded. “I know. This world has been at war with itself sense before either of us knew enough to give a damn. I know it’s coming to an end but not for you. You’ll remember us.”

“Of course I will. Your my family. There’s something I’m not telling you.”

Simon nodded. “I know. I trust you though. You’ll do what you have to. I might not live to see the man you’ll become but I’ve seen enough to know your on the right track. Alright tell me what you plan doing with your life.”

I saw a motorcycle race by us.

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I took in the city and memorized it as we came to outskirts of the city. “I want to work on cars and motorcycles in a big city like the drakes.”

I could sense Simon’s emusment though he still didn’t figure out my plans as we raced to the exit.

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Origins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 9


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“Alright Brody. That’s the end of my story.

Brody silently got off my bike and turned to go home. He turned back and frowned at me as I sat on my bike. “I got a question.”

I shrugged. “Go ahead. I’m all ears.”

“How far are the ruins of the drakes where you came in to being?”

He was thinking. I shook my head. “There are no ruins of the drakes. The city and the world were wiped out several centuries ago by wars and elemental weapons. I am the last living being to remember the city and times and creation of that world and I saw it’s final days from a far.” I said.

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Brody was silent. “I don’t understand. Didn’t you get Simon and his kids out?”

I shook my head. “Simon got himself and his kids out. I just helped a bit.”

“So did they or his kids, kids die when the world was destroyed?”

“That happened much later. Around when Simon’s great great grandchildren came around but by that time they didn’t really care because it didn’t concern them. They had problems of their own when the Elders-“

“Stop. Mom said once to me that I shouldn’t think of this world as a world. She said it’s the dream. Cyberpunk’s dream. What does that mean?”

He knew. “I can tell you or I can show you.”

Brody stared at me. “Show me!”

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Origins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 8


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I came into the garage to see Dragon working on a slick ride while I had been hunting up a heavy cruiser and maps on possible relocations. He looks up at me.

“Hey. What you think?”

I frowned. “It’s nice. Who you steal it from? I told you we need something with a lot of armor on it and room for my kids to sleep protected.”

Dragon grinned. “I bought it after working a couple of jobs here and there and selling the garage.”

I stared at him. “You sold my garage for this toy car? Are you insane.”

Dragon was still smiling. “I did a lot of work on this bitch. It’ll get us where we need to go in a hurry and in one piece. Hey could you pass me my hammer on the desk?”

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I turned picking up the hammer then stared at it and felt the heavy weight of it. This wasn’t mean. “Where the hell did you get this thing?” I asked handing it to him and then I stared as the damn thing glowed in his hand now.

Dragon shrugged. “It’s my hammer. I used it to do some work on the ride to get us where we need to go. You got the maps?” He said hitting the hood of the crusier. It glowed for a second. Dragon smiled and looked at me. “I improved it.”

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I sighed and got the maps out and put the biggest on the wall. Dragon came over frowning at it and pointed at a spot. “There. We make it there and we’re good for a bit.” He said but I noticed him glancing at a spot in the east past the the Outlands.

“You keep looking over there. What’s there?” I asked.

Dragon shook his head. “A project I want to start. It’s a long one and will take me some time. So we make it to this spot it’s good for land space and it has a decent town removed from the shit going on here and about.”

I looked at the distace. “That’s a hell of a distance from here to there. You sure this ride can make it?”

Dragon grinned nodding. “Oh yeah. It will make it. I got food for the the trip and packed your tools in the trunk. You ready to head out Pops?’

I chuckled and rubbed his head. “What the hell? Let’s make a move son.”

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Orgin of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 7


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I saw to elements outside ducking it outside the garage over a corner. One of them worked for Malone and the other some new guy named the William.

I left them to it but watched out to make sure they didn’t get close to the garage. Simon was away on some type of secret mission. He was acting weird lately. He was more watchful now and listened to newsfeeds about the current war going on and how close it was heating in parts near the city.

I didn’t know what he was so worried about. I had seen plenty of mortal wars and conflict. This one was predictable though the tech had advanced in elemental levels. I wasn’t interested in the goings on of the shit.

“Hey. What side are you on? Cain or the Freedom Republic?

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I glanced to my right to see another elemental. A new born of sorts. She didn’t have a name. The thugs stopped fighting to watch our exchange. I got up waving them away. To my surprise they took off by my command.

“I don’t involve myself in mortal affairs that don’t concern me. What’s your name?”

She frowned. “I am goddess of Republic. What side are you on?”

Goddess?! She was no more a god then I was and she didn’t have a name. She was missing a few things.. I thought of answering but I felt her archetype a soldier for the republic that was targeting me from a distance.

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This was my first encounter with the weapon close up. Hmm. Surprising. There was an element of danger here I had never felt before for myself and the children I was here to guard while Simon was away.

I showed her my true form.

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I stared at the false goddess. I thought about this.

“What are you here for?” I asked her plainly.

“You.” Republic said softly. “I have made several others like you into my ranks. You-“

I heard a shot behind me. The false goddess blinked in surprise. She stared as her archetype fell down to the street.

She lifted her hand to shoot element frost at the killer. I got in between them and blocked her attack with a heated iron first.

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I shook the frost off my hand and sparked my element to life in my hands….

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I slapped her down with metal and Iron elements.

The false goddess stared at me for the first time unsure of herself. She should be.

“I am Dragon. I go my own way. I craft my own path. Freedom itself is my choice. You will not have my people without a fight to the death.” I said.

The bitch got up lighting her hands with frost element she blasted it behind me.

“Ahh shit.” Simon cried out.

The false goddess ran as I went to Simon….

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Simon sat on the ground his arm was smoking but he looked more annoyed then overly harmed. I touched his arm and started to heal it.

“We need to leave the city before it falls.” Simon said gruffly.

“What?! It’s just another war. The drakes has withstood many war.”

“Not this one. To many of your siblings fighting in this city and the fucking weapons alone will be the end of the city. We have to leave..”

“To where? The fucking new war is everywhere. There’s no place to go away from it.”

Simon shook his head. “There is always some place to hide or get away from the heat. I just need to see where.”

I frowned and started to shake my head but then I looked. Simon was right. “There is somewhere. Hmm.”

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