Origins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 12 Final


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I stared at Cyberpunk until the mask finally fell away and I saw his real face.

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He had alot more scars on his face and hands then I thought he would. “How long was the battle?”

Cy shrugged. “It took me a year to fight them off and to protect my dream realm from my younger elemental siblings. By the end though, I made it home. Simon left the light on for me and he taught me how to drive. Best years of being. Anymore questions?”

“Two last questions.. Why did we name you Cyberpunk I get the dreams just not the first name and why you didn’t name anything after Sunny Rain?”

Cy shook his head. “It’s a name my people chose to give me for their reasons, I earned it. Sunny Rain wasn’t a prideful girl. She just wanted a family and to make me breakfast every morning to make up for the year I lost with my family.” He sighed.

“Would you like to come in for dinner?” I asked him.

Cy blinked and smiled. “I would love to Brody. It’s been more then a minute.” He said getting off his bike and following me home.

The sun was still in the sky mid way as it started to rain. I smiled and felt happy. For no reason really. Well I guess I had a reason…

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Sunny Rain days where the best days in the dream realm. My mother smiled up at Cyberpunk and reached up for a hug while my father fist bumped him and offered him, his chair.

Cy shook his head. “That’s yours bro, I’m just happy to be around my family.”

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Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 11


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Something wasn’t right. I couldn’t put my finger on it just a feeling. I glanced at Dragon to see him looking at me.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Who you sell the garage too?” I asked.

“Malone. I used the money to buy the ride from his rival. What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing. Just a bad feeling. How far can you see ahead of the road to the town?”

Dragon looked ahead and stared. “Stop the crusier”

I brought the cruiser to a dead stop. Dragon got out and narrowed his eyes ahead. I couldn’t see what he did but I knew there was trouble. He looked behind us and grimanced.

“Who is it? Malone.” I asked.

Dragon pointed back to the city. “Malone and his crew will be here in an hour. But, the bigger problem is ahead of us. Frost and her groupies are coming up in front us.

“In front of us? What about….the town is gone isn’t it?”

“Yes. It appears Malone is working with them. I-I made a mistake going to him. I didn’t think he would have the balls to turn against me.. We’re caught in the middle. Looks like I’ll have to rush my plans ahead of schedule.”

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I stared at him. “What are you going to do?”

Dragon stared at me. “You changed my mind on humans. You drew me out of watching life go by. I don’t intend to lose you just yet. It’s risky but I can make a place for you and the girls to be free of the cycle of war and madness it won’t be a easy place to live and you’ll be short on space but it will be a fresh start.” He said.

“What’s the catch?” I asked.

Dragon smiled at me and snapped his fingers. I saw a small map of the area. The map flipped and I saw it as a giant land mass floating in….space.

“What the hell is it?”

“It’s a short cut solution to making a world within this deminsion. It’s a mini realm. A incomplete dream realm within this universe over time it will become something else. The catch is once you enter my dream you won’t able to leave or return to this world. You and your descendants and whoever else that enters my dream will be trapped in my dream realm forever. What you make of that world will be your own invention to your growth or destruction. The choice is yours.”

“What do you need me to do?” I asked him.

“Drive. I’ll handle Frost and Malone. But I need you to mark out the realm. It has to be completed before the day is done. I super charged your ride so you can get it done in a hurry.” He said and then turned as Frost and her people appeared over the hill. “Follow the light. I’ll see you on the otherside Pops.”

Dragon’s form changed again.

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“Go on Pops. I’ll be alright. When you reach the town keep the light on for me at the house. I might be a little late.”

I ran back to the cruiser got into the driver’s seat of the cruiser and took off. The kids were up wide eyed and staring at the beam of light I was following.

“Where are we going, Daddy?” Sunny Rain asked.

“What’s that light thing leading us to?” Newark asked.

I smiled. “A much better place then the one we’re leaving behind.”

“Where’s big brother Dragon?” Sunny Rain asked.

I frowned shaking my head. I glance out my rearview window and saw him already into a battle with two of his siblings. They were giving him a tough fight but he wasn’t backing down.

“He’s taking care of some business he’ll meet us on the other side at the new house.”

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Origins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 9


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“Alright Brody. That’s the end of my story.

Brody silently got off my bike and turned to go home. He turned back and frowned at me as I sat on my bike. “I got a question.”

I shrugged. “Go ahead. I’m all ears.”

“How far are the ruins of the drakes where you came in to being?”

He was thinking. I shook my head. “There are no ruins of the drakes. The city and the world were wiped out several centuries ago by wars and elemental weapons. I am the last living being to remember the city and times and creation of that world and I saw it’s final days from a far.” I said.

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Brody was silent. “I don’t understand. Didn’t you get Simon and his kids out?”

I shook my head. “Simon got himself and his kids out. I just helped a bit.”

“So did they or his kids, kids die when the world was destroyed?”

“That happened much later. Around when Simon’s great great grandchildren came around but by that time they didn’t really care because it didn’t concern them. They had problems of their own when the Elders-“

“Stop. Mom said once to me that I shouldn’t think of this world as a world. She said it’s the dream. Cyberpunk’s dream. What does that mean?”

He knew. “I can tell you or I can show you.”

Brody stared at me. “Show me!”

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Origins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 8


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I came into the garage to see Dragon working on a slick ride while I had been hunting up a heavy cruiser and maps on possible relocations. He looks up at me.

“Hey. What you think?”

I frowned. “It’s nice. Who you steal it from? I told you we need something with a lot of armor on it and room for my kids to sleep protected.”

Dragon grinned. “I bought it after working a couple of jobs here and there and selling the garage.”

I stared at him. “You sold my garage for this toy car? Are you insane.”

Dragon was still smiling. “I did a lot of work on this bitch. It’ll get us where we need to go in a hurry and in one piece. Hey could you pass me my hammer on the desk?”

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I turned picking up the hammer then stared at it and felt the heavy weight of it. This wasn’t mean. “Where the hell did you get this thing?” I asked handing it to him and then I stared as the damn thing glowed in his hand now.

Dragon shrugged. “It’s my hammer. I used it to do some work on the ride to get us where we need to go. You got the maps?” He said hitting the hood of the crusier. It glowed for a second. Dragon smiled and looked at me. “I improved it.”

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I sighed and got the maps out and put the biggest on the wall. Dragon came over frowning at it and pointed at a spot. “There. We make it there and we’re good for a bit.” He said but I noticed him glancing at a spot in the east past the the Outlands.

“You keep looking over there. What’s there?” I asked.

Dragon shook his head. “A project I want to start. It’s a long one and will take me some time. So we make it to this spot it’s good for land space and it has a decent town removed from the shit going on here and about.”

I looked at the distace. “That’s a hell of a distance from here to there. You sure this ride can make it?”

Dragon grinned nodding. “Oh yeah. It will make it. I got food for the the trip and packed your tools in the trunk. You ready to head out Pops?’

I chuckled and rubbed his head. “What the hell? Let’s make a move son.”

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Orgin of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 7


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I saw to elements outside ducking it outside the garage over a corner. One of them worked for Malone and the other some new guy named the William.

I left them to it but watched out to make sure they didn’t get close to the garage. Simon was away on some type of secret mission. He was acting weird lately. He was more watchful now and listened to newsfeeds about the current war going on and how close it was heating in parts near the city.

I didn’t know what he was so worried about. I had seen plenty of mortal wars and conflict. This one was predictable though the tech had advanced in elemental levels. I wasn’t interested in the goings on of the shit.

“Hey. What side are you on? Cain or the Freedom Republic?

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I glanced to my right to see another elemental. A new born of sorts. She didn’t have a name. The thugs stopped fighting to watch our exchange. I got up waving them away. To my surprise they took off by my command.

“I don’t involve myself in mortal affairs that don’t concern me. What’s your name?”

She frowned. “I am goddess of Republic. What side are you on?”

Goddess?! She was no more a god then I was and she didn’t have a name. She was missing a few things.. I thought of answering but I felt her archetype a soldier for the republic that was targeting me from a distance.

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This was my first encounter with the weapon close up. Hmm. Surprising. There was an element of danger here I had never felt before for myself and the children I was here to guard while Simon was away.

I showed her my true form.

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I stared at the false goddess. I thought about this.

“What are you here for?” I asked her plainly.

“You.” Republic said softly. “I have made several others like you into my ranks. You-“

I heard a shot behind me. The false goddess blinked in surprise. She stared as her archetype fell down to the street.

She lifted her hand to shoot element frost at the killer. I got in between them and blocked her attack with a heated iron first.

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I shook the frost off my hand and sparked my element to life in my hands….

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I slapped her down with metal and Iron elements.

The false goddess stared at me for the first time unsure of herself. She should be.

“I am Dragon. I go my own way. I craft my own path. Freedom itself is my choice. You will not have my people without a fight to the death.” I said.

The bitch got up lighting her hands with frost element she blasted it behind me.

“Ahh shit.” Simon cried out.

The false goddess ran as I went to Simon….

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Simon sat on the ground his arm was smoking but he looked more annoyed then overly harmed. I touched his arm and started to heal it.

“We need to leave the city before it falls.” Simon said gruffly.

“What?! It’s just another war. The drakes has withstood many war.”

“Not this one. To many of your siblings fighting in this city and the fucking weapons alone will be the end of the city. We have to leave..”

“To where? The fucking new war is everywhere. There’s no place to go away from it.”

Simon shook his head. “There is always some place to hide or get away from the heat. I just need to see where.”

I frowned and started to shake my head but then I looked. Simon was right. “There is somewhere. Hmm.”

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Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 6


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“This story is boring. Does anything fun happen afterward.” Brody asked beside me as we set down just outside near by favorite Cafe.

I caught the eye of one of the Jim. He nodded to me so I knew would bring me my special.

I looked at Brody’s focused stare. I sighed. “Ah yeah. I great many things happened in that year I came into being. I’m just trying to think on how to explain in terms you will understand.”

“So a why don’t you look like you did? I mean how come you don’t wear your real face now?”

I grinned. “I was much younger then. I grew up. But, when you understand me you’ll see me.”

Brody shook his head. “I do see you.” He said.

I smiled. “It was about a month later that problems started up in the city. I was still green to change on a experience level so I didn’t know how to react to it or how it was effecting Simon. He could see what was coming and damn it to hell if that old man wasn’t a oracle because of it.”

“What happened?” Brody asked.

I frowned. “The Elemental Xeno war.” I said.

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Brody stared at me wide eyes. “The last war two break the old world. The great clapse. You saw it happen. Wicked!”

I nodded. “I caught on quick enough though when Simon showed me why we had to move out of the city and find a home away from the bullshit.”

Brody stared at me. “Is it when you made your-“

I shook my head. “That’s much later. Hmm. Yeah. It began with a street fight outside the garage”

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Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 5


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“I don’t understand. How did you know? How? It’s impossible. I didn’t know.” Dragon said standing outside my garage watching our last customer for the night drive off.

I took a drag on my cigarette. I tried for patience.

Dragon sounded so young. I still had to get used to having him around until he was ready to go out on his own. I waved a hand at his face. “Change it back.”

Dragon frowned. “This is my face.”

I rolled my eyes. “That’s my face. When we talk face to face I want see you as you are. The man you are.”

Dragon pulled up his hood and his face changed back into his own barely formed and coded face.

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“I’m not human or a man.”

I smiled. “I know. But, like you said your still a kid. To answer your question it’s more experience and thinking about why something doesn’t make sense. You learn to see signs of a pattern for what be going on behind your back by how people react to situations and then you see things from a different perspective. It’s called being street smarts or being old.. How old are you really?”

Dragon shook his head. “I am age less crafted in the elements of our realm before humans walked on land in the multi-realms of the mirrored universes….

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but in human terms I am 16. The four elders superceded me in age power. They’re old fucks.” He said.

I stared at him. “I figured as much. So it takes your kind a bit to mature.”

Dragon nodded in annoyance. “My age doesn’t matter. Why then do you keep her children?”

I could have gotten angry but I looked at his innocent expression and hunger to know and understand and for it to be explained to him. I sighed. “I meant what I said to Sun Rising. I invested a lot in my children. I own them out right. There’s no way I would allow that bitch to take what I worked hard for natured, protected and taught to be turned into fucking whores selling their bodies on the street for credits and white dust. I earned them. That’s apart of my code. Every man or being has to have a code they live by and a standard they hold to or else you’ll always become someone’s bitch.”

“I could have destroyed Malone.” He said.

“and then what?”

Dragon blinked. “He would be dead. You would be free.” He said simple.

I shook my head. “Life isn’t that simple.. Like I told you. Malone is an archetype for Fire. You haven’t made a name for yourself or even know yourself to contend with the fire dragon god. He would kick your ass.”

Dragon shook his head. “Fire isn’t a dude or god. She’s a dragon. But I hear you. She is powerful and my elder. Though Ice is the oldest, what the hell is an archetype? You keep saying that like I’m suppose to know what it means.”

What the fuck?! “Stop. Wait a second.. your telling me the Dragon of Fire is a goddess?”

“Damn it. I keep telling you dragons aren’t gods. She was crafted from the elements like me but came in to being a Red headed chick a long time a go.”

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“Now what the hell is an archetype?”

I laughed. I couldn’t help though it pissed off Dragon. I held up a hand to stop any other questions. “Alright. Alright. It’s weird as fuck you know Fire is a female dragon but don’t know what a archetype is. Anyway, Malone like many others like him that follow Fire dragon are examples of her in power and character in a mortal body. They imitate how she acts like here in this plane of existence. You follow me?”

Dragon nodded his head. “Oh. You mean mortal elementals kissed by Fire. I get you. Still though that Malone asshole was only a little like Fire. Though. I could sense her interest in him. I still don’t understand it. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Have you been kissing up on me? Sense you have this big interest me.”

Dragon stared at me and then answered me in kind…

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Orgins of Newark: Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 3



“Wait. I don’t understand. You sound like and act like a kid and how could you not know your own name?” Brody said in an unsure voice.

I blinked pausing in my story. “I was a kid, Brody. Remember I didn’t name myself. No one does. I was born and raised up a current way. You hungry?”

“Yes. I know we named you but it’s weird. Your, you. But, in the story your different your less sure of yourself. Less you Are you bullshiting me?” He said.

I snorted in laughter and got to my feet. I point over to a shop near by. “Let’s get you something to eat.” I said.

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Brody frowned but followed me silently to the shop. I nodded to my people and bumped fists with Zad Fig as he pasted by on his scooter on his first run.

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Zad was coming into himself. His real story though hadn’t started yet strangely. I walked in silence with Brody to the shop. He was disappointed and he only heard a small portion of the story. We walked inside and sat down at the counter.

“Breakfast is on me order what you want Brody.” I said leaning back in my seat.

“So the story is bullshit.” Brody asked.

I shook my head. “No. It happened. But, you have to accept I’m telling you my story and how it connects to my adopted father’s story as well. Everybody starts out not knowing who they are or their limits and talents. I still haven’t shown you what happened at dawn at the garage.”

Brody shrugged. “It all sounds boring. I expect you helped Simon fix the cruiser and everything turned out well. You and him-“

A few men started chuckling around us listening in on our conversation. The females were quiet and looked at Brody like the boy he still was.

Brody frowned realizing people were listening to our conversation. He frowned at me. “Everything works out, right? I mean even if something went wrong you could just fix it by snapping your fingers.” He said and demonstrated with his right hand.

I stared at him. “Brody. I was a kid. I barely could understand what I was or what I would become.. I was no different then you are but for minor differences. Can you just snap your fingers when you want to make stuff go your way when things go to shit in a instant. Everybody gets a choice on the directions we take in life or more to the point everyone gets a response to our choices. Nothing in my viewing experience of life would prepare me for Malone.”

Brody stared at my eyes. “Something bad happened to Simon and his family?”

I nodded. I waved the chief/owner over to us. “Get Brody a plate of your best breakfast dish, Yu.” I said and took out my detapad and ordered and put it on the ordering scanner.

I sighed. “Experience and street smarts is what Simon had over me in spades. He could see things much better then I could at the time even now at points. He taught me more then a trade later as the years rolled on. He taught me how to survive in that first new dawn of my life by teaching me the nature of how the world works.”

Brody stared at me. “Show me. Please.”

I turned my head to him and did just that.

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Orgins of Newark tales: Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 2


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He was a odd one. He didn’t act like a god or like the stories of the death gods that trick men into selling their soul’s away for the price of the world and gained nothing but a quick death.

I watched him out the corner of my eye. He stood unsure of himself. His face was still weirdly changing at random with weird numbers and codes flashing across his face and in his skin..

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He kept his hoodie low over his face and glared at me when he caught me staring at him. He was embarrassed. I did wonder though was it an act. Did he really have an idea for how this would play out and did he really know all the details to why I had lost it for a few seconds.

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“Do you know all the details for why he chose me?’ I asked.

“I know enough. He’s a crazy fucker. Giving up isn’t an option. You got people that depend on you.” The kid said smoothly.

I smiled. “Hmm. Interesting. Who taught you that? Your father or another god?” I asked still digging.

“I don’t have a father. I come from The elements of our realm. You said it to Sunny Rain last year when she asked you why you worked so hard?” The kid said.

Damn.”hmm. So you been watching me for more then a minute. So you born from the magics?”

“If elements means magic then yeah.” He said unsure of my meaning.

“What’s your name?”

He shook his head. “I don’t have one. I never needed one and no god or otherwise thought to give me one. Fixing the cruiser will save your family. That was the deal Malone offered to you.”

I smiled. He was learning. I had a plan going though. He still had a lot to learn about how the world really worked. “Hmm. You know much about cruisers?”

“No. I watch people. I don’t know how to make or fix stuff.” He said in that honest open voice of a child.

I paused in my work and looked up frowning. What the fuck are you guys doing? Leaving this kid to wander around the fucking world doing nothing and not knowing what to do with himself?

I got no answer. I expected none now. I looked at the kid. His back was to me and he was looking at my tools.. I looked at the fire element dragon God on my wall above his head.

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“Do you work all the elements?”

He shook his head examining my tools and touching them. “No. Those old farts do their own thing and live in the old world of thinking just like the gods.”

Hmm. That’s what he was. He was a dragon but not one of four. He was of the modern age. He talked and acted like the kids of this age. The age of metal and advancements. Metal.

“The Metal dragon.”

He sent me a glare. “It doesn’t matter what I am.”

“It matters to me. If I going to teach you a trade to do with your life then I need a name to call you by. It’s either Metal or dragon.”

“You can call me Dragon.” He said.

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Orgins of Newark. Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Prologue


Are you a God?

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I looked up from working on the engine of my bike and looked at Brody Swan. He was new comer to the city from a Nomad tribe that folded and his parents had come to make their living in the city.

Brody stared at me with his silver green eyes I could see the earth element in the windows of his eyes. A religious symbol of earth element was around his neck. He was a devote to my brother.

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I smiled at him. “Brody. You know who I am. What did your mother tell you?”

Brody nodded. “She said your an alien being that was born a long time a go in this realm. We adopted you and named you Cyberpunk, the HeavyMetal Dragon. But, still. Your not human. Your like immortal and you have powers. Doesn’t that make you a god?”

There was more then a little hopeful note in his voice. Here we go again. It had been a while but it was time to tell the story.

I smiled at him. “Do you want to hear the story for how I came to be?”

Brody frowned. “Will it be like the story I heard?”

I snorted shaking my head. “Oh no. This story is much different. Hand me that wrench over there.”

Brody smiled and reached for the wrench….

“I was always different but I didn’t realize how different or cared until I stepped out of the elements and found myself finally in a solid form you see now in the city called Drakes. That was centuries ago but I can still remember the night I finally came into being really.”

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“I remember that city from the story. What made you step out of elements? My mom could never give me a straight answer on it.” Brody asked handing me the wrench.

I smiled and started working on my bike again. “A man. You can say he was like my adopted father. He was interesting. He drew me out and I wanted to learn more about him. He was a very interesting man with a very interesting story as well. You can say. Our stories are linked from that moment on.”

Brody frowned shaking his head. “Mom only mentioned a man you met in passing at the beginning of your walk here. How important was this man?”

I frowned at my work. “He was my adopted father, Brody. So I would say he was very important at least to me. His name was Simon Brookestone. I met him on a summer night in his garage as he was working on a crusier for some asshole that was going to kill him and his family if he didn’t get it done in the morning. Simon needed help but he was out of luck and help so I decided to help em.”

Brody grinned. “You made a new cruiser to help him and saved him from the gangster. “

I shook my head. “No. I helped him save himself.”

“Your eyes. They look funny. Wait. I can see him. In your eyes. Wicked.” Brody said growing excitement.

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I nodded. “Keep looking. You’ll see how it all happened.”

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