What does it mean to be a writer or a creative person?

The inspiration for this post.

Writing is an act or action. It’s not about the being It’s about the doing for whatever reason be it fun or informative or just having an idea that you have to record and share. Writing is just the action (verb) that the writer (noun) does.

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I’ve had moments in my life when I didn’t want to be a writer. I wanted to stop writing entirely and focus my time on something else more fun. Video games are more entertaining and fun for me more then anything else.

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The reason I write is because I have something to say or a story in my head that won’t go away. So I write because I have to communicate what’s on my mind the best way possible for me. I have to see and read it and I can’t remember it forever so I write it down to remind myself of it and sometimes have a good laugh later when I forget I wrote something like that.

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The creative part of me. Hmm. That’s more weirder because it’s a need my brain has to make something. I have to make something. I have to create or build something. It’s a weird urge. Where I can’t write it out I need to make it exist in some context I can see, hear or touch.

I remember recently feeling that urge to make a map for my Cyberpunk dreams world.

First thought. I need to see this….

Second thought, I had to scatch it out on my phone then I thought why not just generate it with a free map generator but the maps weren’t close to what I wanted.

I spent several days thinking on options then I decided to just do it myself once I figured out the rough dimensions of the realm and locations it took me one day and several hours but I did it. It wasn’t the best looking but it was one for one what the realm looks like and the right locations.

I wanted it to be a use able map.


No one is paying me to do it. I don’t feel a sense of pride the same way with my day job. It’s more urge.

It took a lot energy and creativity but it was done and my urge was satisfied. It didn’t need to be done at all but my brain needed to do it. I needed to see how my fictional story realm looked and functioned. So I can have a resource to go to when I forgot where the hell everything is located for future stories. I have a reason now but during the process it was still an urge to get it right to get it done. To be specific about locations and have a compass so if charecters got lost they have a guide to reaching the populated areas.

Which is easier?

It’s easy being a creative person. It takes study, practice, trial-and-error and work to be a writer or a professional builder.

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